Introducing Dracast

Your ideas. Illuminated. Dracast are the leader in professional-grade, high output LED lighting solutions for filmakers and studios. Range includes light kits, panel lights, on camera lights, soft lights and accessories.

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Dracast design, engineer and manufacture a range of products, for both professionals and amateurs, that are user friendly, easy to operate and tailored to any budget. Three Dracast S-Series LED500 light kits are available: two-light kits in Daylight (5600K) and Bi-Colour (3200K-5600K), and a three-light kit in Bi-Colour. These are complete portable lighting studios, right out of the box, with everything you need, including V-mount battery plate, barndoors, light stands and carry bags. Dracast Panel Lights are available on their own. The S-Series LED1000 Panel is slim, light and ultra-portable - the ideal choice for location work, interviews and small sets where colour accuracy, control and flicker-free output are of major importance. The Pro-Series lights are full-featured and powerful fixtures. Pro LED500 has an ultra-compact form factor, making it suitable for a large variety of applications, while Pro LED1000, one of Dracast's flagship products, is the traditional and reliable 1x1 form factor, a staple of professional grade lighting kits everywhere. The CamLux Pro is a pro-grade on-camera LED, offering flawless continuous light, ideal for shooting video on today's DSLRs. It comes in a combo with battery and charger. The Silkray 400 LED is a soft light, designed to be produce a smooth, professional look without any hot spots or harsh shadows. Natural looking light from a source so soft it just glows. Dracast accessories includes a 90Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Battery and V-Mount Dual Battery Charger. (June 2018)

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NEW! Everyday Sling 5L Black

Introducing the Everyday Sling 5L, Peak Design's quick-access sling bag for essential photo, drone and everyday carry. This ultralight bag is ideal for mirrorless kits. New version of Everyday Messenger 15 available.

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As the smallest, lightest bag in the Everyday Line, the new Everyday Sling 5L is ideal for organization, transport and quick-access of essentials, whether you’re carrying camera, drone or everyday gear. Wearable as a cross-body sling or a waist bag, the Sling 5L’s convertible strap features a quick-adjuster that you can loosen when accessing gear and tighten when actively hiking or biking. A weatherproof zip provides quick inner access without removing the bag from your body. FlexFold dividers allow instantly customizable organization and protection. The padded tablet sleeve holds most tablets up to 11" and the inner flap compartment contains four small stretchy pockets for batteries and cards. Additional pockets store other accessories and personal items. This ultralight bag has a weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shell and soft durable cotton/twill interior. It is ideal for mirrorless camera and 1 or 2 lenses, full frame DSLR and lens, or DJI Mavic or Spark plus controller and accessories. Available now in Black. And in other Peak Design news, there is a new version of the Everyday Messenger 15 Charcoal, the classic, iconic messenger bag for everyday and camera carry that adapts to your gear and lifestyle. Messenger 15 v2 updates include luggage pass-through, upgraded dividers, more durable fabric on small internal pockets, and upgraded waterproof treatment to exterior shell. It remains an ideal bag for creatives, travellers, commuters and everyone in-between. (June 2018)

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Manfrotto Befree Advanced

Befree Advanced is the new standard of excellence for travel photography. Four aluminium tripod kits with ball head. Unique premium design. Portable, solid, easy to set up and operate. 100% made in Italy.

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Change your perspectives and broaden your horizons with the only travel companion that truly enhances your experiences. Manfrotto’s Befree Advanced aluminium travel tripod kit is the ideal solution for advanced hobbyist photographers who always want maximum performance, even when travelling. Its ergonomic design makes operating the tripod intuitive and fast. Features include new spider for perfect stability on all terrains; ergonomic side pull leg-angle selector for quick set-up, by both right- and left-handed photographers, to three independent leg angle positions; and Easy Link connector for adding accessories like lights or reflectors. The kit comes with new Advanced 494 aluminium centre ball head. Small but powerful, this head has three independent controls and a unique plate that makes it fully compatible with both Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-swiss style head attachments. Two versions of the Befree Advanced are available, with different leg lock systems. Befree Advanced Twist features the fast, secure and compact M-lock twist lock which sets up in seconds, with one handed operation. M-Lock has no protruding parts and its mechanism closes perfectly around the head, so Twist can slip into and out of its storage bag effortlessly. Twist is available in three colours: Black, Red and Blue. Befree Advanced Lever features the new QPL Travel lever locking system, lightweight version of the Quick Power Levers on 055 and 190 tripods. QPLs set up and adjust easily, and provide maximum stability. Lever is available in Black only. (June 2018)

