Steiner Skyhawk 4.0 & New Wildlife

Two pairs of binoculars from Steiner: SkyHawk 4.0 10x42 – first of the new SkyHawk 4.0 series, developed to observe nature clear and sharp at all times. And new Wildlife 10.5x28, great performance in all conditions.

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Steiner's new Skyhawk 4.0 series binoculars feature outstanding High-Contrast-Optics that deliver razor-sharp images and depict every facet in detail. Thanks to the Distance-Control-System it's only one small hand movement from a brilliant observation far to a sharp close up near. All the minor and major details have been optimized and are setting a new standard with an unseen new design, plus legendary Steiner ruggedness. No other binocular can compare in terms of look, ergonomics and handling. This makes even long-term observations a comfortable experience. The new SkyHawk strap attachment offers a universal mounting option for every application, while the soft padded neoprene carrying strap provides fatigue-free wearing. From close up to far away, SkyHawk 4.0 10x42 delivers bright, crisp images with a bright 42mm aperture, and 10x power for great long-range detail, perfect for wide-open country and hilly regions. The new Wildlife binoculars series perfectly represents everything Steiner stands for: innovation, extreme ruggedness, usability, high optics quality and outstanding mechanical reliability. The new design and re-engineered optics make the new Wildlife a companion you can always trust, even in the most adverse conditions. With the Wildlife 10.5x28 the 10.5x magnification provides that little bit of extra power for extremely detailed observations in nature. The light transmission in poor weather conditions or at dusk is simply outstanding and will impress in every condition. (February 2019)

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New Olloclip for iPhone X & More

New Olloclip lens sets have arrived! Enhance your mobile camera's perspective with Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro lenses. Available for the latest iPhone X models. Also new lens sets with the Multi-Device Clip.

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Olloclip lenses make inspiring photos and video fun and easy to capture on mobile devices. From professional photographers to every day picture takers, their products appeal to a new generation of content capturers. The new product line-up includes four bundle sets for the latest iPhones: Olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set for iPhone X, and Olloclip Fisheye + Macro + Super-Wide Essential Lenses for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. These sets include clip for the particular phone model, plus three lenses. Fisheye Essential offers a unique, 180° spherical effect to capture everything around you. Super-Wide Essential doubles your field of view so you can get more in the frame. And Macro Essential's magnification turns your camera into a microscope for the ultimate close-ups. Lenses attach and align instantly, and work with front and rear-facing cameras. Multi-element coated glass optics deliver premium image quality. The set for iPhone X also includes Pendant Stand which opens to create a pocket-sized tripod. If don't have an iPhone X Olloclip have you covered with bundle sets that include their Multi-Device Clip. This clip works with many devices and over many thin device cases (see Sell Sheets on product pages for device compatibility). Products include the Olloclip Fisheye + Macro + Super-Wide Essential Lenses with Multi-Device Clip, and the Olloclip Wide-Angle + Macro Intro Lenses with Multi-Device Clip. The latter is a new set that provides both a Wide-Angle and Macro Lens in one. The Intro Lens is the perfect introduction to the enhanced mobile photography experience, combining quality optics with a very affordable price. (February 2019)

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Saramonic & Boya Microphones

Saramonic makes innovative high-quality audio gear for professionals and consumers alike, with an array of microphones and audio adapters. Sister brand Boya offers affordable mics for smartphone, tablet, DSLR etc.

