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Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal

Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal is quadcopter that allows architects, builders, roofers and real estate agencies to safely carry out inspections with its 2 embedded cameras. This easy to use and accessible solution enables you to make videos and take pictures of buildings and roofs in visual or thermal images, quickly providing an overview and identifying major thermal losses. The new FreeFlight Thermal mobile app provides live streaming and recording of both the visual and thermal images on a smartphone or tablet connected to Parrot Skycontroller 2.

* Capture thermal images to quickly and easily locate major thermal losses on roofs
* Using a drone makes it safer for roofers - inspect inaccessible areas easily
* Get an overview of the thermal envelope of a building at a glance
* Identify temperature differences on roof, locate areas with bad thermal insulation
* Multi-purpose and easy to use drone: light, robust, safe and easy to carry
* Front 14MP camera enables capture of high-res photos, 1080p Full HD videos
* Pilot precisely with Skycontroller 2; fly for 25mins thanks to power battery
* Use with FreeFlight Thermal, free dedicated mobile app 

x1 Bebop-Pro Thermal, x1 FLIR One Pro Thermal Imaging Camera, x1 Skycontroller 2, x3 Batteries, x1 Backpack, FreeFlight Thermal App

Parrot item: PF726420AA

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