Dracast S-Series Plus Panel & More

Dracast's S-Series Plus LED1000 is an updated LED light panel with new features like presets and RF remote control. Dracast V-Mount to Dual NP-F Converter and Pro Series 4-Light ENG Kit have also been added to range.

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The new Dracast S-Series Plus LED1000 Bi-Colour with V-Mount is a slim and lightweight light panel, and the ideal choice for location work, interviews and small sets where colour accuracy, control and flicker-free output are of major importance. With variable colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K you can quickly match the prevailing ambient or artificial light balance with the simple twist of a knob, and the light also has convenient 0-100% dimming with negligible colour shift. One of the light’s enhancements is wireless multi-light control capability whereby you can make colour and dimming adjustments to a single master light and other lights in a group will follow suit. The panel also has both colour and light intensity presets to make it easy to return to previously used settings. It comes with a sturdy, U-shaped yoke with locking knobs on each side and a standard 5/8″ receiver. The LED1000 is powered by the included AC adapter or by optional V-mount batteries for fieldwork. Dracast V-Mount to Dual NP-F Converter is a new accessory that allows you to power any V-Mount/V-Lock light, monitor, or other piece of equipment with two Sony-type L-series or NP-F batteries, as long as the voltage is equivalent. Also added as a stock item for special order: Dracast Pro Series 4-Light ENG Kit V-Mount Bi-Colour. This powerful yet portable lighting solution includes a variety of different bi-colour LED lights and accessories, for maximum versatility. Visit the individual product pages for more info and download the Sell Sheets for specs. (August 2019)

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New Peak Everyday & Wash Pouch

New arrivals from Peak Design include black versions of Everyday Backpack 20L, 30L and Field Pouch. Also Wash Pouch (one of the packing tools for Travel Backpack) and a new version of Everyday Messenger 13.

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Peak Design's popular Everyday Backpack 20L and 30L are now available in Black as well as the original Charcoal colour. These packs adapts to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle and environment, giving you unrivalled accessibility, expandability and organization, all with an ultra clean aesthetic and custom hardware. The Field Pouch also now comes in Black as well as Charcoal. This is an expanding pouch for cords, accessories, batteries, hard drives and even mirrorless cameras and lenses. Peak Design's new Wash Pouch Black is part of the range of packing tools for their Travel Backpack, providing endlessly customizable organization and protection of your gear and accessories. The toiletry bag is one of the most essential travel carry tools, and can also be one of the most frustrating. In designing Wash Kit, Peak Design aimed to create the perfect balance between elegant simplicity and thoughtful functionality. The bag is optimally sized with a small footprint to fit in tight spaces. It sits upright on the counter or hangs via a stowable hook, always giving total visibility and access to your toiletries. A network of internal TPU-coated nylon mesh pockets, along with a magnetically-sealed toothbrush pocket, external razor pocket, and internal zippered pouch, keep items organized and clean. All pockets easily turn inside out for quick cleaning. The bag carries conveniently with an exterior grab handle, and is available in Black. Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13 v2 is the latest version of Peak Design's classic, iconic messenger bag for everyday and camera carry. Updates include luggage pass-through, upgraded dividers, more durable fabric on small internal pockets and upgraded waterproof treatment to exterior shell. It is available in Charcoal. (August 2019)

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Jupio PowerLED, Batmem & More

Jupio PowerLED is a new range of video LED light panels with adjustable brightness. Five models available. Also new: Jupio Batmem Case for memory cards and batteries, and Dedicated Duo Charger for Fuji NP-T125.

