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PocketWizard Mini TT1 Transmitter for Nikon

The smallest PocketWizard radio ever, the MiniTT1 Transmitter delivers big performance. Built on the ControlTL platform, the MiniTT1 provides optimized TTL and manual power control of a remote flash connected to another ControlTL radio. Use the built-in hot shoe for an on-camera flash. The MiniTT1 is reverse compatible with any PocketWizard radio, like the Plus II, for standard triggering.

* Wireless E-TTL II for CLS / i-TTL for Nikon as well as Manual Power Control Take advantage of simplified and optimized TTL auto-flash with the benefits of wireless radio communication. Work beyond the boundaries of infra-red and optical triggering; long range, around corners, through walls and in bright sun. For those that want total control, use remote Manual Power Control for precise settings
* Higher Flash Sync Speeds Use Optimized High Speed Sync (HSS) with speedlights and sync up to 1/8000th; use HyperSync with any flash system for full power flash at higher x-sync speeds.
* Compact Size The MiniTT1 Transmitter is small! There is little between you and
your subject
* Studio Flash Control The ControlTL platform allows for power control of select studio flashes from the camera position. Check PocketWizard.com for current compatibility

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