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Elinchrom 20100 Ranger S Head

Compatible with Ranger RX / Ranger RX Speed / Ranger RX Speed AS battery packs.

The Ranger S (Standard) Head is a compact and robust metal bodied light source for outdoors and studio use. For universal use, with a long-life flashtube.

On/Off Switch for the 12v 50w Halogen Modelling Light
Modelling light modes: 15s, 30s or off
Long-life,  high quality Omega Flashtube, UV coated
Centred Umbrella fitting
Standard bayonet for Elinchrom accessories

20100 Ranger S Head
* Comes with protective hood, flashtube, modelling lamp and flash head cable
* Reflector not included
* Weight: 2.4kg
* Dimensions: 22 x 13.5cm

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