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Peak Design Mobile Creator Kit

Peak Design Mobile: entire ecosystem of products that include protective phone cases and universal adapter plus mounts and accessories that connect to anything.

Creator Kit is a locking phone mount for tripods, GoPro mounts, 1/4"-20 mounts and Peak Design Capture. Makes it easier than ever to capture pro-quality content. Leave the DSLR at home and instead mount your phone onto any Arca-type tripod head to capture timelapses and long exposures. Forget the GoPro? Pop your phone directly onto any GoPro-style mount (like a helmet or chest mount) to capture and share POV video. Use the 1/4-20" adapter to mount your phone on all sorts of vlogging and video rigs. Creator Kit features an ultra-strong magnetic/mechanical mounting technology (SlimLink) that grabs and locks your phone effortlessly.  Attach your phone in portrait or landscape, and remove it instantly with the press of a button. Rigid and secure enough for any activity.

Note: Requires a Peak Design Everyday Case or Universal Adapter (sold separately)

What's in the box:
x1 Mount Arm (GoPro mount compatible)
x1 Thumb Screw
x1 ARCA Adapter Plate (Capture compatible)
x1 1/4”-20 Adapter Plate

Dimensions (assembly with POV plate): 11.5 x 2.4 x 5.5cm

Product no: M-CK-AA-BK-1

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