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Nanlite Compac 20 LED Studio Light

Nanlite's Compac 20 LED Studio Light is a portable and lightweight system, easy to set up, move and store. The 20W Compac 20 panel has a space-saving slim body, just 4cm thick and weighing only 336g, but with illumination of 1672 lumens or 420 lux at 1m. It produces bright yet soft and diffuse continuous light. It runs off mains power and comes with desktop stand. Compac 20 is a great choice for table-top food photography and product photography, as well as headshots, interviews, vlogging and live-streaming.

Features include daylight balanced 5600K colour temperature; excellent colour fidelity with CRI of 95; rotating body to adjust the angle to requirements; highly efficient low energy consumption; and external heat-dissipating grid to keep cool.  

LED power: 20W
Number of LEDs: 96
Power input : AC 100-240V  
Colour temperature: 5600K  
CRI: 95
TLCI: 93
Brightness control: on/off
Size: 20.5 x 14 x 4cm
Weight: 0.35kg

Contents: Compac 20, Desktop Light Stand, Adjustable Bracket, Connecting Base, User Manual

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