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Elinchrom 20191 Zoom Pro Head

Elinchrom's  focusable flash head series use today's technology. The Zoom Pro head is designed for universal use photography and is the best value for money head in the Zoom head range. 

The Zoom Pro is equipped with a new standard user-replaceable 3000ws omega plug-in flash tube. Other features include a microprocessor-controlled, low-noise fan cooling system; a transparent security glass dome; centred umbrella fitting with additional umbrella holder at the tilt head; and an efficient built-in reflector, with a 90° light distribution to maximise softbox performance. In addition there is a zoom function - accessible from both sides of the head housing - for flash tube and modelling lamp for an individual wider or more focussed light beam when used with reflectors, and wide and even light distribution for Rotalux softboxes. The new fire-resistant housing is rock solid and lightweight (just 2.3kg including the heavy-duty flash cable) and comes with a large rubberised handle.

20191 Zoom Pro Head:
Includes the flash tube up to 3000ws, 300w halogen lamp, fuse, 5m quality flash cable, glass dome transparent, protection cap and zoom function for modelling lamp and flash light. No reflector. 

This head is compatible with all Elinchrom Power Packs from 1981 onwards.

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