Lume Cube Light House

Light House: the perfect light modifying system for Lume Cube. Kit comprises form-fitting aluminium housing and three magnetic diffusion filters. RGBY Color Gels, Diffusion Bulbs and Honeycomb Grids available.

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The Lume Cube Light House and 3 Diffusers Kit consists of housing and magnetic filters. The Lume Cube slides snuggly into the housing and is secured by clamping closed. The system uses strong magnets that allow you to place one or more filters over the light source to control the level of light diffusion that you need. The front lip ensures the filter fits firmly in place and cannot be knocked off during use. Manufactured using a 180-micron material, the Zircon filters are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter – sturdy, durable and easy-to-use. The RGBY Color Pack comes with four basic colour gels (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) which easily mount to the Light House. With dual sided magnets, you can stack the gels on top of each other, or other accessories, to blend colours and creatively achieve a unique look. With the Diffusion Bulb Pack you're able to soften the light output of the Lume Cube and create a unique and balanced throw of light. Useful in creative portrait photography and interviews, the bulbs even allow you to turn your Lume Cube into a tabletop lamp to illuminate the room. You can also mount a diffusion bulb on top of a CTO or colour gel and create a completely unique lighting experience. The Lume Cube Honeycomb Pack includes 2 different sized grids which allow you to alter the shape and intensity of light output from your Lume Cube. When mounted, the grids will create a cleaner more balanced spread of light as well as eliminate any unwanted light spill. (September 2017)

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NEW! Flipside AW II

Lowepro takes their #1 photo backpack to the next level with the revamped Flipside AW II. Upgraded design features high-capacity, dynamic storage and body-side access. In Black and Mica/Pixel Camo.

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The new Flipside AW II series features four new backpacks that maintain the same look and feel of the original Flipside bags, while adding new features to cater to laptop/tablet users. The enhanced design of the backpacks provide the storage and versatility that active photographers and content creators need, while giving them easy access to gear and providing the protection that Lowepro’s reputation is built on. Building on the success of the previous Flipside bags, each bag in the new series features two stretch-mesh side pockets for quick grab items like water bottles or tripods. Customizable compartments and a built-in All Weather AW Cover keep the latest cameras and compact drones safe wherever the day takes you. CradleFit compartments for laptops and tablets ensure top of the line protection without jostling these valuable devices. Gear attachments on the exterior of each bag allow you to affix extra gear - like a tripod - with ease. Lowepro's signature Flipside design offers increased security through body-side points of entry and full access to gear without setting your bag down. The four backpacks of varying sizes to accommodate a wide array of gear. The range comprises streamlined and compact Flipside 200 AW II, medium-sized Flipside 300 AW II, popular large Flipside 400 AW II and robust extra-large Flipside 500 AW. All are available in Black and Mica/Pixel Camo. Visit product pages and download Sell Sheet for more info on what each bag is able to accommodate. (September 2017)

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New Phottix Saldo and More

Recent Phottix arrivals: Saldo 395 Studio Boom Light Stand, Saldo 62 Light Stand, Saldo 160 Light Stand Boom Arm, Stay-Put Sandbag II Small, Indra 5” Honeycomb Grid Set and Cerberus Multi Mount + Bowens Ring.

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Phottix's new Saldo series light stands feature a head-turning two-tone chrome and black look, and are indispensable, in the field or studio. The Saldo series offers the same great durability, affordability and easy-of-use that have become Phottix trademarks. The Saldo 395 Studio Boom Light Stand (Phottix item 88211) extends to 395cm. This light stand and adjustable boom put lights exactly where needed, and comes with sandbag included. The Saldo 62 Light Stand (Phottix item 88208) extends to 62cm, perfect for kicker or background lights. It is portable, comes into two pieces and is easy to assemble. The Saldo 160 Light Stand Boom Arm (Phottix item 88197) extends to 160cm and includes reversible 3/8” 1/4” threaded stud and sandbag. Use as a boom on any light stand. The Stay-Put Sandbag II Small (Phottix item 88187) can hold 3kg of weight and can keep a light stand firmly in place when shooting outdoors or in the studio. Don't risk damaging your flashes or studio lights in a gust of wind – always use a sandbag. The Indra 5” Honeycomb Grid Set (Phottix item 01272) helps you control your Indra lights better. 30, 40, 50, 60 degree grids are included, with carry bag. The Cerberus Multi Mount + Bowens Ring (Phottix item 37308) is an all-in-one mounting solution for hot shoe flashes. This version comes with the standard round mount for Phottix Transfolder Softboxes, plus Bowen-compatible mount/speed ring which allows traditional S-Mount compatible accessories to be used with your hot shoe flash. (September 2017)

