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Peak Design Ultralight Conversion Kit for Travel Tripod

The Ultralight Conversion Kit quickly converts the Travel Tripod into an ultralight tabletop-sized tripod, ideal for backpacking and other times when weight is of the essence. This kit contains three lightweight rugged plastic foot plugs that easily install in place of the lower four tripod leg sections. With the leg sections removed and the foot plugs installed, you’re left with a pro-quality tripod that is half the weight, yet still deploys to 57.2cm. When installed, you have full function and articulation of the Compact Ball Head, centre column, and leg angle adjusters. The tips of the foot plugs are made from rubbery TPU for superior grip and vibration damping. Removing the lower four leg sections and installing the foot plugs is fast and easy - it requires no tools whatsoever.

Works with both Aluminium and Carbon Travel Tripod models.
Reduces weight of Aluminium Tripod by 45% from 1.56kg to 0.854kg
Reduces weight of Carbon Tripod by 40% from 1.29kg to 0.774kg

What's in the box:
x2 Foot plugs

Length of each foot: 8cm
Weight (all three): 82.2g

Product no: TT-ULCK-5-150-1

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