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Aputure Barn Doors

Aputure Barndoors are the optimal solution for shaping a COB light and preventing light spill. Designed specifically for the 120d and 300d, Aputure Barndoors feature four velvet leaves, negative reflector dish and high quality gel holder.

The bardoors are made of four leaves, each with an internal black velvet fabric to maximize light absorption, allowing for virtually no light leak. Though maximum light control will be achieved with the included black reflector dish, the four leaves can be mounted onto standard Aputure Silver Reflector Dish or Aputure Fresnel as well.

A magnetic gel holder allows filmmakers to easily add colour to the lights. Further maximize control as needed with the 30° honeycomb grid. The barndoors are made from durable, lightweight aircraft aluminium and use a snap-in mounting structure, which makes installation and disassembly quick and convenient.

* Professional light shaping tool
* Standard 7” Bowens mount design for fast easy set-up/disassemble
* Standard 4-leaf velvet design control spread and direction of beam
* Cold-rolled steel plates for better strength, tighter tolerance and smoother finish
* Bundled with black Bowens mount adapter prevents light spill
* Bundled with a gel holder for filmmaker to design light colours
* Bundled with honeycomb grid add-on help control light spill spread by 30° 

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