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Peak Design Tool Kit for Travel Tripod

The Tool Kit is replacement tools to do anything you need to your Travel Tripod. The kit includes Folding Hex Wrench (both 4mm and 2.5mms sizes) Folding Hex Wrench Leg Clip, and Bushing Removal Tool- all the tools you need to adjust and maintain your tripod. These tools are used to convert your tripod into low/inverted mode, as well as perform general maintenance such as cam lever tension and bushing replacement, spike feet and universal head adapter installation, and Ball Head pin removal for L-bracket plates. The Leg Clip easily snaps on any of the three Travel Tripod legs to keep your Folding Hex Wrench handy.

Works with both Aluminium and Carbon Travel Tripod models.

Watch the video on how to tune and maintain your Travel Tripod on Peak Design's website.

What's in the box:
x1 Folding Hex Wrench
x1 Leg Clip for Folding Hex Wrench
x1 Bushing Removal Tool

Weight of Folding Hex Wrench: 183g
Weight of Leg Clip for Folding Hex Wrench: 7.3g
Weight of Bushing Removal Took: 4g

Product no: TT-HW-BT-1

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