Zhiyun-Tech Gimbals

Professional stabilization systems that provide a comprehensive set of innovative solutions. Devices that redefine the way people record life. Four gimbals available, for DSLR and mirrorless, GoPro and smartphone.

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Zhiyun-Tech's Crane-2 supports all models of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, up to 3.2kg. The cutting-edge attitude compensation system and unparalleled anti-shaking stabilizing performance of this gimbal stabilizer are thanks to pioneering parallel stabilizing technology. Features include real time follow focus; tactile focus wheel; 3 levels of focus adjustment; 60 second balance adjustment; and intuitive OLED display. Crane-Plus handles a wide range of camera and lens combinations, up to 2.5kg. Features include MotionMemory to set up advanced camera movements and save for future use; POV Mode which provides 45° of synchronous motion on the roll axis so that when you move, your camera moves with you; and NightLapse for creating gorgeous timelapses that add in a new dimension of motion and depth. Evolution is a gimbal for GoPro/Action Cam, with brushless motor control system that ensures perfect smooth imaging even under intense motion. Lightweight, compact and robust, Evolution is easy to control with smart 5-way joystick and includes micro USB port for synchronous power charging to the mounted camera. Smooth-Q is a super-compact ergonomic stabilizer for smartphones up to 200g. Connect via Bluetooth to dedicated app for instant zooming control of the camera right through the stabilizer - focus and capture the moment more freely with a single push or pull of the switch. External add-ons like lights and mic are supported, while functions like object tracking, slow motion, timelapse, long exposure and multi-style filters inspire creativity. (May 2018)

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NX Collection Expands

Manfrotto's NX collection are stylish everyday bags that ensure the utmost protection for your camera and accessories thanks to the Manfrotto Protection System. Now in discreet dark grey and elegant deep blue.

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The utmost protection combined with design and elegance: the NX collection gives you the freedom to express your everyday creativity and passion for photography at best. Your lifestyle bag will accompany you everywhere, letting you feel free to capture new perspectives safely and discreetly. Key features are easy of use, protection and versatility. Access your photographic gear quickly and easily with user-friendly features such as top opening on shoulder bags and wraparound zippers on holsters. Manfrotto has engineered each bag to provide maximum protection for your photographic equipment and other media devices with internal interchangeble dividers and removable inserts. Bags have space for your accessories and daily essentials, making them ideal for a day out. The new additions to the collection include NX Bodypack I in Blue, NX Backpack Grey and Blue, NX Backpack V in Blue, NX Shoulder Bag I V2 Grey (replacing original version), NX Messenger for CSC in Grey and Blue, NX Messenger I V2 in Blue, NX Holster I in Blue and NX Holster II in Blue. Within the range you will find bags suitable for CSC and DSLR. Some models offer compartment for a tablet or laptop, place for a tripod, water bottle pocket, mesh pockets for memory cards and filters, discreet zippered pocket for passport or smartphone, and plenty of other storage. The range is ideal for enthusiast and advanced hobbyist photographers to want full-featured carrying solutions that are practical, comfortable and adaptable. (May 2018)

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New Lowepro, Lume Cube, Parrot

Lowepro's Toploader Zoom 45 AW II is now also in Galaxy Blue. Also new: Lume Cube kit for DJI Mavic and CTO Filters for Light House, two Steiner Safari UltraSharp series binoculars, various Parrot accessories.

