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Elinchrom 19370 EL-Skyport Universal Plus Set

Take control of your light: the EL-Skyport system allows you to take full control of your flashes from the palm of your hand. This new generation of EL-Skyport Plus provides photographers with extra range for triggering and remote power control on all Elinchrom units from up to 200m away.

The EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus offers simplicity, durability and reliability. The transmitter provides remote control for use with all RX, ELC and ELB units and triggering capabilities over 16 frequency channels with 4 groups per channel. Swivel function enables rotation to optimize reception, while strong and robust mechanics makes it more durable than ever. In addition, the Transmitter Plus works with AA batteries, available everywhere. The device is simple to use - all functions can be easily adjusted – and it's compatible with most cameras offering a hotshoe connection.

This set includes the Receiver Plus, to enable EL-Skyport triggering for classic Elinchrom flash units which do not offer built-in receiver, and speedlights which can be connected to the additional hotshoe connection. Trigger reliably and adjust flash power up to 200m. Micro-USB socket for firmware updates.

19370 EL-Skyport Universal Plus Set - includes
1x Transmitter Plus (19368)
1x Receiver Plus (19369)
1x 2.5mm sync cord to PC
1x 3.5mm to 3.5mm sync cord
1x 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter
2x Wrist strap

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