CLOSED between Xmas & New Year

Please note that Singer Photographic Services Head Office will be closing at midday on the 24th of December 2018, and the Cape Town branch on Friday the 21st of December 2018. Place final orders for the year ASAP!

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Advance warning! In addition to the public holidays Singer Photographic will be closed between Christmas and the New Year. The Cape Town will be closed for business after the 21th of December 2018 and the Johannesburg branch will be closed from midday on Monday the 24th of December 2018. Both branches will reopen on Wednesday the 2nd of January 2019. With this in mind we ask that you please place your orders within the next week to avoid any problems with deliveries. We recommend you order sufficient stock to carry you through to the first week of January. Any orders received after we have closed – through our online system, or by email – will be invoiced on the 2nd of January 2019. Thank you for your support this year, and very best wishes for the festive season and the new year. (December 2018)

New Phottix Nuada S3 & Kali150

Phottix has expanded their range of LED lights with one new light in each of the Nuada and the Kali series. Both are powerful, compact lights for still and video photography, for use in studio or on location.

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The Phottix Nuada S3 VLED light panel (item 81421) will take your photo or video project to the next level. Compact, portable and super easy-to-use, the S3 produces beautiful soft continuous light, with excellent colour rendering (CRI 95+) and a maximum brightness of 835 lux @ 1m. The S3 features an easy-to-read LCD screen, and the controls allow adjustment for power and colour temperature. It comes with an AC adapter to run on mains power; and can also run on Sony-compatible NP batteries for use out and about. The Nuada S3 measures 376 x 266 x 25mm, weighs 1170g, and comes with light stand mount. The Phottix Kali150 (item 81441) is a powerful pocket-sized studio light featuring the latest in flicker-free LED technology. It provides a maximum brightness of 1000 Lux @ 1m, in a durable aviation-grade aluminium shell. Both brightness and colour temperature can be adjusted easily. The Kali150 is powered by Sony-compatible NP Series batteries for use on-the-go, or by AC mains power. Use the attached barndoors to better control and craft the light. The Kali150 can be mounted on three sides to your favourite accessory using a 1/4“ threaded lug. A cold shoe mount is included for using the Kali150 on a DSLR, mirrorless or video camera. The light measures 145 x 95 x 22mm, weighs 346g and comes with one 2000mAh NP battery included for 75 min run-time. Both the Nuada S3 and Kali150 are great for video, live-streaming and still photography. (December 2018)

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NEW! Lowepro FreeLine Backpack

Introducing the new FreeLine BP 350, in two colour versions: Black and Heather Grey. Different locations, different gear, different people, one bag. Perfect for content creators who want to be 'Different. Every. Day.'

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The Lowepro FreeLine backpack is a new premium, versatile daypack designed for today’s content creators, photographers and videographers. This backpack, available in black and grey, is the first in a collection of innovative bags intended to organize and protect the tools that capture the vision of content creators, wherever they go, leaving them free to focus on the big picture. Features for the way today’s creators work start with the QuickShelf Divider System – the revolutionary interior divider system that unfolds into a 3-tier shelf or folds flat to remove revealing an open interior space includes pop-in lateral dividers allows for quick, fully customizable and wholly protected array of gear sets including multiple mirrorless bodies and lenses, full frame DSLR with mounted 70-200mm f2.8 lens and additional lenses, compact drones and more. The bag is constructed of super high-grade Nylon 66 exterior fabric with water and abrasion resistant Carbonite, YKK weatherproof zippers and All Weather AW Cover to provide unmatched protection from everyday use and the elements. Other features include dual side-access panels allow for easy access to gear; CradleFit pocket for 15” laptop; integrated Gear Box offering customizable storage for cords, cables, batteries and more; and ActiveZone Back Panel for excellent support and comfort. The FreeLine is a solution that offers the freedom to carry what you need each day. It pairs Lowepro's signature protection with the adaptability content creators crave. (December 2017)

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Introducing Meade StarPro AZ

Meade's StarPro AZ is the perfect scope for the novice astronomer seeking to explore the universe. Available in four apertures, StarPro has everything you need to start observing night sky, out of the box.

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Meade's all new StarPro AZ refractor telescope features a newly designed single-arm, alt-azimuth mount with slow motion control cables on both axes, making your observing experience a breeze. This new mount also features a vixen-style dovetail receiver, giving you the ability to use different optical tubes. Easily organize eyepieces with the integrated accessory holder, located on the sturdy tripod. StarPro AZ features a bonus Smartphone Adapter to take images of the night sky through the eyepiece. The included AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition Software on DVD helps you learn about objects in the night sky. StarPro AZ is an easy-to-use, portable telescope, for the on-the-go astronomer. Fully-coated optics result in bright, clear images of the moon, planets, nebulae, and more. Take your observing experience to the new level and use StarPro AZ to view land objects such as wildlife or beautiful landscapes. With a compact and lightweight design at an affordable price, StarPro AZ is sure to exceed expectations. Four sizes in the range: 70mm, 80mm, 90mm and 102mm. (December 2018)

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Manfrotto Befree 2N1

The new Befree 2N1 is by far the most versatile model in Manfrotto's Befree range of travel tripods, with an all-in-one solution that allows the tripod to be converted into a robust monopod in just a few simple steps.

