Crane 3 Packages & Accessory Kits

New from Zhiyun-Tech: Crane 3 Lab Creator Package, Crane 3 Lab Master Package, Crane 3 Lab Creator Accessory Kit and Crane 3 Lab Master Accessory Kit. And TransMount accessories for Crane 3 & Weebil Lab.

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The Zhiyun-Tech Crane 3 Lab Creator Package includes the Crane 3 Lab gimbal and dedicated accessories that allow for an optimal workflow. These include 1x TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear, 1x TransMount Servo Zoom/Focus Combo Kit, 1x TransMount Telescopic Monopod with Locking Buckle, 1x TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt Large, 2x TransMount Quick Setup Kit and 1x TransMount Quick Release Base Plate. This selection of accessories are also available without the gimbal itself as the Crane 3 Lab Creator Accessory Kit. The Crane 3 Lab Master Package includes Crane 3 Lab, same selection of accessories and a multifunctional backpack bag that carries gimbal, accessories and your camera. The Master Accessory Kit includes accessories and bag, no gimbal. All the TransMount accessories are also available on their own as separate items, and are compatible with Weebil Lab as well as Crane 3 Lab. The articulating Phone Holder secures smartphones up to 16cm wide to the gimbal. The Quick Setup Kit consists of two adapters that allow you to put together and break down your gimbal quickly. The Telescopic Monopod can help you create amazing jib shots from different angles. The Multifunction Camera Belt is a convenient camera and accessories hanging system to keep your hands free. The Quick Release Baseplate allows for quick camera changes to and from the gimbal. The Servo Focus/Zoom Combo Kit allows you to control your camera's focus and zoom from your smartphone while mounted on the gimbal. (April 2019)

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New Jupio, Hoya, Joby & More

Recent arrivals include Jupio battery for GoPro Hero5/6/7, Hoya Digital Filter Kit in 55mm, Joby Telepod PRO kit, PocketWizard S-RM1AM-ACC cable, Manfrotto Advanced Shoulder A6, Anafi spares and more...

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Jupio has a new replacement for GoPro AABAT-001. This 3.85v 1260mAh battery is suitable for GoPro Hero5, Hero6, Hero7 and Hero (2018). Hoya's popular Digital Filter Kit II is now also available in 55mm diameter. The kit includes a HMC UV multi-purpose fine-weather filter, a Circular Polariser filter for colour and contrast enhancement, and a NDx8 filter for wider apertures or longer exposures, with pouch and guidebook. Joby's TelePod PRO Kit is a pro level telescopic tripod paired with a Joby Ballhead 1K. It works in four modes - hand grip, monopod, elevated CSCs, point and shoots, 360, action cams or video light. PocketWizard S-RMS1AM-ACC is a new pre-trigger remote cable for connecting a PlusX, Plus III, FlexTT5 or MultiMAX with ACC port to a Sony remote shutter release terminal. Manfrotto's Advanced Shoulder Bag A6 is a portable, heavy-duty and made-to-last carrying solution for a DSLR, four additional lenses and accessories, or a DJI Mavic Pro combo kit. This nifty bag is practical, reliable and completely secure. Other additions to our Manfrotto range include 087NWLB Steel 3-Section Low Base Wind Up Stand, a geared centrepost steel stand fitted with braked wheels, and 032BASE Autopole Base in Black, designed to support an Autopole. New version of the Manfrott Avenger C345-1 Barrel Clamp (replacing C345) and C345K-1 Barrel Clamp T-Knob (replacing C345K) are also available. Parrot Mechanical Kit for Anafi and Motor Kit for Anafi are spare parts available as stock items. And the Anafi Extended is a special version of the drone that comes with two spare batteries in the pack. (April 2019)

New Boya Microphones

New to the Boya range: BY-WFM12 VHF Wireless Microphone System, BY-BM3031 On-Camera Shotgun Microphone, BY-DM1 and BY-DM2 Digital Lavalier Microphones for iOS and Android Devices, plus more...

