NEW! Tamron 28‐200mm Di III

Introducing Tamron 28-200mm F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD – the world’s first all-in-one zoom lens starting at F2.8 for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras. Unprecedented blend of optical performance and versatility.

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In 1992, Tamron demonstrated breakthrough innovation with the release of the AF 28‐200mm F/3.8‐5.6 Aspherical (Model 71D), a compact and lightweight all‐in‐one zoom lens. The amazingly compact size, light weight and reasonable price immediately became wildly popular with photographers around the world. In the years since, Tamron has been a pioneer in releasing epoch‐making all‐in‐one zooms tailored to each era, including the recent 18‐400mm F/3.5‐6.3 Di II VC HLD (Model B028) that boasts the world’s highest magnification of 22.2x and which currently enjoys robust sales. The new 28‐200mm F2.8‐5.6 is a distillation of all Tamron’s accumulated all‐in‐one zoom expertise, and has been specifically developed as an all‐in‐one zoom for daily use on a full‐frame mirrorless camera. Tamron chose Model A071 as the model name in a nod to “71” representing the world’s original all‐in‐one zoom. The 28‐200mm F2.8‐5.6 is the first all‐in‐one‐zoom in the world to achieve a maximum aperture of F2.8 at the 28mm wide‐angle end. To assure superb optical performance, it features a precise arrangement of special lens elements that accommodate the increasingly high resolutions of today’s digital cameras. Enabling high quality image rendering throughout the zoom range, the lens responds to users’ photographic expressions in powerful style. With its 117mm length, 575g weight and filter diameter of a mere 67mm, the 28‐200mm F2.8‐5.6 offers excellent portability. When combined with a compact, lightweight full‐frame mirrorless camera, it allows photographers to capture virtually every scene they encounter in daily use, travel, sports and nature. The 28‐200mm F2.8‐5.6 takes the convenience of an all‐in‐one zoom (which incorporates various angles of view from wide to telephoto in a single lens) and adds a fast‐maximum aperture of F2.8 and superb image quality to enhance the potential for photographic applications. Breaking conventional limitations and broadening the horizons of photographic possibilities, this zoom lens writes a new chapter in the history of the all‐in‐one zoom lens. (July 2020)

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Introducing Deity Microphones

Deity Microphones know what equipment working professionals need in their kit, and are committed to making unique microphones and products that get the job done. Range includes two video mics.

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Deity Microphone V-Mic D3 is everything you need in an on-camera microphone. Its super cardioid pickup pattern makes it the perfect tool to pick up audio from the camera perspective, really adding an extra layer of audio to your video edit. On-camera microphones are more than just a way of getting better reference audio for sync. The V-Mic D3 allows you to get accurate quality audio for your B-Roll or Vlog. And for on-the-fly quick interviews the V-Mic D3 is able to grab the sound from someone talking to the camera. With its smart 3.5mm microphone output, the V-Mic D3 works with nearly any camera or recorder you plug it into without the need for extra adapters. It is as simple as plug and play can get. V-Mic D3 is the microphone for you, with low noise, low distortion broadcast quality sound. Deity Microphone V-Mic D3 Pro offers you even more. The +20dB step-less gain knob finally gives DSLR users a gain knob instead of having to dive through menus. It’s like having an audio mixer built into a microphone. The auto-adjusting Smart 3.5mm TRRS output adapts to almost any type of 3.5mm TS, TRS, or TRRS microphone input you plug into it. The V-Mic D3 Pro works with DSLRs, point-and-shoot cameras, camcorders, action cameras, smart phones and tablets. And with D-XLR the V-Mic D3 Pro plugs into larger cameras or audio recorders that feature XLR audio inputs. Both microphones have a lightweight but durable metal body and come with Rycote Lyre suspension system. The V-Mic D3 runs off a single AAA battery while the V-Mic D3 Pro has an internal lithium-ion battery. (July 2020)

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New Arrivals: Phottix and PolarPro

Phottix's M200R is a new generation RGB LED light. Other recent additions are Phottix F180 Light Stand and Raja Quick-Folding Hexa Softbox 150cm. And from PolarPro: Drone Strobe Light and Smooth 4 Counterweight.

