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Elicnhrom 26188 Rotalux Deep Indirect Softbox Octa 150cm

This new design is based on the Rotalux softbox range and accepts an indirectly, internally fitted flash unit which can be also conventionally directly fitted with the included extra Elinchrom Speed Ring. Two in one!

The design, with its combination of deep shape and indirect reflecting flash light, offers a superb crispy light when used without diffuser. It can be modified to a soft light with softer shadows by using the included diffuser. Suitable for many applications such as beauty and fashion.

- Diameter 150cm / depth 73cm / total depth with tilthead & handle 96 cm
- 360° revolving system with screw locking
- Delivered set up as an indirect
- Included additional EL adaptor ring to fit flash units for direct lighting
- Included carry bag for easy transportation and storage
- Folds down like an umbrella, without dismounting the softbox
- Better light efficiency thanks to grey piping and excellent finish of the Rotalux reflector tissue
- Requires the EL-Tripod 31043 or heavier

26188 Rotalux Deep Indirect Octa Softbox 150 cm
* Comes with external and internal diffuser, two speed rings for indirect or direct fitting, translucent deflector, carry bag
* Optional accessory: Hooded Diffuser 150cm (26771)

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