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Manfrotto MVMXPROBASE Fluidtech Base for XPRO Monopod+

The MVMXPROBASE fluid base features the ground-breaking Fluidtech system, making Manfrotto XPRO Monopod+ the first of its kind in the market to feature 3D fluidity for the ultimate smoothness in an extremely compact solution for advanced video shooting.

This innovative solution features 3D fluid movement – on pan, tilt and swivel, with pioneering technology based on a spherical system located inside the base. When the priority is panning, 3D rotation can be locked in the vertical position, leaving pan movement free and giving additional shooting control. Note: the vertical lock does not guarantee full self-standing support when the camera is mounted. The Fluidtech base also features retractable feet to increase compactness and transportability.

The base comes included with all XPRO Video Monopod+ models and is compatible with all XPRO Photo Monopods+ models too, with the exception of MMXPROA3B. It easily attaches to the XPRO Photo Monopod+ by unscrewing the foot at the bottom of the monopod, converting the photo monopod into a video monopod for smooth video footage.

Maximum height: 11.5cm
Minimum height: 10.5cm
Safety payload: 8kg
Weight: 450g

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