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Lowepro Toploader Zoom 45 AW II is a compact, fast-access toploading bag you can wear and carry multiple ways. It offers solid protection for a day of outdoor, travel or sports shooting with a compact DSLR with attached 18-55mm f/2.8 lens or CSC with kit lens. Already popular in Black – and now also available in Galaxy Blue. Lume Cube's Lighting Kit for DJI Mavic Pro Drone has just arrived. This kit consists of two Lume Cubes and two mounts to attach them to your DJI Mavic Pro. Fly at night, or use your drone as a spotlight. Lume Cube CTO 4-Pack is set of four warming gels, for use with Light House. They allow you to adjust the Lume Cube's colour temperature, great for shooting in different environments. Steiner's Safari UltraSharp binoculars offer best optical performance in the most compact size. Two new perfect all-round models have been added to the range: 10x25 and 8x25, both with lightweight Mini-Porro design and contemporary styling, comfort and simplicity. Steiner's world-renowned image clarity, accurate colour and field-proven toughness ensure maximum performance from your optics. Many choose Porro Prism binoculars because of their ruggedness, unmatched high quality and no need to focus The 10x magnification gets closer to your dream view while the 8x magnification offers a wide field of view. Several new Parrot accessories have been added: Parrot Zik 3 spare battery, USB Cable Set for Parrot Sequoia, and Power Battery, Black Propllers and Nose and Feet Pack all for Bebop 2 Power drone. (May 2018)

Gitzo Traveler Kits & More

Two new Gitzo Series 1 Traveler Kits have arrived. They offer the perfect balance between lightweight when carrying, and height and rigidity when shooting. Also, three other new tripods and levelling base listed.

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The latest Traveler tripods boast the 180° leg folding mechanism pioneered by Gitzo, now even stronger thanks to the state of the art Carbon eXact tubes. Stiffer than the antecedents’ Carbon 6X tubes, the new tubes include High Modulus carbon fibre, and have larger tube diameters for stability. The tripods also feature the ergonomic Traveler G-lock system. Its space efficiency makes it possible to have taller tripods with compact folded lengths. The curved external form provides good grip, while the internal O-ring achieves softer operation and reduces dust and grit entering the locks. The two new Traveler kits pair these tripods with the perfectly balanced GH1382TQD Centre Ball Head, newly designed for ultimate smoothness and precision, while slim enough to fit between the folded legs. Kit GK1545T-82TQD is the 4-section version and is much taller than its predecessor (GK1580TQD4, which will be discontinued when last stock sold). Kit GK1555T-82TQD is the 5-section version and offers an outstanding height/closed length ratio. These kits are the perfect companion of travelling photographers, both pro and advanced amateurs, always looking for the best equipment for their shootings while on trip. Other new Gitzo listings include two Mountaineer tripods: GT0542 Series 1 Carbon 4-Section (replacing GT0541) and GT3532 Series 3 Carbon 3-Section (replacing GT3531). And in the Systematic range, tripod GT3533S Series 3 Carbon 3-Section (replacing GT3532S) and GSLVLS Systematic Levelling Base (replacing GS3131LVL). (May 2018)

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Trackimo 3G & Accessories

The next generation Trackimo 3G GPS trackers are here. Revolutionary GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth hybrid tracking, indoors and outdoors, in real time. Six new models. Plus a range of accessories for Trackimo.

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Trackimo Universal 3G GPS Tracker is a powerful, multi-purpose tracking device that tracks and keeps your vehicle or precious things safe. It offers full 3G coverage on cellular networks worldwide, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for indoor tracking. Track live in real time, online or through dedicated free app, with 1 minute updates, and get speed, geofence, movement or SOS alerts via app, email and/or SMS. Improvements include faster CPUs, the latest antennas, and new GPS chip that drains 50% less battery. This versatile model is ideal for tracking vehicles, drones, boats, bicycles, shipments etc. Can also be used to keep track of children, pets or the elderly. Other new models include Universal 3G Drone Tracker (includes Drone Mount in pack), Universal 3G Auto Tracker (includes Vehicle/Marine Kit in pack), Slim/Travel 3G Tracker (credit card sized, 5 day battery life and light exposure sensor, ideal for tracking luggage); Guardian 3G Tracker (compact, lightweight, great for pets), and Watch 3G Tracker (constantly monitors weather's location, with SOS button, ideal for the elderly). All Trackimo devices are easy to set-up and use, work out of the box in all countries, and include built-in SIM and 12 months subscription. New Trackimo accessories include Waterproof Magnetic Box and Battery, ideal for vehicles and cargo shipments; Vehicle/Marine Kit Power Supply, to hardwire Trackimo to vehicle battery; and Dual USB Car Charger Adapter and ODB to Micro Cable, which offer other ways to charge Trackimo devices. (May 2018)

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New Energizer Chargers

Introducing the next generation Energizer chargers: New Maxi Charger, New Universal Charger, New Mini Charger, New Base Charger. High performance rechargeable battery power where and when you need it.