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New M200R (Phottix item 81419) is a compact and powerful light source with ultra-thin design for use with phone or camera, for still and video photography. Using the latest in flicker-free LED technology, it's efficient and durable. It features adjustable brightness and colour temperature plus full 0 to 360º colour hue and saturation adjustment and 21 pre-set scenario effects. Thanks to the 4000mAh battery M200R can also be used as a power bank to charge USB devices. New F180 Light Stand (Phottix item 99911) may be the world's shortest light stand height at just 46.7cm when collapsed. It extends to a height of 180cm. The compact five-section light stand features reverse fold back design for simple storage and transport, and quick release flip-locks for speedy set-up. Raja Quick-Folding Hexa Softbox 150cm (Phottix item 82727) is the latest addition to the popular Raja series. It's a super-big softbox for super-soft light with zero hassles, opening like an umbrella to be ready in seconds. A recent addition to the PolarPro range is PolarPro Drone Strobe Light. Increase the visibility of your aircraft and adhere to guidelines for anti-collision lighting. The omnidirectional light is visible from 4.5km away, and has three settings: quick strobe, slow strobe and constant light. It includes two mounting straps with several attachment options for compatibility with many different drone models. Drone Strobe Light weighs just 15g so has minimal impact on your drone's flight performance, and runs off a Lithium Polymer battery which lasts for 6 hours. PolarPro Zhiyun-Tech Smooth 4 Counterweight is also now available. It is designed to offset the weight of the Iris Filter System for capturing smooth, cinematic content with a Smooth-4 and larger phone. (July 2020)

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Introducing Aputure

Aputure delivers professional-grade equipment at an affordable price for next level imaging. The range includes LED lights and panels, plus light modifiers, with quality and functions to fully realize any creative vision.

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Aputure Light Storm lights are powerful, portable and durable COB (chip on board) fixtures. Two models are available: C300d II (brightness 45000lux @ 1m) and C120d II (rightness 30000lux @ 0.5m). Key features include impeccable colour fidelity, 5500K daylight balanced colour temperature, stepless dimming, DMX capability, AC power supply, V-Mount battery option, and Bowens mount accessory compatibility. Both come as kits with reflector, controller and carry bag included. The Aputure M-Series (for mini) LED light panel range includes three models. All are lightweight and slim, with built-in rechargeable batteries. Amaran AL-MX is a bi-colour light with brightness of 3200lux @ 0.5m, booster mode, and wide 120° beam angle, suitable for a various creative applications. Amaran AL-M9 is tiny innovative fill-in light with up to 900lux brightness and 9 step dimming, with diffuser, CTO and CTB gels included. MC is an LED with RGBWW technology for full hue, saturation and intensity (HSI) colour control, multiple modes and FX, and wireless charging. The five Aputure Modifiers are suitable for Aputure Light Storm and any other fixtures with Bowens mount. Lantern is a 65cm spherical softbox that is a quick and easy solution for wide soft light. It comes with a fully adjustable light control skirt. Fresnel 2X breathes new life into your lights by making them up to 14x stronger. With dual lens design, it focuses and magnifies the beam with zero light waste. Light Dome II is Aputure's signature light shaping tool. With two layers of even, ultra-soft diffusion, it's perfect for portraits and interviews. Light Dome Mini II is the shallower version, for use in more confined spaces. Barn Doors are a professional light shaping tool, made of four leaves with negative reflector dish and gel holder, for maximum control. (July 2020)

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Saramonic Mixer & Three Boya Mics

NEW! Saramonic SR-PAX1 2-Channel On-Camera Audio Mixer to mix pro-quality audio from two sources; and Boya BH-HM2 and BY-BM58 Handheld Microphones; and Boya BY-M3-OP Lavalier Mic for DJI Osmo Pocket.

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Saramonic's SR-PAX1 is a two-channel active audio mixer with preamplifier and phantom power, specially designed for DSLR cameras, mirrorless or camcorders. Compact and lightweight, it's ideal for recording audio from two sources and mixing them into your camera, reducing time in post-processing. PAX-1 features dual balanced XLR inputs, dual 3.5mm (TRS) inputs, and dual 6.3mm inputs to accept signals from a wide variety of sources. Control input levels of each channel with dual gain control knobs. Monitor audio in real time via phone jack. Boya's BY-HM2 is a digital handheld microphone, specially designed for mobile devices. With USB Type-C, USB-A and Lightning audio cables included, it's perfectly compatible with multiple devices. Capture sound in front of the microphone while greatly reducing unwanted background noise. Use HM2 with mini-tripod for on desk recording like vlogging and music recording, or attach to a mic stand for speech or studio recording. Boya's BY-BM58 is a cardioid dynamic vocal handheld microphone, ideal for capturing vocal and speech performance in applications like live stage, theatre, rehearsals and meetings. The compact design allows easy assembling on any device with an 6.35mm mic jack. The built-in microphone mount greatly prevents background noise caused by shocking. Boya's BY-M3-OP is a digital omnidirectional lavalier microphone, specially designed for DJI Osmo Pocket. Thanks to plug and play operation it's easy to improve your videos with crisp and pristine sound. (June 2020)

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NEW! Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design's ultra-compact 5-section Travel Tripod packs down to the diameter of a water bottle, without compromising height, stability or features. Aluminium and Carbon versions available, plus accessories.