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Jupio's PowerLED 150 is a super-thin compact LED light with 150 LEDs. There are two versions: one (Jupio item JPL150A) with a built-in 4200mAh polymer battery that supports USB charging, and one (Jupio item JPL150B) powered by a Sony NP-F series battery. The PowerLED 150 can be used as a light source in dark environments, to adjust and compliment ambient light for brighter images, outdoors as a support light, or for special effects. It comes with warming and diffusing filters and shoe mount. The PowerLED 288 (Jupio item JPL288A) is a slim LED soft light with 288 LEDs using backlit technology for a soft, natural illumination, perfect for portraits. Brightness and colour temperature can be adjusted. The light has an LCD screen on the back, is powered by one or two Sony NP-F series batteries, and comes with mounting bracket. The PowerLED 330 is a reliable flicker-free light with 330 LEDs. It comes in two models: single colour (Jupio item JPL330B) and dual colour (Jupio item JPL330C). PowerLED 330 provides a steady light source for a DSLR or DV camera, runs of a Sony NP-F series battery, and comes with integrated barndoors and shoe mount. Three filters are included with the single colour, and a diffuser with the dual colour. The Batmem case (Jupio item JBM0010) offers storage and protection for two camera batteries and up to 14 memory cards. It protects against moisture and sand, drops and bumps. And lastly, Jupio's charger range now includes Dedicated Duo Charger for Fuji NP-125 (Jupio item: JDC0104). This is a universal double charger for Li-Ion camera batteries with two charger plates for NP-T125, and USB output. The LCD display screen shows charge status. It comes with power cable and car charger included. (August 2019)

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Joby GorillaPod Starter Kit

This kit is a versatile pocket-sized creative companion comprising a flexible GorillaPod stand with a set of mounts to hold smartphone, GoPro, flashlight and more. Also, GripTight ONE Mount is now available in white.

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The brand new GorillaPod Starter Kit is Joby's mot compact creator kit yet. This is a fun, versatile solution for mobile content creators, beginner vloggers, social sharers and travel lovers or just about anyone who is looking for a stress-free, affordable support for their smartphone, GoPro, compact cameras or even a flashlight. Constructed with durable materials and designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, the GorillaPod Starter Kit fits into your pocket, so you are always ready when creativity calls. The kit includes: a GorillaPod stand with standard 1/4”-20 tripod attachment point, a universal smartphone clamp that stretches to fit most smartphones up to plus size models, a GoPro mount and a flashlight mount. It can support weight up to 325g and works best with most smartphones, GoPro pin joint style cameras, LED lights and small to medium sized flashlights. Made with high quality ABS plastic, TPE grip rings and stainless-steel connections, the GorillaPod Starter Kit measures 14.7 x 5.1 x 3.25cm and weighs just 85g. Take your Instagram grid to a new level with awesome pictures and videos of food, pets, family and friends. Built to be used indoors and outdoors, use this kit and find the craziest angle you can imagine or light up something you want to highlight. And in other Joby news the GripTight One Mount is now available in white. This spring-loaded universal holder for most smartphones (from 56 to 91mm, with or without a case) mounts onto any tripod, monopod or selfie-stick. (July 2019)

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New Pro Light RedBee-110 and 310

Manfrotto has updated its Pro Light RedBee Collection with two new backpacks, RedBee-110 and 310. New design and improved features embrace the evolving requirements of today’s professional photographers.

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Manfrotto's two new Pro Light RedBee camera backpacks were conceived for an extended range of users, from professional photographers to independent content creators and videographers. Pro Light RedBee-110 and RedBee-130 camera backpacks are the ideal carrying solutions, enabling kit to be organised in a versatile, practical and convenient way. The bags meet professional photographers’ need for a spacious and reliable backpack to carry their essential equipment when they’re on the go. Pro Light RedBee-110 can safely carry 2 premium CSC bodies with 70-200mm lens attached and additional lenses, or a premium CSC, a foldable drone and a handheld camera gimbal, as well as 13” laptop or tablet. Pro Light RedBee-310 accommodates a 400mm lens attached to a pro DSLR and one more DSLR body with 2 to 3 additional lenses, or a modular video camera and lenses, plus a 15” laptop. Both bags offer safe rear access for camera gear, with flexible dividers and a zippered mesh system to keep camera kit separate from other, and a rain cover. The enhanced external look includes a new front pocket, a zipper locker to safely hold all your gear, and a side tripod connection. There is also a side access point, for those who want to grab their camera and capture moments on the go, and a quick access to gear from the top of the bag. As part of the Pro Light Collection they are smartly constructed bags, made of strong-yet-lightweight materials, to carry heavy duty equipment and provide long-lasting comfort. (July 2019)

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New Boya Wireless Mic & More

The BY-WM4 Mark II Wireless Microphone System is designed for videographers on a limited budget and video hobbyists. Seven other mics and an audio adapter have also been added to the Boya range.