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Manfrotto have celebrated the success of the Befree by introducing a couple of new models, designed for advanced hobbyist photographers and independent content creators. Befree 2N1 offers a secure, easy and fast solution to convert the tripod into a monopod, while retaining the same exceptional stability afforded throughout the Befree collection. The technology behind the safety and stability of Befree 2N1 is a dedicated locking system that ensures the total absence of play when working both as a tripod and as a monopod. The conjunction cap on the centre column firmly connects the tripod leg to the tripod column, giving shape to a solid travel monopod. Befree 2N1 is made to enable quick and easy switching from a tripod to a monopod. After a half-turn anticlockwise, a red rubber ring will appear on the tripod leg, providing the user with visual feedback that the tube can be safely removed for use as a monopod. Befree 2N1 is available in two versions that cater to all photographers: the Quick Power Lock version with levers (model BFRLA4B-BHM) and the M-Lock version with twist locking system (model BFRTA4B-BHM). Another new addition to the range is Befree Live Lever, featuring Quick Power Lock lock system. Befree Live Lever combines the strongest tripod construction elements of Befree Advanced together with the fluidity of the Live head, to provide an increased level of stability. This tripod kit (model BFRL-LIVE) replaces the original Befree Live (model BFR-LIVE) which has been discontinued. (November 2018)

Click here to go the Manfrotto MKBFRTA4B-BHM Befree 2N1 Alu Twist Tripod with Ball Head product page

NEW! Hoya Fusion One Filters

Hoya Fusion One is a new series of filters based on new Hoya optical technology, replacing the best-selling Hoya Pro1D series. Fusion One UV, Circular Polariser and Protector will be available in all standard sizes.

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Hoya Fusion One joins the Hoya filters line-up with the fusion of all highly valued basic specifications, such as multi-layered coating, ultra-high light transmission, high grade optical glass and low-profile frame, while newly incorporating a stain resistant and water repellent coating to match the new standards in photographic optical accessories industry. Like the popular Pro1 D series it will be replacing (in time - Pro1D filter are still available for now), Fusion One is recommended for both amateur and professional photographers. Fusion One filters are made from Hoya's professional grade optical glass in a low-profile aluminium filter frame with front filter thread. They have 18 coated layers that are stain-resistant, protecting the filter from fingerprints and smudges, and water repellent, making it easy to keep the filter clean. Fusion One UV filters provide ultra-high light transmission, while filtering unwanted UV light before it reaches the sensor. Fusion One Circular Polariser filters dramatically minimize ghosts and flares, with ultra-smooth rotation of the two-piece frame. Fusion One Protectors are clear filters that do not alter in the image in any way, but provide permanent lens protection. Fusion One filters are manufactured in all standard sizes from 37mm to 82mm. Our first shipment includes UV filters from 49mm, and Circular Polariser in 67mm and 77mm. The other sizes will be arriving over the next few months. (November 2018)

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Lowepro ProTactic II Backpacks

Lowepro’s worldwide #1 selling professional camera bag series, ProTactic, has been enhanced for better organization, access and protection with expanded modular system and accessories. Two packs.

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ProTactic II is the next generation of Lowepro's award-winning ProTactic series. This high-performance, tactical-inspired collection has been redesigned for better organization, access and protection, while staying true to the ProTactic promise of rugged versatility and armored protection. The updated backpacks offer a more adaptive interior, multiple access points, modular exterior attachment capabilities and convertible utility belts. Both packs feature four-point access: molded, turret-loading top, quick-grab from both sides, and full, back entry for set-up and security. Lightweight yet sturdy, FormShell construction delivers superior impact protection. SlipLock loops and tabs make it easy to add pouches and cases to the packs so you can easily bring along water bottles, memory cards and more. The ActivZone panel delivers targeted support at shoulder blades, lumbar and waist for comfort on the move, while allowing for ventilation, and with an integrated trolley strap. Other features include CradleFit compartment for laptop, and All Weather AW Cover for protection from the elements. ProTactic BP 350 AW II fits 1-2 standard DSLRs, one with 24-70mm f/2.8 lens attached, and 13” laptop, while ProTactic BP 450 AW II fits 1-2 Pro DSLRs, one with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, and 15” laptop. Both bags also accommodate up to 8 lenses/speedlights, Mavic, Osmo, 360 camera, and small accessories. Both packs come with utility pouch, water bottle holder, tripod cup and two Quick Straps included. (November 2018)

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Zeiss Batis 2/40 CF for Sony E

Zeiss have a new lens that bridges the gap in the Batis family lineup – introducing the versatile Zeiss Batis 2/40 CF. The lens features a quick autofocus and an extremely short minimum focus distance.