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Peak Design have redesigning the tripod from the ground up. Radically faster to set-up and take down, new Travel Tripod features ergonomic adjustment points, built-in mobile compatibility and thoughtful details at every turn. It’s built for life on the road: durable, 100% serviceable, and backed by Peak Design's lifetime guarantee. Travel Tripod offers pro-level stability with a 9kg weight capacity, optimized for a full-frame DSLR plus telephoto lens. It comes with ultra-smooth Compact Ball Head with single adjustment knob, simple locking ring for total security, and compatibility with all Peak Design and most Arca-type plates. Other features include built-in stowable phone mount, fast-locking low profile leg cams, non-slip feet, integrated hanging hook, and Anchor attachment points for carrying with any Peak Design strap. The Aluminium version is made from lightweight aluminium alloy and weighs in at 1.56kg, while the Carbon version is made from lighter and more stable carbon fibre and is just 1.27kg. A range of spares and accessories are available for Travel Tripod. Peak Design Ultralight Conversion Kit quickly converts Travel Tripod into an ultralight tabletop-sized tripod – rugged plastic feet install in place of the lower four tripod sections. The mini tripod still deploys to 57.2cm, and is ideal for backpacking and other times when weight is of the essence. Peak Design Universal Head Adapter lets you use Travel Tripod legs with any standard third party tripod head. Simply replace the Compact Ball Head with the adapter and add alternative head. Peak Design Spike Feet Set replaces the standard rubber feet with spikes, for achieving superior stability and grip when shooting on slippery or loose terrain. Peak Design Tool Kit is a set of replacement tools for adjusting and maintain Travel Tripod. Peak Design Phone Mount is a replacement part that enables use of a mobile phone (up to 9cm wide) with Travel Tripod. (June 2020)

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Lowepro Hardside CS 20 & More

The rigid exterior of Hardside CS 20 offers rugged protection. Photo Active BP 300 AW comes in new colour: Blue/Black. Matrix BP 23L, Urbex 20L, Passport Duo and Urban+ Shoulder Bag also available.

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Lowepro Hardside CS 20 with rigid FormShell exterior provides protection for a point-and-shoot or 360 camera plus small accessories. Corrugated padding inside keeps camera in place. Features include interior stretch pocket, dual zippers, belt loop and shoulder strap. Hardside CS 20 replaces Santiago 20. Lowepro Photo Active BP 300 AW is now available in Blue/Black, as well as original Black/Grey. This lightweight, rugged outdoor camera pack is ideal for hiking, travel or every day use. Its key feature is the revolutionary QuickShelf interior divider for customizing storage options. We also have limited stock available on a couple of multi-use/travel bags. Lowepro Matrix+ BP 23L is a spacious commuter backpack with a clean simple design, comfortable carrying system and dedicated laptop compartment. The bag comes with removeable padded camera case, ideal for a CSC kit. Matrix+ BP 23L comes in Black/Charcoal Grey and Black/Mineral Red. Lowepro Urbex BP 20L has a slim vertical profile, making it the perfect solution for carting gear through crowded city streets. The backpack accommodates a laptop and tablet in dedicated compartments and a smartphone in a on-harness pocket, with space for personal belongings. It also comes with a Gear Box case to keep cables, chargers and accessories organized. Lowepro Passport Duo has a convertible design that easily transforms from a waist bag to a 15L backpack when extra storage space is need. The waist pack fits a mirrorless camera or compact DSLR. Passport Duo is made from lightweight, weather-resistant fabric and is ideal for travel. Lowepro Urban+ Shoulder Bag is a padded tricot-lined bag with a minimalist retro look. Carry your mirrorless or small DSLR camera and a couple of lenses and accessories knowing they are well-protected against knocks, bumps and scratches. Urban+ comes in Black with a contrasting cream trim, buckle and zipper pull. (June 2020)

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USB Brand & Dedicated Chargers

Introducing Jupio's new USB Brand Chargers: ideal for travel, as USB can be used everywhere. Range of USB Dedicated Duo Chargers and new Value Pack also available. And look out for battery packaging change.