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Boya's BY-WM4 Mark II is a new generation digital microphone that brings the convenience of a 2.4GHz wireless system and captures audio straight to your smartphone, tablet, DSLR camera, consumer camcorder or PCs. It's easy to use, light and compact for easy carrying, and records clear sound up to 50m away. BY-WHM8 Pro Wireless Handheld Microphone is a 48-channel UHF wireless dynamic handheld transmitter for capturing audio. It is compatible with Boya RX8 Pro and and is perfect for field recording, broadcast TV and ENG applications. BY-DMR7 Shotgun Microphone with Integrated Flash Recorder is a broadcast quality condenser mic specially designed for DSLR cameras and camcorders, allowing you to record wav audio files to a Micro SDHC card. BY-PM700 USB Microphone is a condenser mic with desktop stand, compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and suitable for recording interviews, conference calls, vocals, podcasting and more. BY-HLM1 Pin Mount Wearable Microphone features an easily concealed detachable-capsule design, and pins discreetly to clothing. BY-DM100 Digital Stereo Microphone plugs directly into an Android devices with a USB Type-C connector and greatly improves the sound performance while recording music, video and speech. BY-DM200 is the version with Lightning Connection for iOS. BY-A7H Plug-in Condenser Microphone turns a smart device into high-quality recording device, providing crisp and clear audio sound to interviews, videos, voice memos and more. It comes with 3.5mm TRRS and works with most iOS and Android devices. And lastly BY-MP4 Audio Adapter is a compact dual-mic mounting and audio mixing solution designed for smartphone, DSLR camera or camcorder. Visit the product pages and download Sell Sheets for more info and specs. (July 2019)

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Accessory Set for Kali600 & More

The new Phottix Kali600 Honeycomb and Gel Set Kit was created to help you better control and harness the powerful Kali600 Studio LED panel. Also new items added for Hoya, PocketWizard, Gitzo and more.

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The new Kali600 Honeycomb Grid & Gel Set Kit (Phottix item 20900) includes a magnetic honeycomb grid to help control light and spill, feathering the Kali600's output for beautiful shadows and added depth, a colour gel set for projecting colour onto backgrounds, creating colour casts or for special effects, and a cloth diffuser, to soften the Kali600's powerful light output for less contrast and cleaner highlights. The Bowens Speed Ring for Cerberus Multi Mount (Phottix item 87301) has been added to the range of mounting accessories for softboxes. Two older Phottix items have also been added, with limited stock available. The Transfolder Softbox 40x40cm (Phottix item 82521) creates soft even lights from hot shoe flashes or studio lights. The Odin TTL Flash Trigger Receiver for Canon (v1.5, Phottix item 89061) is for use with Odin TTL Transmitter and makes shooting with off-camera TTL flash incredibly easy. In Hoya news, the Fusion One Circular Polariser filter is now also available in 49mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm and 72mm. The PocketWizard MM3 Flash Sync Cable has been added to the range of PocketWizard cable and adapter accessories. The coiled MM3 is for remotely triggering a flash equipped with a 1/8" (3.5mm) miniphone sync terminal. Gitzo 75mm Half Bowl Video Adapter (Gitzo item GS5321V75) enables the use of all Series 5 Systematic Gitzo tripods with a 75mm half ball fluid video head. Lastly, two accessories for Elinchrom's Minispot have been added to the range: Set of 5 Gobos (Elinchrom item 26418) for Lens Tube (Elinchrom item 26423). (July 2019)

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Two New Bags from Manfrotto

Essential Backpack is a durable, reliable and practical bag, perfect fit for DSLR/CSC with lenses, with dedicated pockets for laptop and tripod. And Pro Light Roller Reloader Spin-55 is a hardside trolley bag.