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Save money and time with innovative Energizer Recharge products. Energizer's new Maxi Charger (set to replace the popular Value Charger) comes with 4x 2000mAh AAs included in pack. It chargers AA and AAA batteries, and has a highly visible colour LED display that indicates charge status: red for charging in progress, green for charging complete. Other features include bad battery indicator, reverse polarity protection, auto shut-off safety timer and overcharge protection. This is an exceptional everyday battery charger for all your essential devices. Energizer's New Universal Charger charges AA, AAA, C, D and 9v NiMH batteries. It ensures a full charge up to 100% capacity, helps to maximize battery performance, and retains battery capacity by preventing damage from overcharge. A battery power gauge indicates amount of charge. Energizer's New Mini Charger (set to replace both current Mini Charger with AA and Mini Charger with AAA) comes with 4x 700mAh AAAs included in the pack. It charges 1 or 2 AA or AAA batteries at a time, with multi-colour LED charge status indicator, and auto shut-off. Ultra-compact and lightweight, great for travel. Energizer's New Base Charger (set to replace current Base Charger) comes with 4x 13000mAh AA batteries included in the pack. It chargers 2 or 4 AA or AAA batteries at a time and has a LED charger status indicator. Budget-friendly charger, appealing new design. All new chargers come 4 in a box. Energizer Compact Overnight Charger has been discontinued. Smart Charger still available for now. New Pro Charger coming later in the year. (May 2018)

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Samyang XP 50mm F1.2 Canon

A recent addition to Samyang's XP Premium Manual Focus Photo Lens range: XP 50mm F1.2 for Canon. An expert portrait lens for dramatic moments. Ideal for 50MP photo and 8K video productions.

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Samyang XP 50mm F1.2 is built for full frame DSLR cameras and captures those dramatic moments in perfect image quality with a bright F1.2 aperture. It's optimized for portraits - capture the delicate change of an eye, a strand of hair, and bright and beautiful skin colour. Express unconstrained depth with the bright aperture, and achieve high image quality in low light conditions and indoors thanks to the fast shutter speed. Produced from a total of 11 lenses in 8 groups, the lens produces crystal clear resolution while minimizing distortion and aberrations. The special optic lenses, aspherical lens, and high-refractive lens deliver sharp and vivid images by effectively tuning the light path, while the nine blades deliver beautiful bokeh, starburst and out-focusing effects. Flare and ghost effects can be well controlled thanks to the ultra multi coating. This lens is available with Canon EF mount. (May 2018)

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Introducing Manfrotto 360 VR

The first dedicated range of solutions supporting virtual reality creation. Pro and enthusiast solutions for immersive content creation. Reliable, high-performance bases, accessories, extension booms and kits.

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Manfrotto is excited to introduce the brand new 360 Virtual Reality range and to be the first player to bring unique, dedicated products designed to support professionals and enthusiasts shaping the future of photography and videography. Manfrotto’s new 360 VR products make it easier and more fun to create amazing 360° videos and photos. All are engineered with high-quality materials and careful attention to ergonomics and detail. With this new range, Manfrotto is facilitating the transition that is taking immersive content creation into the mainstream: from niche professional to widespread consumer application. Photographers and videographers can effortlessly capture entire scenes around their camera, enabling anyone viewing the content to look around and feel like they are experiencing the scenery in real life. The 360 VR range provides a wide choice of combinations for individual content makers to select according to their specific needs and objectives. VR bases provide reliably stable support, VR accessories range makes flawless 360° shooting quicker and easier, and VR boom extensions maximize camera height when required. The range also features a convenient selection of kits designed to make 360°content creation incredibly easy and intuitive. They are compatible with the most popular 360° cameras and are the smartest choice for anyone who wants to start creating high-quality immersive content easily, right away. Initial products in the range include VR Aluminium 4-Section Tripod, VR Aluminium Extension Boom, VR Aluminium Selfie Stick, VR Pixi Evo Kit with Extension, and VR Aluminium Mini Triopod with Extension. (April 2018)

