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Jupio USB Brand Charger for Sony/JVC/Samsung 7.2V-8.4V Batteries

Jupio's charger range includes universal chargers as well as charges for specific brands. The new USB powered chargers are ideal for your holidays or business trip. No more worries about the right plug – USB can be used everywhere.

Jupio item: LSO0038
Type: USB brand charger
Charges: 7.2V to 8.4V Sony, JVC and Samsung camera batteries
Charges battery system: Li-Ion
Charge indication: LCD
Input: 5V/1.5A (Micro USB and USB Type-C)
Output voltage: 4.2V
Output current: 700mAh
Dimensions: 98 x 48 x 21mm
Weight: 40g (excluding charger plate)
Content packaging: USB battery charger, cable, various charger plates,printed manual

Worldwide use with USB power input
Illuminated LCD display shows charging status
Light in weight, ideal for travel

Comes with eleven exchangeable charger plates for the following batteries:
- Samsung IA-BP85ST
- Samsung BP1030
- Samsung BP1900
- Samsung BP1310
- Sony NP-FW50
- Sony NP-FZ100
- Sony NP-FP50, FP70, FP90, FP51, FP71, FP91, FP51D, FP71D, FP91D, FH50, FH70, FH100, FV50/FV70/FV100
- Sony NP-FM50, FM55H, FM500H, QM51D, QM71D, QM91D, F550, F750, F960, F570, F770, F970;F980D, F990
- JVC VF707U, VF714U, VF733U
- JVC VF808U, VF815U, VF823U/VF908U
- JVC JVC50/70 

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