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Manfrotto's Essential Backpack is a lightweight, fuss-free way of transporting your most important items of kit. The bag is made from shock absorbent, high performance materials. It carries a DSLR or CSC camera and lenses, plus a laptop in external padded compartment. The bag can also hold a DJI Mavic Pro, and a small tripod in the side pocket. Numerous internal pockets help organise and store loose objects like keys and cards. Water repellent ripstop fabric protects gear even in bad weather conditions, and is robust enough to stay in shape with heavy use. Half the bag protects photographic equipment and the other half is dedicated to personal items. The camera case can be easily removed and the whole bag used as an everyday backpack. The Pro Light Reloader Spin-55 is the last Reloader bag to arrive, completing Manfrotto's new airline carry-on compatible Reloader Collection, designed for professional travelling photographers. Spin-55 is the hardside trolley of the collection: externally, it is made of polycarbonate material and internally of EVA molded tray to ensure light weight and protection. Four spinner double wheels help carry heavy gear and the bag has front fast access for 15’’ laptop and accessories, and secondary access for photo gear. It comes with fixed TSA lock for extra security and internal organizer pouch for maximum flexibility of the internal configuration. The bag fits DSLR with 70-200mm lens attached, second camera body and 3-4 lenses, as well as premium CSC and lenses, and DJI Mavic Pro combo kit. Two internal panel see-through pockets organize all small accessories. Remove the internal organizer entirely to use Spin-55 as normal travel luggage. (July 2019)

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NEW! Samyang AF 45mm F1.8 FE

Tiny but premium. Clearer, wider, the new standard in lens design. Take beautiful, wider pictures & enjoy fast AF, without compromising on amazing resolution, with this new Samyang lens for Sony E mount cameras.

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distortion than 35mm lenses and a wider angle than 50mm. 45mm is the new gold standard when it comes to field of view, providing the 53 degree angle that most naturally fits the human field of vision. This lens will deliver the high contrast and dimensionality typical of specialized lenses while retaining spectacular resolution thanks to an outstanding optical design. Photographers can take advantage of the bright F1.8 aperture, delivering blurry backgrounds, and the nine aperture blades that produce striking sunstar effects, adding creativity to every picture. In addition, the lens is compact (5.61cm) and light (162g) so it is highly portable. It is designed especially for mirrorless cameras, with cutting-edge technologies to enhance the high resolution offered by these cameras. With a minimum focus distance of 45cm it delivers clear close images with a feeling of intimacy. Enjoy fast, precise and quiet autofocus with zero vibrations. Ty the Samyang AF 45mm F1.8 FE to experience the incredible resolution for which specialized prime lenses are known, and take advantage of the high pixel count of your Sony E-mount mirrorless camera. (July 2019)

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Top Lock Travel Adapter & More

New Manfrotto: Top Lock Travel QR Adaptor, Element Plate, 200PL-PRO Plate for RC2 & Arca-Swiss, 504PLONGR 140mm video plate with ruler, 099B Extension for stands, and 1052BAC-3 Compact Stand 3-Pack.

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Manfrotto's new MSQ6T Top Lock Travel Quick Release Adaptor allows you to fix an Arca-type plate to the Manfrotto Befree 494 or 496 heads. It is the first Arca-Swiss adaptor by Manfrotto compact enough to be fully compatible with the Befree travel tripod range, whose legs fold perfectly around the head and Top Lock Travel Adaptor. It has a two-axis spirit level to facilitate precise framing and help capture level images in-camera, and an ergonomic side knob that locks the plate and keeps it safely in place while you shoot. Manfrotto MHELEQRB Plate is the easy-to-use, fast and solid arca-type aluminum plate, compatible with aluminium and carbon Big and Small Element Traveller tripods, now available as a stock item. Manfrotto 200PL-PRO is a new aluminium plate ideal for quickly and effortlessly attaching cameras onto both of the world’s most widespread standard head attachments: Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss. The plate features two rubber grips, 1/4” screw and 3/8” adapter, and supports up to 10kg of gear. Manfrotto 504PLONGR is a 140mm long sliding camera plate with metric ruler compatible with Manfrotto fluid video heads MVH400AH, MVH502AH, MVH502A, 504HD, 509HD, MVHN8AH and MVHN12AH. Manfrotto 099B is a 3-section extension for a light stand, black in colour (replacing 099 the silver version which is no longer available). Manfrotto 1052BAC-3 is the 3-pack of the popular Air Cushioned Aluminium Compact Stand – a convenient and economical way to purchase this baby lightweight stand ideal for kits, location and studio work. (June 2019)

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