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NEW! Tamron 28-75mm Di III Lens

Tamron has introduced a high-performance, high-speed standard zoom lens for 35mm full-frame mirrorless cameras: 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD for Sony E-mount. Achieve vibrant images with soft bokeh.

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This new zoom lens delivers superb optical performance, including both outstanding image quality and beautiful background blur effects only possible with a fast aperture, thanks to a new optical system designed specifically for mirrorless cameras. In addition to shooting portraits with creative, defocused backgrounds, photographers can enjoy dynamic wide-angle expressions like never before thanks to a Minimum Object Distance (MOD) of 0.19m at the wide-angle zoom setting. The usefulness and versatility inherent in compact full-frame mirrorless cameras are enhanced by the A036’s compact size and lightweight, measuring only 117.8mm and weighing 550g. The lens incorporates an all-new high-speed and precise AF driving system. The RXD (Rapid eXtra-silent stepping Drive) strikes a balance between speed and silent operation, making it perfect for both video and still image capture. The lens also features moisture-resistant construction that is useful in outdoor photography, plus hydrophobic fluorine coating that is highly resistant to fingerprints and dirt. In addition, the A036 will fully match with various camera-specific features including the in-camera lens correction and Direct Manual Focus (DMF) system features of Sony cameras, enabling this new zoom to take full advantage of the advanced functions that ensure comfortable user experiences. (June 2016)

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Introducing Manhattan Collection

Manfrotto's Manhattan Collection consists of 3 camera bags designed for today’s busy urban dwellers with a passion for photography. They adapt to different kit choices thanks to Manfrotto’s Flexy Camera Shell.

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Manfrotto’s new Manhattan Camera Bags are conceived by an NYC-based designer to be perfect for amateur and advanced hobbyist photographers who shoot with a DSLR, CSC and/or a premium mirrorless camera with multiple lenses. These bags support busy urban lifestyles and effortlessly adapt to keep a wide array of kit choices safe thanks to Manfrotto’s new Flexy Camera Shell at the heart of the bag. The collection comprises three models – a backpack, a 3-way shoulder bag and a messenger - built to seamlessly blend in with city life. The bags are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be highly functional, including a padded media compartment, hidden pockets, multi-purpose webbing and straps, tripod connection and non-slip bumper. The removable camera insert safeguards photographic gear and is secured inside the bag with Velcro straps. When it’s not needed, the insert easily comes out in an instant and keeps gear safe when not in use, and the bag free to use as an everyday bag. Mover-50 backpack holds a medium-level DSLR with multiple lenses, and a premium CSC kit, plus 15.6” laptop and tablet, and features handy back and top access. Speedy-10 messenger fits a premium CSC or entry level DSLR with lenses, as well as 12” laptop and tablet, and has an ergonomic stabilization strap that makes it comfortable to use on the move. Changer-20 is an innovative 3-way shoulder bag that holds a premium CSC or entry-level DSLR, and 15” laptop and tablet. It easily transforms from a shoulder bag into a tote or a backpack, and has plenty of pockets for personal belongings. (June 2018)

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Meade EclipseView & More

Just in! Meade EclipseView 82mm Reflecting Telescope. Dobsonian design makes it easy to set up and share the sun gazing experience. Also available: two new StarNavigator NG telescopes and two eyepieces.

