Lastolite Accessories for HiLite

Introducing three new accessory sets for use with Lastolite HiLite Background 1.8 x 2.15m: Shapers & Masks, Shaper and Window Voile. Use the HiLite as a softbox. Simple to assemble. Unlimited creative potential.

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Lastolite HiLite Shapers & Masks (item LB8967) includes three opaque black panels that hang on the front of the HiLite background 1.8 x 2.15m (item LB8867, not included). The shapers allow the photographer maximum control of the width of the strip of light leaving the HiLite softbox. Alternatively, the photographer can split the light into two strips on either side of the shaper panel. Each position offers a different lighting effect on the subject allowing the photographer to be as creative as they wish. This set also includes three optional masks, which attach to the top and the sides of the HiLite. These ensure no light is spilled from the top or the sides of the HiLite giving the photographer complete control especially when shooting in small spaces. The Lastolite HiLite Shaper (item LB8968) is a single wide opaque black panel that hangs on the front of the HiLite background 1.8 x 2.15m, creating different effects depending on position. The shaper panel can also be used to mask the photographer when shooting with the HiLite directly behind them and with the subject in front. By standing in front of the shaper the photographer can be sure their silhouette does not appear as the catch light in the subjects eyes. Lastolite HiLite Window Voile (item LB8969) effectively turns the HiLite background 1.8 x 2.15m into a huge head to toe window light. All three accessories attaches to the HiLite very easily. They are supplied with a collapsible aluminium pole that simply clips to the top of the HiLite and the fabric then hangs from the pole. (September 2018)

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Manfrotto Noreg Collection

Introducing Noreg: premium bags for amazing photographic journeys. Featuring revolutionary modular carrying system with detachable parts that function independently & smart gear organization. Ideal for travel.

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Manfrotto's Noreg Collection is designed for hobbyist photographers who use premium mirrorless cameras and enjoy drone photography, love to travel and want feature-rich photography bags with a unique, recognisable style. The Noreg’s cool colourways combine with minimalist shapes and premium textures around a core feature that references the essence of Scandinavian design: modularity. Noreg carrying solutions are designed to keep all your photography kit and essentials with you wherever you go. Both Noreg Backpack-30 and Noreg Messenger-30 are extremely versatile bags, with a modular system consisting of 2 detachable parts that can be used separately. When you need only your photographic gear the camera insert can be taken out and used like any shoulder bag The laptop compartment, which stores both a 15” laptop and 9.7” tablet, can be detached and used as a stand-alone laptop sleeve. Both bags have plenty of space for personal belongings and accessories, and without camera insert can be used as practical day pack or lifestyle bag. Both bags fit a premium CSC with standard zoom lens attached plus up to 2 additional lenses, or a DJI Mavic Pro combo kit. With their stylishly understated look, Manfrotto’s Noreg family make perfect companions for your adventures. The external fabric is water repellent and treated to withstand bad weather conditions. The camouflage texture and cross-positioned straps set these bags apart, for a highly distinguished, new sense of personal urban style. (September 2018)

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New Phottix Kali, Padat and More

The Kali600 is a larger studio-style LED Panel, first in Phottix's new Kali LED lighting series. The Padat Carbon 200 is a new 3-in-1 carbon fibre light stand. Also available: Phottix's 4Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider.

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Phottix's Kali600 (item 81440) is a larger studio-style LED Panel for video and general studio and location photography. It features 600 LEDs for a maximum brightness of 3000 Lux (36W) or 4320 lumens. Being both mains and battery powered it can be used in the studio or on-location. The Kali600 offers power and colour temperature control – via the panel as well as a wireless radio remote. Barndoors, white diffuser panel and AC Adapter are included. Phottix's Padat Carbon 200 Carbon Fibre Light Stand 200cm (item 88216) is the second item in the new Padat series. These light stands are sturdy and reliable, smaller and easier to fit into bags and cases. This 3-in-1 stand has an innovative lightweight design that features a removable carbon fibre centre post. The light stand can easily turn into a hand-held boom or monopod. The adjustable leg makes it great to use on stairs or other uneven surfaces. The Padat folds flat for easy transport and storage. It comes with protective foot, ballhead plate and screw included. Phottix's 4-Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider for DSLR (item 63710) is a tripod accessory for macro photography, which requires precise distance modifications and a steady hand, as well as other situations where accurate camera positioning is crucial. The 4-Way Slider provides smooth, precision focus adjustments in four directions: forwards, backwards, left and right. The rails have an inventive geared drive system which enhances the accuracy and speed of focus adjustments. (September 2018)

