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Jupio Portable V-Mount Charger

Jupio V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries and chargers are solutions for broadcast professionals. These broadcast products are high quality for an affordable price, fabricated with the best parts available, and built  for semi-professional and professional use.

This charger is are made from top-quality materials and can be used all around the world.

Portable V-Mount Charger is a two channel charger for V-Mount Li-Ion batteries
Quick charge for single battery
DC Output (75W max) as power supply for camcorder or portable VTR
Fully controlled charging process with contact current
LED indication for AC power, charging state, battery online and discharging state

Jupio Item: LVM0002
Input: 100-240v ~ 50-60Hz
DC Output: 16.5v 4.5A
1 Battery Output: 16.8v 3.0A
2 Battery Output: 16.8v 2.0A
Charges Battery Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
Dimensions (LxWxH): 141 x 100 x 225mm
Weight: 1150g
Comes with: AC input power cord, DC power output cord (XLP cable)

Compatible with: Sony BP-65H / BP-90 / BP-GL65 / BP-GL95 / BP-GL95A / BP-IL75 / BP-L40 / BP-L40A / BP-L60 / BP-L60A / BP-L60S / BP-L80S / BP- L90 / BP-L90A
and IDX E-10S / E-50S / E-70S/ E-7S / E-80 /E-80S

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