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Jupio's new USB Brand Chargers are for charging Li-Ion camera batteries and are designed for worldwide use with USB power input – no more worries about the right plug. Their light weight of just 40g also makes them ideal for your holiday or business trip. Chargers have an illuminated LCD display that shows charging status. Six USB Brand Chargers are available now: for Canon 3.6V-4.2V batteries (Jupio item LCA0034), for Canon 7.2V-8.4V batteries (Jupio item LCA0038), for Nikon/ Fuji/ Olympus 3.6V-4.2V batteries (Jupio item LNI0034), for Nikon/ Fuji/ Olympus 7.2V-8.4V batteries (Jupio item LNI0038), for Sony/ JVC/ Samsung 3.6V-4.2V batteries (Jupio item LSO0034) and for Sony/ JVC/ Samsung 7.2V-8.4V batteries (Jupio item LSO0038). Each one comes with a selection of exchangeable plates for batteries of each brand. These USB Brand Chargers will be replacing Jupio's original brand chargers. A new range of USB Dedicated Duo Chargers is also available. Eleven chargers are available, for popular Canon, Nikon and Sony batteries (Jupio items JDC2001 to JDC2013). Each one charges two batteries at the same time, has an illuminated LCD display that shows charging status, and accepts both micro USB and USB Type-C input, with built-in USB cable. These chargers also offer a unique function: they can be used as a power bank. With one or two charged camera batteries mounted, use the USB output to charge smartphone, tablet or other USB device. Another Value Pack has been added to the range: for GoPro Hero5/6/7/2018, Value Pack x2 Battery AABAT-001 + USB Triple Charger (Jupio item CGP1003V3). Jupio have also started to introduce new packaging for their batteries. The plastic blisters are being phased out and new cardboard packaging phased in. With no plastic parts, the new packaging has less impact on the environment. (June 2020)

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NEW! 70-180mm F/2.8 Di III VXD

The 70-180mm f/2.8 from Tamron is the lightest and most compact large aperture telephoto zoom lens in its class for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras, delivering quiet, fast focus and superb performance.

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Tamron's new 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VXD (Model A056) is a large aperture telephoto zoom lens for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras. It features a compact and light-weight design with a 67mm filter diameter, the same as Tamron's highly esteemed 17-28mm f/2.8 (Model A046) and the 28-75mm f/2.8 (Model A036). The optical construction includes several special lens elements that contribute to the lens's overall superb imaging performance. Its very short 0.85m MOD expands overall versatility. The lens utilizes Tamron's newly developed VXD (Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive) linear motor focus mechanism that produces an autofocus drive that's quieter and quicker than ever before. A floating system is used to achieve excellent optical performance at all shooting distances. By simultaneously operating two VXD units via electronic control, the system produces clear and sharp images of all objects near and far. Other features that support a great shooting experience include moisture-resistant construction for added weather protection and fluorine coating for easy maintenance. In addition, the A056 is fully compatible with various camera-specific features including Fast Hybrid AF and Eye AF. Developed under the concept of 'making large aperture zoom lenses user-friendly,' the 70-180mm f/2.8 provides users with complete portrait-to-telephoto lens range coverage. This new model joins the 17-28mm f/2.8 and the 28-75mm f/2.8 and brings Tamron's total of f/2.8 zoom lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras to three. Download the Sell Sheet for more info about the lens. Three news Tamron lens hoods have been added to the range we carry as stock items: HA025 for SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A025), HB028 for 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD (Model B028), and HA010 for 28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD (Model A010). (May 2020)

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Video Kits with New Nitrotech Heads

The Manfrotto Nitrotech 600 series with revolutionary fluid technology kicks off with two models: the 608 and 612 fluid video heads. Kits with aluminium and carbon tripods legs plus spreader are available.

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Designed for independent content creators who work both in the studio and on the move, and like to use the latest cameras combined with video accessories knowing that their gear is going to stay perfectly counterbalanced, the new top of the range Nitrotech fluid video heads are designed to work seamlessly with the most popular videography equipment in today’s fast-paced technological market. Manfrotto’s new Nitrotech 608 and 612 (replacing N8 and N12) combine the most successful features of Manfrotto’s video heads with the revolutionary, unique-in-the-market Nitrogen piston mechanism, guaranteeing continuous counterbalance and securely supporting loads up to (608) and from 4kg up to 12kg (612). Fluidity in these new heads is powered by a brand new fluid technology that with its formula sets a new level of performance in the Manfrotto range. The 608 and 612 feature a redesigned ergonomic CBS knob that effortlessly and safely holds and operates a wide array of video camera models in a variety of sizes. The variable continuous fluidity function on both pan and tilt allows smooth, judder-free movement. They feature panoramic FDS with a new rubber cover for enhanced grip. The 3/8” Easy Link with anti-rotation accommodates accessories. The side-lock sliding plate mechanism ensures quick, easy and secure camera attachment. A flat base mount with highly versatile, standard 3/8” thread allows for for different support combinations, such as tripod, slider, jib or crane. Three video kits with these new heads are available now. Kits MVK608TWINMA and MVK612TWINMA pair the heads with MVTTWINMA aluminium twin leg tripod and mid-level spreader. Kit MVK612TWINGC pairs the head with MVTTWINGC carbon fibre twin leg tripod and ground spreader. (May 2020)

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