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Meade's EclipseView series of telescopes are portable table-top dobsonians that are ideal for 'grab-and-go' observing. EclipseView are for use both day and night. View the sun, moon, planets and more with just one telescope. Both safe and fun for everyone. The EclipseView 82mm is a Newtonian Reflector with a generous 82mm aperture. It comes with a removable white-light solar filter that blocks UV and IR, making it perfectly safe for view the sun. Remove the filter and get great views of the moon, planets and wonders of the night sky too. It is lightweight and compact, with 360° swivel mount, for easy and portable viewing with point-and-look design. It comes with 26mm and 9mm eyepieces for low and high magnifications, and a 2x Barlow lens to double the magnifying power of eyepieces. Visit the product page and download Sell Sheet for technical specifications. Two models have been added to Meade's StarNavigator NG Telescope series: 114m Reflector and 125mm Maksutov. StarNavigator NG telescopes provide space admirers and amateur astronomers computerized GoTo telescopes at a great price. They're easy to operate, lightweight and portable. Let Meade's AudioStar computer controller take you on a guided tour of the night sky. Meade Series 400 Super Plössl Eyepieces 15mm and 20mm have also been added as Telescope Accessories. (June 2018)

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Capture Clip Only & Accessories

Peak Design Capture (Clip Only) is now available as a separate item. Also new Peak Design Standard Plate, Dual Plate and Pro Pad accessories for latest Capture. Plus new Anchors, Anchor Links and Anchor Mounts.

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The new Capture clip-only SKU is finally here, thanks to feedback and suggestions from Peak Design's customers. It’s exactly what it sounds like - a Capture clip without a camera plate - for those only in need of an additional clip. Ideal if you have multiple backpacks, or want the convenience of instantly switching between shoulder strap and belt carry. Available in Black (CC-BK-3) and Silver (CC-S-3). New Peak Design Standard Plate (PL-S-2, will replace PL-S1) features a lower profile, durable construction and more positioning options, and is compatible with most Arca-type tripod heads. It is only for use with Capture v3. New Peak Design Dual Plate (PL-D-2) fits into most Manfrotto RC2 as well as most Arca-type tripod heads, and works with all versions of Capture. New Pro Pad (PP-2, will replace PP-1) is smaller and slimmer than the original version, yet built from a semi-rigid high-density EVA that provides more stability than ever. Ideal for use with Capture v3. There are also new strap accessories available, redesigned to be slimmer and lighter. New Peak Design Anchor Links (AL-3, will replace AL-2) are quick-connectors that can be placed on the ends of any standard camera neck strap. New Peak Design Anchors 4-Pack (4PK-AN-3 replacing 4PK-AN-2) are additional/replacement attachments for use with any Peak Design camera strap or quick release plate. And New Peak Design Anchor Mount (PL-AN-1) is an easy, unobtrusive way to attach a Peak Design strap to the bottom of a camera. (May 2018)

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Manfrotto New Versions

Several Manfrotto items have been replaced with new improved versions. New 190 Go! Kit has XPRO Ball Head. New video kits with 502 head have padded bags. Also new pan bar, sandbag, Sympla components....