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Just in! Two New Gitzo Tripods

Gitzo GT1542 Series 1 Carbon 4-Section Mountaineer Tripod is ideal for DSLR with 135mm lens. Gitzo GT4533LS Series 4 Carbon 3-Section Long Systematic Tripod offers elevated support for pro equipment.

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Gitzo's Mountaineer, the world's first carbon fibre tripod, sets the standard for performance and quality. The latest models feature Carbon eXact tubing with larger leg tube diameters, making the tripods stronger, more rigid and more lightweight than their predecessors. The legs are secured by G-lock Ultra twist locks, with a built-in O-ring that keeps dirt and dust out of the leg mechanism. The new GT1542 (replacing GT1541) is a 4-section Series 1 tripod, slim and lightweight, with standard height. It perfectly supports DSLRs with 135mm lenses (up to 200mm) and is the ideal choice for professional photographers who want a highly-resistant and reliable support. Systematic is the choice of exacting professional photographers who use long lenses and heavy cameras. Not only are Systematic Gitzo’s strongest and most stable tripods, they’re also modular, with a top casting element that opens and closes to allow each tripod to be configured with a flat disk, geared or sliding centre column, video half-ball adaptor, levelling base or other Systematic accessories. The latest range features Carbon eXact tubes, new ultra-stable feet and the Easy Link attachment, making the Systematic even more stable, versatile, and ergonomic. The GT4533LS is a new size in the Series 4 range. With 3 sections it is both sturdy and compact – the ideal choice for elevated support that is stable enough to securely handle heavier professional equipment with longer lenses. A reliable, durable and versatile solution that’s easy to take anywhere. (September 2017)

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DroneGuard Range Expands

Lowepro’s choices for consumer drone protection have been expanded with three new backpacks and one case, enabling enthusiasts to carry a variety of drones anywhere safely. Purpose-built for DJI Phantom and Mavic.

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The DroneGuard series pairs functionality with armored protection and convenience to offer the ultimate solution for users of DJI drones. Compression-molded FormShell technology protects gear from impact without added weight or bulk. DroneGuard BP 400 is built to trek to any location, expertly defending against bumps and hard hits. Dedicated compartments for a DJI Phantom, propeller and transmitter keep gear safe, while 15” laptop and 10” tablet pouches allow drone photographers to edit photos and footage on-location. DroneGuard BP 250 is a specialized backpack providing rugged protection for a DJI Mavic Pro, transmitter, up to five extra batteries, 15” laptop, 10” tablet, Osmo and two GoPros or mirrorless kit, plus personal items. It also features a PhoneZone pocket on the shoulder strap, extra storage and transmitter pad to protect delicate control knobs during transit. DroneGuard BP 200 is specifically designed to house a DJI Mavic Pro and a hydration reservoir, keeping drone enthusiasts’ thirst quenched and device safe while on the move. Ideal for biking, snow sports, hiking and climbing, this pack securely carries a DJI Mavic Pro, transmitter, up to five extra batteries, hydration reservoir or mini tablet, snacks and an extra layer of clothing. DroneGuard CS 150 is a lightweight case designed specifically to house the DJI Mavic Pro and accessories. The case easily stores in larger bags and includes a transmitter pad to protect delicate control sticks during transit, and a removable organization panel keeps fragile parts and charging cords secure on the go. All in Black with 'fractal camo' detail. (September 2017)

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Introducing DroneGuard Pro

Lowepro's DroneGuard line has been expanded with new protective gear-carrying solutions purpose built for DJI drones. First up: two DroneGuard Pro backpacks for pro pilots flying DJI Inspire or DJI Phantom.