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Manfrotto Befree Collection

New! Six premium models added to Manfrotto's winning traveller tripod range: Befree Advanced Carbon Twist, Befree GT Twist Alu and Carbon, Befree Live Twist Alu and Carbon, and Befree Advanced Alpha, for Sony.

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Manfrotto's new releases in the Befree series are created for professionals on the go, perfectly balancing maximum portability and steadiness. The Befree Advanced Carbon features carbon fibre legs that ensure best-in-class performance, stability and tripod rigidity while weighing only 1.25kg. Like the aluminium Befree Advanced models this kit features M-Lock twist locking system, and the MH494-BH centre ball head. Befree GT is for photographers who want demand the highest performance when travelling. These two kits, Aluminium and Carbon, come with new MH496-BH centre ball head with 10kg payload, and feature an impressive 162cm extended height and compact 43cm folded length. Befree Live Twist are two new models, Aluminium and Carbon, both with fast and secure M-Lock and the Befree Live Fluid Head. These video travel tripods are built to record amazing video footage on DSLRs, CSCs or small camcorders. Befree Advanced Alpha is a special edition, designed in collaboration with Sony, to perfectly match α7 and α9 cameras. A unique plate ensures flawless grip for unbeatable sharp images, even in the most angled shots. All Befree Advanced travel tripods slips easily into backpack (such as Manfrotto Advanced Befree Backpack). They are fully engineered, designed and manufactured in Italy. Lastly, Befree Short Centre Column is an accessory, compatible with Befree and Befree Advanced series tripods, that goes in place of included column, reducing working height and enabling dramatic low angle shorts. (September 2018)

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Xume and VR Range Expansions

Manfrotto’s Xume Adapters are now available in more sizes. Manfrotto's 360 Virtual Reality range has expanded to include VR Aluminium Complete Stand. And 504PLONGRL is a new plate with metric ruler.

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Manfrotto has introduced new sizes into the revolutionary Xume Quick Release Filter Adapter range, expanding product compatibility. Xume Filter Holders and Xume Lens Adapter are now in 46mm and 55mm, and Xume Lens Cap in 52mm, 58mm, 67mm and 72mm. Xume is the revolutionary magnetic solution that securely locks filters onto lenses quickly and easily. Photographers can forget about filters and simply focus on their shots, instantly switching to a new filter when needed. Manfrotto 360 Virtual Reality is a dedicated range of innovative products for use with VR cameras, designed to make VR photographers and videographers’ jobs easier. Latest addition is VR Aluminium Complete Stand (Manfrotto item MSTRANDVR). This comprehensive kit is designed to support 360° cameras up to 1.5kg, and is made from strong aluminium designed to last. The base has a levelling leg that quickly levels equipment. The incorporated aluminium extension column features the M-lock system, a fast twist-locking mechanism that secures and releases its 4 sections (3 risers). The column has a double interchangeable attachment on top: by simply screwing the upper disc, easily and rapidly move from a 1/4” to a 3/8” male attachment, according to the type of 360° device used. Thanks to the compact design, the stand folds away when you're done. Another new arrival is the Manfrotto 504PLONGRL, a sliding camera plate, 180mm long, with metric ruler. It is compatible with several Manfrotto fluid video heads, including MVH502AH, MVH502A, 504HD, 509HD, MVHN8AH and MVHN12AH. (August 2018)

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Two New Samyang AF Lenses

Two lenses added to Samyang's Auto Focus line-up. Samyang AF 24mm F2.8 FE is tiny but wide - no need to be big to capture more. Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 EF offers full performance in a lightweight body.