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Manfrotto's new 190 Go! Aluminium 4-Section kit comes with the MHXPRO-BHQ2 ball head (kit MK190GOA4-BHX, replacing MK190GOA4TB-BH which came with 496RC2 ball head). The XPRO head is perfect for fast and precise composition and shooting, and has innovative triple lock system and friction control that ensures exceptional camera stability and security, even with heavy equipment. The new kit also features the ergonomic M-lock system can be engaged or disengaged with a single 90° rotation movement, allowing the tripod to be set up in seconds. Manfrotto kits featuring the MVH502A fluid video head now come with a padded bag (older versions came with unpadded bag). New codes are MVH502A,546BK-1 and MVH502A,546GBK-1 for the two aluminium twin leg tripod versions, and MVK502C-1 for the carbon tripod one. The new Telescopic Pan Bar (MVAPANBARL, replacing 509HLV) is made from aluminium with a comfortable handle grip, and is compatible with MVH502AH, MVH502A, 504HD, MVHN8AH, MVHN12AH, 509HD and 526 video heads. In Manfrotto's Sympla range of modular rig components we have added new Sympla Padded Shoulder Mount (MVA511W-1, replacing MVA-511W) and Sympla Rods 150mm (MVA523W-1 replacing MVA523W) and Sympla Rods 300mm (MVA520W-1 replacing MVA520W). Manfrotto's Sand Bag for counterbalance has also been upgraded. New Sand and Water Bag (G100-2, replacing G100) has two compartments like a saddlebag to drape over stand legs or booms. And last new item: the Manfrotto Avenger 2 1/2” Grip Head Silver (D200, available in addition to D200B, the Black version). (May 2018)

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Zhiyun-Tech Gimbals

Professional stabilization systems that provide a comprehensive set of innovative solutions. Devices that redefine the way people record life. Four gimbals available, for DSLR and mirrorless, GoPro and smartphone.

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Zhiyun-Tech's Crane-2 supports all models of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, up to 3.2kg. The cutting-edge attitude compensation system and unparalleled anti-shaking stabilizing performance of this gimbal stabilizer are thanks to pioneering parallel stabilizing technology. Features include real time follow focus; tactile focus wheel; 3 levels of focus adjustment; 60 second balance adjustment; and intuitive OLED display. Crane-Plus handles a wide range of camera and lens combinations, up to 2.5kg. Features include MotionMemory to set up advanced camera movements and save for future use; POV Mode which provides 45° of synchronous motion on the roll axis so that when you move, your camera moves with you; and NightLapse for creating gorgeous timelapses that add in a new dimension of motion and depth. Evolution is a gimbal for GoPro/Action Cam, with brushless motor control system that ensures perfect smooth imaging even under intense motion. Lightweight, compact and robust, Evolution is easy to control with smart 5-way joystick and includes micro USB port for synchronous power charging to the mounted camera. Smooth-Q is a super-compact ergonomic stabilizer for smartphones up to 200g. Connect via Bluetooth to dedicated app for instant zooming control of the camera right through the stabilizer - focus and capture the moment more freely with a single push or pull of the switch. External add-ons like lights and mic are supported, while functions like object tracking, slow motion, timelapse, long exposure and multi-style filters inspire creativity. (May 2018)

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NX Collection Expands

Manfrotto's NX collection are stylish everyday bags that ensure the utmost protection for your camera and accessories thanks to the Manfrotto Protection System. Now in discreet dark grey and elegant deep blue.

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The utmost protection combined with design and elegance: the NX collection gives you the freedom to express your everyday creativity and passion for photography at best. Your lifestyle bag will accompany you everywhere, letting you feel free to capture new perspectives safely and discreetly. Key features are easy of use, protection and versatility. Access your photographic gear quickly and easily with user-friendly features such as top opening on shoulder bags and wraparound zippers on holsters. Manfrotto has engineered each bag to provide maximum protection for your photographic equipment and other media devices with internal interchangeble dividers and removable inserts. Bags have space for your accessories and daily essentials, making them ideal for a day out. The new additions to the collection include NX Bodypack I in Blue, NX Backpack Grey and Blue, NX Backpack V in Blue, NX Shoulder Bag I V2 Grey (replacing original version), NX Messenger for CSC in Grey and Blue, NX Messenger I V2 in Blue, NX Holster I in Blue and NX Holster II in Blue. Within the range you will find bags suitable for CSC and DSLR. Some models offer compartment for a tablet or laptop, place for a tripod, water bottle pocket, mesh pockets for memory cards and filters, discreet zippered pocket for passport or smartphone, and plenty of other storage. The range is ideal for enthusiast and advanced hobbyist photographers to want full-featured carrying solutions that are practical, comfortable and adaptable. (May 2018)

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