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With a 40mm fixed focal length, the Zeiss Batis 2/40 CF (Close Focus) is the latest addition to the product family. This focal length makes the lens suitable for a wide range of applications, and one that bridges the current gap between the Batis 2/25 and the Batis 1.8/85. The Batis family was developed specifically for mirrorless full-frame cameras from Sony (Alpha 7 and Alpha 9 series), and are compatible with all E-mount cameras. Together with these cameras, the Batis 2/40 CF ensures a lightweight, easy-to-use, high-performance system that delivers outstanding image quality, a minimum shooting distance of 24cm for close-up shots and a magnification ratio of 1.3.3. The most versatile lens in the Batis family, the Batis 2/40 CF is able to tackle various photography challenges. The lens is excellent for applications requiring normal focal lengths as well as common photographic situations where a bit more of a wide angle is needed. From portrait and street photography to landscape and architecture – anything is possible with the high-resolution fixed focal length. This versatile lens is also ideal for close-ups. Thanks to its high micro contrast and initial aperture of f/2, the lens can perfectly capture individual objects. Other features include floating lens design for consistently high image quality across the entire focus range, T* coating for fewer reflections, and weather and dust seals. If you're traveling light and decide to opt for just one lens, then this would be it. (November 2018)

Click here to go to the Zeiss Batis 2/40 CF Wide Angle Lens E-mount product page

NEW! CF Twin Leg Video Tripod

Manfrotto has expended its video supports range with two new twin-leg tripods in carbon fibre – with mid-level spreader or ground-level spreader. The legs are paired with three popular video heads in six new video kits.

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Manfrotto's two brand-new, twin-leg video tripod models are the perfect solution for professional videographers looking for robust, rigid and lightweight support. A 50% increase in rigidity (compared with the Manfrotto aluminium versions 546B, 546GB, 545B and 545GB) is a achieved thanks to the combination of carbon fibre tubes and a new patent pending internal leg lock mechanism. The tripods feature a 100mm bowl and include a 75mm aluminium adapter, for compatibility with a wider range of video heads. Moreover, the tripod feet with spiked option give great versatility when it comes to different shooting locations. The twin-leg carbon fibre tripods are available in two models: with middle level spreader (MVTTWINMC) or with ground spreader (MVTTWINGC). In both versions the spreader is fully adjustable and removable, allowing for precise positioning based upon the creators needs. Both twin leg carbon fibre tripods are also available in combination with Manfrotto Nitrotech N12, N8 and 504 video heads – a total of six new kits. All Manfrotto video tripods are engineered with a focus on quality and dedication to continuous innovation. These products are the perfect solution for all videographers looking for a great support for their video shooting. Manfrotto’s new twin-leg carbon fibre tripods take support for their video gear to the next level. (November 2018)

Click here to go to the Manfrotto MVTTWINMC Carbon Fibre Twin Leg MS Video Tripod product page

NEW! Lowepro Whistler II AW

Introducing the second generation of Lowepro's Whistler series. This iconic, all-terrain backpack has evolved to include 20% more cargo space, increased organization and superior protection from the elements.

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The versatile Whistler, originally created for extreme conditions, has been updated to meet the needs of wilderness photographers and adventurers carrying equal parts camera, video and functional outdoor gear. With a 20% increase in cargo space, new dual density harness for comfort plus extra-protective design and fabrics, photographers and videographers will be able to securely carry an array of imaging and outdoor gear through any climate or condition. Features of Whistler II include multiple access points with top and hinged, body-side entry points plus various pockets and strap attachments; expandable compartment that fits 3 lenses across; dedicated CradleFit compartment for laptop; nylon laminate outer fabric for robust abrasion and tear resistance plus waterproofing; roomy front pocket for personal items and outdoor gear; waterproof barrier, with drain hole, separating wet gear from main compartment; All Weather AW Cover protecting gear from rain, snow, dust and sand; ActivZone back panel and harness system providing increased comfort through targeted, lightweight padding and support; and rigid internal structure supporting attachment of heavy equipment like skis, poles, tripod, etc. The updated Whistler series includes two backpacks: Whistler BP 350 AW II and Whistler BP 450 AW II. Visit the product pages and download the Whister II sell sheet for more info on what gears these bags can carry. (November 2018)

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