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Samyang AF 24mm F2.8 FE is a full frame autofocus lens for Sony that lets you take various types of photographs with its wide angle of view and short focal length. It's compact, lightweight design offers the portability and comfort needed for a long day. The lens weighs about 93g and measures 3.7cm long without the hood and rear cap. A wide angle of view of 82.1° and maximum aperture of F2.8 allows you to take photos in various low-light environments, indoors or outdoors. It features a minimum focusing distance of 0.24m, and Ultra Multi-Coating to increase clarity and sharpness, and reduce lens flare and ghosting. This lens is the best choice for daily photographers who want to capture everyday moments with high resolution. It’s ideal for outdoor events, travel, sport, landscapes, selfies, pets, portraits, foods and more. Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 EF is a full frame lens for Canon, designed for amazing beauty and lifestyle portraits, and made smaller and lighter to maximize portability. The lens has a bright aperture of F1.4, fast, accurate and quiet auto focus performance, and low weight of just 485g without lens caps and hood. It is formed of nine elements in seven groups, with one hybrid aspherical lens, for crystal clear image quality and minimized distortion and aberration. Ultra Multi Coating reduces ghosting and lens flare. This lens provides smooth out-focusing and beautiful bokeh effect with excellent centre resolution. It's ideal for a variety of shooting situations – portraits, outdoor, pets and more. (August 2018)

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NEW! Manfrotto Centre Ball Heads

Two new portable yet powerful ball heads guarantee photographers smooth and precise camera positioning. MH494-BH and MH496-BH Centre Ball Heads have a unique plate that is RC2 and Arca-swiss compatible.

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Ball heads are popular as they allow multi-angle versatile repositioning and fast lock and unlock action. The two models in the new Centre Ball Head series is the smaller 494 Mini Centre Ball Head (Manfrotto item MH494-BH, with an 8kg payload) and slightly larger 496 Compact Centre Ball Head (Manfrotto item MH496-BH, with 10kg payload). These premium tripods heads are made of highly-resistant, lightweight aluminium, offering flawless smoothness, extremely portability and strength. Combining practicality with high functionality, the heads features three independent controls: a main knob for managing the sphere lock, an integrated friction control knob that adjusts the ball tension so that equipment weight is always perfectly balanced, and an independent panoramic knob that keeps the horizon flat and moves the camera horizontally, enabling astonishing landscape shots. The heads mount a unique plate (200PL PRO) that makes it fully compatible with the world’s most widespread standard head attachments: Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-swiss style. These Centre Ball Heads are the perfect solution for all kinds of mirrorless cameras with zoom lenses and even medium-format DSLRs. They are included in the new Befree Advanced and GT series tripod kits, and are replacing equivalent models in Manfrotto's Classic Ball Head series. MH494-RC2 replaces 494 and 494RC2, and MH496-BH replaces 496 and 496RC2. (August 2018)

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New Phottix Indra, Luna & Raja

The Indra AC Module lets you use your Phottix Indra500 lights with AC Power. The Luna II Folding Beauty Dish 60cm is the next generation of the popular Luna series. Raja Deep Octa 60cm is a new size in range.