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Saramonic's UwMic9 dual-channel, camera-mountable UHF wireless system provides stellar, broadcast-quality sound. It's compact and portable, with sturdy metal construction. One and two transmitter versions available. The SR-WM4C is a portable VHF wireless lavalier system that delivers impressive sound quality at a budget friendly price. The SR-M3 is an on-camera shotgun microphone with useful features such as headphone output, second input and boost. The SR-XM1 is an ultra-compact mic with integrated swivel. SmartMic is a mini mic that plus directly into your Apple or Android device, bringing pro-level sound quality to videos and recording apps. SmartMixer is a mixer and mic kit that includes a handgrip, an all-in-one solution that improves both sound and stabilization in videos shot on a smartphone. Saramonic's range of audio adapters includes SmartRig +, a portable mic/guitar interface with two channels, SmartRig II, a solution to connect XLR mic or guitar to a digital device, and SR-AX100 2-Channel audio mixer that lets you plug and mix two mics into cameras with only one mic input. Boya's BY-MK8 Pro is a dual-channel wireless mic system to capture audio, with kits for single and dual subjects available. The BY-M1 is an omni-directional lavalier mic, with lapel clip, ideal for interviews and presentations; BY-M1DM is the dual version for recording from two sound sources at the same time. Boya's range of shotgun mics are for every application, from professional to entry-level, and for use with DLSR, camcorder, audio recorder, smartphone, PC and more. Visit the individual product pages and download the Sell Sheets for more info and specifications on each product. (February 2019)

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New Lume Cube, Trackimo & More

Capture professional-quality content on your iPhone with Lume Cube's Creative Lighting Kit. Also Trackimo Watch 3G Tracker, Jupio EN-EL15B, VW-VBT190 & VW-VBT-380 batteries, Hoya UX C-PL 40.5mm & 43mm.

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Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit for iPhone opens up new creative possibilities. The kit pairs the durable, waterproof and bright Lume Cube LED light with a range of gels, diffusers, and mounting options. Simply fit the Light House aluminium housing over Lume Cube, then place one or more of the accessories over the light source to control the level of light diffusion and change the shape, colour and intensity of the light output. Whether you're taking photos or videos, vlogging on-the-go, or capturing the perfect selfie, Lume Cube delivers great lighting. Trackimo Watch is a new 3G GPS Tracker that constantly monitors the wearer's location and has a SOS button for moments of distress. Ideal for those who need care and assistance – know your child or elderly family member is safe. Like all Trackimos it offers real life tracking, indoors and out, online or through the dedicated app, with alerts. Built-in SIM and 12 month subscription are included. New from Jupio is replacement battery for Nikon EN-EL15B. This 7v 1700mAh is for Nikon Z-Series Z6 and Z7. An 2000mAh Ultra version is also available. Jupio batteries for Panasonic VW-VBT190 and VW-VB380 have also been added to the product range, for Panasonic HC-V800, V808, WXF1, VXF1, VXF11, VX1, VX11 and other video cameras. Hoya's UX Filter Circular Polariser filter series has expanded with two new sizes: 40.5mm and 43mm. These entry level filters provide high quality polarizing function to eliminate unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces and boost contrast. (January 2019)

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Befree GT Carbon Alpha & Ball Heads

Manfrotto's ongoing collaboration with Sony has resulted in Befree GT Carbon Alpha, another great tripod kit designed for α cameras from Sony. The Centre Ball Head series is now complete with two smaller models.

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Manfrotto has enhanced their premium accessories range with Befree GT Carbon Alpha, a best-in-class professional travel tripod designed for α cameras from Sony. Developed specifically for Sony’s α users who want maximum performance and stability in all shooting positions, it features a customised version of the 200PL-PRO camera plate designed to perfectly match α7 and α9 cameras. This plate ensures increased grip for unbeatably sharp images, even in the most angled camera shots. This special version is also enriched by an exclusive tube graphic that matches Sony’s α camera design and colours. Its brand new carbon fibre legs guarantee maximum lightness and sturdiness up to 10kg payload. Befree GT Carbon Alpha is the optimal combination of portability, solidity, easy set-up and operation. It is built with the unique goal of enabling individuals to express their talent using their Sony α camera with the confidence of a professional support solution. And in other Manfrotto news two models have been added to expand the newly updated Centre Ball Head series. The redesigned new 492 Micro Centre Ball Head (item MH492-BH, replacing 492) maximizes ergonomics and convenience, with a 4kg payload. Offering high versatility and power in a compact size, it's ideal for a fast and easy framing experience. The 490 Centre Ball Head (item MH490-BH) is the simplest head in the range. One single knob operates the entire head, making it extremely intuitive and easy to use, and a quick, smart and simple solution for a mirrorless camera. (January 2019)

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NEW! Jupio PowerFlash

Jupio PowerFlash is a new range of camera flashes to add light to your photography. PowerFlash 400 is for use with different brands, while PowerFlash 600 has dedicated versions for Canon, Nikon and Sony.

