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Jupio Power Vault Heat 6700

Power Vault Heat 6700 is a portable charger with USB output and hand warmer in one device. Suitable for most smartphones and tablets. Charging via Micro USB. Provides up to seven hours of heat when fully charged.

Jupio item: JPV0025V2
Capacity: 6700mAh
Handwarmer / surface temperature: 45°C
Ports: 1 USB output, 1 micro USB input
Dimensions: 103 x 42 x 22mm
Weight: 130g
Input: 1000mAh/5V
Output USB: 2000mAh/5V
Comes with: micro USB cable

Power Vault Heat 6700 keeps you warm in the winter
Reaches a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius
Suitable as a hand warmer
Also charges your smartphone or tablet
Compact portable lithium-ion battery with USB output
Charges fully in just five hours
Capacity to charge smartphone three or four times
Ultra light weight of only 130g

JPV0025V2 replaces JPV0025

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