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Phottix's Indra AC Module (item 01011) powers the Phottix Indra series Studio Lights. Great for use in the studio where batteries are not needed. The AC Module can power two Indra500 TTL Studio Lights in 100V-240V environments. With cables compatible with the Phottix Mitros series, Canon, Nikon or Sony flashes, the AC Adapter can also feed AC power directly into hot shoe flashes for lightning-fast recharge times, making battery power no longer an issue. Phottix's Luna II Folding Beauty Dish 60cm (item 82760) is the next generation of the popular Phottix Luna series. Like the original Luna, the Luna II makes taking a beauty dish on location easy. It folds down and is easier to transport than traditional metal beauty dishes. The Luna II features an integrated S-Type speed ring with locking metal supports. The light characteristics of the Luna II are comparable to conventional metal beauty dishes. The Luna II is the perfect companion to the Phottix Indra series or with hot shoe flashes when mounted on the Phottix Cerberus. The Luna II 60 features a white interior, and diffuser and fabric grid. Phottix's Raja Deep Quick-Folding Octa Softbox 60cm (item 82723) is a new size in the Raja series, the smaller of the two Deep Octa softboxes. It opens like an umbrella, ready to use in seconds. The Deep Octa produces a more directional light with greater contrast than a traditional softbox – with more even illumination. It's extremely versatile, offering different looks by adding or subtracting the included baffle and/or diffuser. (August 2018)

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Manfrotto Advanced Befree Backpack

The new Advanced Befree Backpack has a sleek design and rear access. It's big enough for DSLR kit and personal belongings too – versatile, practical and ideal for travel. The NX Shoulder Bag I V2 is also now in Blue.

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The new Befree Backpack (item MB MA-BP-BFR) is part of Manfrotto's Advanced Collection – usable bags for different situations that let you carry just what you need. The lower compartment holds a medium level DSLR camera such as Canon 5D Mark IV with a 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens attached and up to 6 additional lenses. The padded camera compartment is concealed close to the body at the back of the backpack, for maximum security. There is plenty of space for personal gear in the upper compartment. The laptop compartment holds 15'' laptop and 9.7” tablet. Convert bag to travel daypack by removing padded dividers and collapsing partition between upper and lower sections. Secure a tripod with the strong side strap or protect it further inside the expandable tripod pocket. Befree Advanced series tripod is a perfect fit. Several internal and external pockets and pouches organise accessories and other possessions. The bag is made from tough high-performance materials and a rain cover is included for wet weather. The other new Manfrotto bag arrival is the NX Shoulder Bag I V2 in Blue. This stylish everyday bag is perfect for a mirrorless camera like Olympus Pen and Sony α5000/6000 series, with two or three lenses, plus a few accessories and personal belongings. Internal dividers allow multiple configurations. The top load design makes changing lenses easy and natural. Carry with the comfortable shoulder strap. (August 2018)

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NEW! Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-4

New Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-4 is a gimbal stabilizer that turns your mobile phone into a professional film-making camera. Create smooth, stable footage with Smooth-4. Also available: Zhiyun-Tech Follow Focus for Crane-2.

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Create your own Hollywood movies with just your phone and the Smooth-4. The integrated control panel reduces the need to touch the screen. Control both the stabilizer and mobile camera directly with hot-key buttons. A dedicated professional hand-wheel is built in, bringing you smooth operation with focus pull and zoom capability, to achieve high-precision focus changes in real time and create creative shots. In PhoneGo Mode the gimbal responds to every delicate movement without delay and enables instant scene transition in your footage. Smooth-4 supports all kinds of advanced shooting techniques, such as Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse, Slow Motion, Wide-range Lapse, Triaxial, Tracking and Focus. Smooth-4 can also track objects including but not limited to human faces with much higher precision. Frame the object you want to track on the screen and the stabilizer does the rest. You can shoot all day as Smooth-4 has a battery runtime of 12 hours and allows two-way charging. It is compatible with phones of all sizes (up to 210g) and can be use with accessories such as LED lights and camera lens. Designed with a slider on its control panel and a trigger button on its back, Smooth-4 easily recognizes and switches between different gimbal modes. It is light and durable, easy and comfortable to hold. Also now available as a stock item: Zhiyun-Tech Crane-2 Servo Follow Focus (Mechanical). This tailor-made accessory for Crane 2 that controls the camera lens. It is comprised of a follow focus motor and fixing clamp, and is compatible with various camera lenses. (August 2018)

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