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Lowepro's DroneGuard Pro backpacks are highly specialized storage solutions to both protect and conveniently transport drones and their accessories. Designed specifically for DJI Inspire I or II, the DroneGuard Pro Inspired features a top-loading hangar compartment engineered for these models. This lightweight pack offers a unique carry system that increases maneuverability and functions like a hiking backpack. Flexible dividers securely house drone, transmitter, up to six extra batteries, a mini tablet and other essentials. Exterior neoprene motor socks give added protection along with compression-molded FormShell technology to protect gear and props. Adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps keep users comfortable, while ActivZone balanced comfort system delivers ergonomic support and ventilation. DroneGuard Pro 450 provides streamlined security under extreme conditions for a DJI Phantom, transmitter, up to 5 extra batteries, 15” laptop and mini tablet with additional space for an Osmo and 1-2 GoPros or mirrorless kit and personal items. The pack features FormShell soft armor throughout for the highest level of protection, with plenty of zippered access and customizable compartments to organize, carry and protect specific gear. Exterior attachment points provide extra storage, along with dedicated prop storage and removable transmitter and battery boxes to protect fragile parts. Both backpacks feature built-in All Weather AW Cover to protect from rain, snow, dust, sand and any imaginable weather condition. (August 2017)

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Samyang AF 35mm & More

Introducing Samyang’s third autofocus lens: AF 35mm F2.8 FE. A tiny lens with a mighty performance, ideal for daily photography as well as travel photography. Also in: XP 14mm for Nikon, and 16mm VDSLR for Sony.

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The AF 35mm F2.8 FE weighs just 85g and measures 3.3cm in length, without the hood and rear cap. Thanks to Samyang’s exceptional optical technology, its compact size is packed with features for outstanding image quality. Featuring seven elements in six groups, two aspherical lenses and one high refractive lens plus Ultra Multi Coating To minimise aberration and unnecessary light dispersion, the lens delivers high resolution from the centre to the corners of the image. This new lens is the perfect partner for everyday photographers. It's specifically designed to work in harmony with full frame mirrorless cameras in Sony E mount. For full frame sensors, the focal length resembles the human eye the most. For APS-C sensors the lens is equivalent to 52mm. The autofocus is fast and accurate – ideal for the capture of outdoor events such as hiking, sports events and landscape photography. It also has a minimum focusing distance of 0.35m - ideal for street, portrait and close focus photography. Together with the existing AF 14mm F2.8 FE and AF 50mm F1.4 FE lenses, this new lens now expands Samyang’s autofocus lens line-up to three. Another recent arrival is the Nikon mount of Samyang's XP 14mm F2.4 Premium Manual Focus Lens. With ultra wide angle of 114.12°, this lens lens offers excellence in performance, with unprecedented resolving power for 50MP photo and 8K video productions. Samyang's 16mm T2.6 VDSLR ED AS UMC Lens is now available for Sony E mount. Explore wide angle with this cine lens designed for full frame DSLR. (August 2017)

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Introducing Lowepro Nova AW II

Lowepro continues to evolve the photo bag with an updated Nova series. The iconic shoulder bag gets new fabric and trim while maintaining maximum protection for DSLR cameras. In four sizes, two colours.

