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Aputure Spotlight Mount 36°

Aputure Spotlight Mount delivers light shaping control in a whole new class. Achieve a greater degree of control with Spotlight Mount’s internal shutter blades for sharp cuts. Acquire pinpoint accuracy when projecting your light with choice of three different interchangeable lenses: 19°, 26° and 36°.  

Spotlight Mount produces an even beam of light, with minimal light falloff on the edges or shift in colour temperature. The lens technology minimizes chromatic aberrations and significantly decreases edge colour fringing. Further manipulate light with included B-size Gobos, Gobo Holder and Gel Frame, or optional 18-bladed Iris. Other features include Bowens mount, dual junior/baby mounting pin and durable aluminium body.  

Spotlight Mount 36° is supplied with 36° lens and is perfect for restricted set-up where a wide beam of light is required.

* Spotlight Mount with hi-res interchangeable lens (2K resolution)
* This version comes with 36° lens (19° and 26° lenses also available)
* Modular design; aluminium alloy die-cast body; standard Bowens mount
* Even light spread; minimal edge fringing (1mm @5m)
* Easy sharp cuts (internal shutter blades)
* Low CCT deviation (+-200K); 10x light output with 120d II
* Multi slots for gobo/iris; standard B-size gobo; removable gel frame
* Dual junior/baby mount

Size: 43.45 x 21.87 x 35.7cm
Weight: 5.11kg

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