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NEW! Lastolite SkyRapid Midi

New Lastolite Skylite Rapid Kit Midi 1.5 x 1.5m. A versatile size, good for mounting on light stand or holding by hand. Great for location photographer who needs lighting control in the most demanding situations.

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The Skylite Rapid's collapsible but rigid aluminium frame delivers reliable performance even in windy conditions, while the Skylite Rapid change covers simply clip in place for rapid assembly and maximum versatility. The square Midi panel is easily mounted on a single light stand (using the optional Skylite Rapid Griphead LA8446) or light enough to be hand held. It is available in kit form (Lastolite item LR81544R) or as individual components (Midi Frame and Midi Fabric Covers 0.75 Diffuser, 1.25 Diffuser, Black/White and Silver/White) allowing you to build your own configurations. The kit comes in a sturdy, compact and very portable rigid carry case. The aluminium framework is light in weight, rust resistant, and easily collapses down. An elastic cord runs through the frame keeping it in one piece at all times and making it impossible to lose parts or leave anything behind. The various Skylite Rapid covers offer a complete range of diffusion and reflective surfaces. They clip easily into place, and the elasticated fabric removes all creases when stretched, for an impressively taut finish. A new Lastolite Skylite Rapid Kit Medium (Lastolite item LR81243RC) is also available (set to replace LR81243R). This new kit is supplied with a Skylite Rapid Rigid Case instead of soft bag; rest of the kit contents is the same. Similar new kits with rigid case will be available soon for Skylite Rapid Kits Small and Large. (April 2018)

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Elinchrom: Updated Products

Recent additions include improved EL-Skyport Transmitter PRO with TTL, HSS and Hi-Sync functionality, new Maxi Silver Reflector 40cm, new versions of ELC Pro HD kits now with ProTec Location Bag, and more...

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Elinchrom's Skyport Transmitter PRO for Canon and Nikon (existing Elinchrom items 19366 and 19367, previously Transmitter Plus HS) now offers all the features a photographer may need - including TTL, HSS and Hi-Sync - in one single transmitter. Transmitter Plus HS upgrades to Transmitter PRO via firmware update – see Elinchrom website for more info. The new Maxi-Spot Reflector 40cm (item 26162) has a very efficient bright silver finish for maximum light output, and a distinctive pattern contributing to the effect of dappled sunshine, with hard and brilliant highlights, and a narrow light beam of 33°. The ELC Pro HD compact is Elinchrom’s highest performing and most professional unit. New To Go kits now include the ProTec Location Bag, instead of the ProTec Poly Bag. These kits are 20662.2 ELC Pro HD 500 To Go (replacing 20677.2) and 20663.2 ELCH Pro HD 1000 to Go (replacing 20679.2). Rest of the kit contents has not changed. The full range of Elinchrom Umbrellas – including Eco Budget, Shallow, Shallow 2-in-1 and Deep – as well as all the new Rotalux softboxes - are now listed with pricing. We're also added a few individual accessories to the website: Snoot Grid 10° (item 26426); Round Grid 18cm 30° (item 26100); Barndoor Blades 21x15cm (item 26009), 26x16cm (item 26006) and 44x35cm (item 26010); and Diffusion Filter Sets 21cm (item 26249) and 44c (item 26246). Download the 2018 Elinchrom Product Chart as well as Transmitter PRO Feature Compatibility Chart from our Supplier Catalogue section. And look out for more info on Battery Pack ELB 500 TTL – coming soon! (April 2018)

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