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Hoya Fusion One Filter Circular Polariser 55mm

Hoya Fusion One is a new series of filters based on new Hoya optical technology. It will be replacing the best-selling Hoya Pro1D series, which has been widely used by amateur and professional photographers all over the world.

Hoya Fusion One joins the Hoya filters line-up with the fusion of all highly valued basic specifications, such as multi-layered coating, ultra-high light transmission, high grade optical glass and low-profile frame, while newly incorporating a stain resistant and water repellent coating to match the new standards in photographic optical accessories industry. Recommended for both amateur and professional photographers.

Fusion One CIR-PL is your one and only polarizer filter
18 coated layers drastically minimize ghosts and flares
Ultra-smooth frame rotation
Stain resistant, protects from fingerprints and smudges
Water repellent, easy to keep filter clean
Hoya's professional grade optical glass
Two-piece, low-profile aluminium filter frame with front filter thread

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