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PowerFlash 400 (Jupio item JPF0400) is a manual flash suitable for use with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji and Pentax cameras. It has a guide-number (GN) of 40, and comes with its own wireless trigger. Mini-stand and carry bag are also included. The PowerFlash 600 for Canon (Jupio item JPF0610) is a full-function camera flash, with GN 60. It is suitable for use with Canon EOS cameras, comes wireless trigger ready, and is compatible with E-TTL II, E-TTL and TTL autoflash and external flash metering systems. It can be used as an on-camera flash that attaches to hot shoe of camera, or as master unit or slave unit during wireless shooting. Accessories that come with this flash include mini-stand, carry bag and a colour filter set, with holder and case. The PowerFlash 600 for Nikon (Jupio item JPF0620) is a multi-feature flash for use with Nikon DSLR cameras, also with GN 60, and compatible with i-TTL autoflash. An additional feature is compatibility with Nikon Creative Lighting System (depends on camera). The PowerFlash 600 for Sony (Jupio item JPF0630) is a high output flash unit with GN 60, for use with Sony A7R, A7RII, A58, A99, and ILCE600L cameras, with flash modes E-TTL II, E-TTL, TTL and M. All four flashes are easy to use with sound and LCD panel, and come with a three year warranty. They all run off 4x AA batteries and come with a wide-angle diffuser and reflection card for bounce flash. (January 2019)

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NEW! Meade LightBridge Plus

Meade's new LightBridge Plus telescopes have a large light-gathering capability to provide bright, clear images when viewing deep-space objects such as galaxies, nebulae, planets and more. In 10” and 12”.

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If you’ve ever wanted a large aperture telescope but were unable to have the ability to move it around on your own, Meade’s LightBridge Plus telescopes are here to make it practical. Their sleek modern open truss design allows for increased portability over standard solid-tube designs and is able to provide easy setup and teardown for a large aperture telescope. The Dobsonian base has a no-tool assembly and provides improved stability, with premium features that include roller bearings, a hand-adjustable variable tension brake for smooth and stable movement, and a mounted eyepiece holder that can carry eyepieces for your convenience. The telescope itself features an upgraded 2”, 2-speed Rack and Pinion Focuser. It includes a 10:1 fine focus knob for precise focusing and includes a Vernier scale with millimeter markings on the drawtube to assist with focusing accuracy. Included with the LightBridge Plus is a fully multi-coated 2” Series 4000 26mm Eyepiece, providing a 56° apparent field of view, an aluminum Red-Dot Viewfinder, and Meade’s AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition software that allows you to view the night sky, constellations, planet positions and more from any location. The LightBridge Plus provides high-quality Meade optics, ultra-portability, and remarkable performance for one affordable price. Available in 10” and 12” aperture versions. (January 2019)

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Two New Manfrotto Bags

The Pro Light Bumblebee-230 is a professional camera/video backpack designed for outdoor shooters always on the move. The Advanced Shoulder Bag A1 is a portable, practical and reliable camera bag.