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The next generation of Lowepro's timeless shoulder bag, the new Nova AW II series, features upgrades to fabric and trim for an updated look and extra durability, while staying true to the bag's core protective elements and premium features. Each new bag offers full padding, an All Weather AW Cover and waterproof zipper to provide premium protection from the elements. Customizable, flexible interior design with movable dividers delivers secure gear organization for the ultimate portable experience. New durable reinforced handles and adjustable, removable padded shoulder straps enhance comfort while on-the-go. Mesh side pockets on each bag enable shoulder strap storage or quick access to smaller items. The series consists of four shoulder bags. Nova 140 AW II holds a compact DSLR camera with attached 17-85 mm lens or compact drone, and flash. Nova 160 AW II holds a DSLR camera with attached 17-85 mm lens or compact photo drone, plus one to two additional lenses and flash. Nova 170 AW II holds a DSLR camera with attached 24-105mm lens or compact photo drone, plus one to two additional lenses and flash. Nova 180 AW II holds a DSLR camera with attached 24-105 mm lens or compact photo drone, plus three to four additional lenses and flash. All bags also have space for cables, chargers and other small accessories, plus protection for smartphone and memory cards in designated interior pockets, as well as various carrying options. All four bags are available in both classic Black and fashionable Mica/Pixel Camo. (August 2017)

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New Jupio, Toshiba & More

Recent arrivals include Jupio Battery Tester and Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D3400. Toshiba Exceria Micro SD cards in 32GB and 64GB. Plus accessories for Trackimo, more Red Bull options, two Lume Cube kits...

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The Jupio Battery Tester is a handy device that quickly and easily detects the condition of more than 12 different types of chargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. The Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D3400 provides a better grip, more comfortable photographing in the vertical position, and extending shooting thanks to two battery packs. The new versions of the Jupio batteries for Nikon EN-EL14 and EN-EL14 Ultra are now compatible with Nikon D5600. Two accessories for Trackimo are now available. The Extra Battery, with Charging Cradle included, is a high efficiency 600mAh Li-Ion battery custom designed for Trackimo. The Drone Mounting Kit is an ultra-lightweight strap to attach a Trackimo to any drone or quadcopter, ensuring you can find it in the event of a flyaway. Three new memory cards from Toshiba have been added to our range: Exceria Micro SD Class 10 in 32GB and 64GB, and High Speed Standard SD Class 4 in 8GB. Toshiba Exceria cards provide the ultra-fast speed and capacity you need to catch perfect moments in 4K and Full HD. Red Bull Energy Drink is now also available in 355ml and 473ml cans. Red Bull Red Edition 250ml has a sweet cranberry flavour, and Blue Edition a blueberry flavour. The Lume Cube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire Drone (two lights plus drone mounts) lets you fly at night and use your drone as a spotlight. The Lume Cube Smartphone Video Kit (one light plus smartphone mount) will revolutionize your photos and videos. And lastly, a new version of Energizer Booklite is available, featuring a sleek and compact design with flexible rubber neck to easily adjust light. (August 2017)

Steiner Safari UltraSharp 10x42

Steiner have added another size to their popular Safari UltraSharp outdoor binocular series. Introducing Safari UltraSharp 10x42: compact and capable. All Steiner's marine and hunting binoculars also now listed.

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Safari UltraSharp series binoculars feature lightweight design, contemporary styling, comfort and simplicity, and a choice of power and capabilities let you pick the optics that fit you perfectly. Steiner's world-renowned image clarity, accurate colour and field-proven toughness ensure maximum performance from your optics. Safari UltraSharp 10x42 feature versatile 10x magnification and a bright 42mm objective for maximum detail recognition at both close-range and greater distances. They're your perfect companion for photo safaris, ocean cruises, concerts and sports events. Key features include High-Contrast-Optics for accurate colour and brilliant clear images; central focus wheel requiring minimal stepless rotation for sharpness from close-up to infinity; and rugged construction with waterproofing and non-slip rubber armour. We have also extended our range to include the full product line-up from Steiner. This includes all Commander and Navigator marine binocular models. Marine optics are waterproof, corrosion-proof, always crystal-clear, with special coatings, construction and capabilities specifically created for a water-borne life. The hunting binocular range now includes the new improved Nighthunter 8x56, the light and compact Ranger Xtreme 8x32, and fast and accurate LRF 1700 10x30 and 8x30. The latter offer game finding precision optics and pinpoint laser range finding, all in one compact binocular. Speak to your rep or contact the office to find out more about our new Steiner Gold Dealer programme. (August 2017)

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