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Peak Design Spike Feet Set for Travel Tripod

The Spike Feet Set ensures you achieve superior stability and grip with the Travel Tripod when shooting on slippery or loose terrain. Ideal for using the Travel Tripod on ice, smooth rocks, and loose dirt or gravel. Also great when using the Travel Tripod with heavier photo or video rigs. Simply remove the Travel Tripod’s standard rubber feet and attach these three spike feet. Mounts using three hex-drive screws, hex wrench included.

Works with both Aluminium and Carbon Travel Tripod models.
Weight of Aluminium Travel Tripod + Spike Feet is 1.61kg
Weight of Carbon Travel Tripod + Spike Feet is 1.31kg

What's in the box:
x3 Spike Feet
x1 4mm Hex Wrench
x1 Microfibre Pouch

Length of each foot: 2.3cm
Weight (all three): 33.6g

Product no: TT-SFS-5-150-1

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