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Manfrotto's new Bumblebee-230 backpack (item MB PL-B-230 , replacing Bumblebee-220) is part of the Pro Light Collection - smartly constructed bags, made of strong-yet-lightweight materials, to carry heavy duty equipment and provide long-lasting comfort. Its signature design Camera Protection System dividers safeguard a gripped DSLR body with lens attached and 5 to 10 additional lenses, or a professional camcorder with its accessories. A dedicated 'checkpoint-friendly' section holds a 17” laptop. Secure a pro-size tripod with the NeverLose tripod connection. Besides the external zip and stretchable pockets for accessories and water bottle, there is also a lens pouch on the waist belt for super-quick and easy lens changing. Manfrotto's A1 shoulder bag (item MB MA-SB-A1) is part of the Advanced Collection – highly usable bags that let you carry just what you need. This nifty heavy duty camera bag is completely secure – know your camera is safe whatever the journey takes you. Crafted specially for CSCs, each intuitive design element is made for total functionality, and the bag has convenient compartments to neatly pack mirrorless camera, additional lens, accessories, batteries and memory cards. Thanks to its ergonomic design, lift heavier payloads without fuss, and get to camera and equipment in an instant using the front-to-back zippered fastening. The bag's flap opens away from your body. The shoulder strap is removeable, and the bag can also be worn as a belt pack. (January 2019)

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Gitzo's New 2-Way Fluid Head

Building on the great success of its Gimbal Fluid Head, Gitzo has proudly introduced a new 2-Way Fluid Head, dedicated to birdwatchers and wildlife photographers. The Systematic tripod range has also expanded.

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The Gitzo 2-Way Fluid Head (model GHF2W) provides the highest performance for birdwatchers and digiscopers with medium-sized spotting scopes, as well as for wildlife photographers and videographers using premium CSC or DSLR cameras with lenses up to 200mm. This extremely compact fluid head has an essential, ergonomic design and a comprehensive set of technical features. The key innovations of this head are the fluid cartridges and the precise inner mechanism. The result is an unconventional head perfectly matched to carbon fibre Gitzo tripods and an extraordinary combination of performance and portability, designed for ultra-stable and precise spotting and shooting. The head has a stiff and lightweight magnesium body, weighs less than 0.6kg, safely supports a payload of up to 4kg, and features a long rubberised Arca-Swiss compatible plate. The reflection-free surfaces offer good camouflage. The 2-Way Fluid Head perfectly supports and balances photographic equipment for capturing the sharpest shots, and easily captures moving objects with smooth, broad movements and unparalleled precision. The head was designed respecting Gitzo’s unmistakably elegant and clean style. And in other Gitzo news: we have added three new models to our range of Systematic tripods: GT3533LS Series 3 3-Section Long, GT5533S Series 5 3-Section Standard and GT5533LS Series 5 3-Section Long. Exacting professional photographers can now select the exact model to best suit their needs. (January 2019)

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Lowepro Powder BP 500 AW

Lowepro has introduced a new light and fast outdoor pack. The Powder backpack pairs high performance sports with the brand’s signature protection. Also new: Toploader Zoom 50 AW II in Galaxy Blue.

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The new Powder BP 500 AW backpack is inspired by outdoor adventure and winter sports. Lowepro designed Powder to integrate digital image capture with the ski/snowboard enthusiast’s active lifestyle. Light and fast, Powder protects digital imaging gear in extreme conditions. Powder strikes the perfect balance between lightweight performance, secure camera carry and winter oriented outdoor gear. With approximately 50L total volume, a 50/50 storage split for camera and non-camera items provides versatile carrying capabilities for ski and snowboard photographers. While the pack is designed to withstand heavy winter conditions, users can enjoy its superior lightweight protection through any season. It holds mirrorless and DSLR kits and easily adapts to carry drones or handheld gimbals. Key features include compression lid with storage; secure, body-side access; 50% of interior space dedicated to non-camera storage; ski/snowboard carrying system; capable of carrying full size tripod and safety gear; removable camera box makes space for clothing, food and accessories; dedicated slat pocket for 15” laptop with protective sleeve; and All Weather AW Cover to protect gear from rain, snow, dust and sand. Powder is available in one size with two color versions: Grey/Orange and Midnight Blue/Horizon Blue. And in other Lowepro news, the popular Toploader Zoom 50 AW II bag is also available in Galaxy Blue. (January 2019)

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