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Peak Design Everyday Case for iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro

Peak Design Mobile: entire ecosystem of products that include protective phone cases and universal adapter plus mounts and accessories that connect to anything.

Everyday Case is an elegant and protective phone case, with a built-in magnetic connection system. Perfect balance of slimness, smart aesthetics and protection. Connects to the entire Peak Design Mobile ecosystem. It's like a tuxedo for your phone‚ a tuxedo with a slim 2.4mm profile and protective rubberized bumper, all wrapped in a beautiful nylon canvas shell. Brilliant magnetic/mechanical lock built right into it. This SlimLink mounting technology is fast and secure. With this case on your phone, you can instantly connect to all Peak Design Mobile mounts, chargers and accessories. It also works with Apple MagSafe chargers and accessories too.

- Don't see an Everyday Case for your phone model? Try the Universal Adapter
- Compatible with MagSafe accessories and chargers

What's in the box:
x1 Everyday Case, to fit iPhone 12 / 12 Pro (Charcoal)

Rear wall thickness: 2.4mm
Side and top TPU bumper: 3.4mm
Bottom TPU bumper: 5.6mm
Weight: 40g (weight varies by +-4g depending on phone model)

Product no: M-MC-AE-CH-1

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