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Boya's BY-WFM12 is a 12-Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System, capturing audio with smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs and more. This system is ideal for interviews, film making, business presentations or other applications that require portability. The transmitter has two MIC sockets, allowing the use of two microphones at the same time. Both the receiver and transmitter are lightweight and easy to use, offering flexibility without sacrificing high-quality audio, while operating at a range of up to 40m away without obstacles. Boya's BY-BM3031 is a supercardioid condenser shotgun microphone that delivers high-quality professional sound. It features a three-level gain switch to prevent distortion from audio overload, a switchable high-pass filter at 80 Hz to roll off unwanted low-frequency noise and rumble, and a built-in shock mount that helps eliminate unnecessary vibrations that create excessive background noise. Boya's BY-DM1 Digital Lavalier Microphone with Lightning Connection is a professional solution for Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The omni-directional clip-on mic captures clear, high-quality sound and directly connects to any iOS device equipment with a Lightning connector. Boya's BY-DM2 is the equivalent product for USB Type-C devices such as Android smartphones and tablets. Boya's BY-C01 Universal Bracket is compact and lightweight aluminium alloy bracket, with additional cold shoe and 1/4” screw mount. It's suitable for mounting a microphone, flash, trigger, LED light or any other shoe mount accessory. And lastly, Boya's 35C-XLR PRO Adapter converts 3.5mm mini jack input to a male XLR output. It allows you to connect a microphone with a mini jack output to a professional mixer, camera, or other device with an XLR input. (April 2019)

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Samyang XF 35mm F1.2 EF

With bright F1.2 aperture and useful 35mm angle of view, the Samyang XP 35mm F1.2 lens perfectly represents colours with any subject at best resolution and while minimizing distortion With EF mount for Canon.

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Samyang XP 35mm F1.2 lets you experience the quality of a XPert lens in your photography and captures every little detail in very little light. The 35mm focal length, crystal resolution and F1.2 bright aperture produce stunning bokeh and gorgeous colours thanks to Samyang's leading-edge optical technology. Several special lenses in the optical design (2 aspherical, 3 high refractive, 2 extra refractive index lens) ensure clear images from the centre to the edge. Chromatic aberrations, ghost and flare are effectively controlled. This lens has a solid metal build and is ideal for photography with the latest 50MP DSLRs. You can also shoot fast indoors and in low light environments, with excellent support for stable high-definition filming (8K video). This premium lens lets you freely express your creativity, everywhere, every time. It is currently available only for Canon EF mount. (April 2019)

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Peak Design Tech Pouch

Whether storing cables, everyday gear or travel essentials, the Tech Pouch offers unrivalled organization and ease of access. Origami-style pockets create enormous spatial efficiency. It comes in Black and Sage.

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Peak Design has reimagined organization. Their Tech Pouch lets you pack more into a smaller space while keeping your items neatly organized and easy to find. The pouch has pockets for days with various top and side soft-lined, zippered stash pockets for items like digital devices, batteries and cables. Elastic accessory loops inside keep items like pens, knives and SD cards always within reach. Exterior handles and a clamshell-style opening make this pouch a delight to hold and access. The bag holds its shape and sits upright, packed or empty. The external zip pocket stores a passport, documents or smartphone, and even has a cable pass-through for easy device charging. The 200D recycled nylon canvas shell is weatherproof and aesthetically clean. The pouch syncs with other Peak Design gear, with anchor attachment points to connect to Peak Design straps. Tech Pouch can be used on its own, placed inside another bag, or as a packing tools for the Peak Design Travel Backpack. It provides endlessly customizable organization and protection of your gear and accessories. (March 2019)

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NEW! Zhiyun-Tech Crane 3 Lab

Key features Crane 3 Lab Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR: integrated wireless FHD image transmission, focus & zoom control, touch control and all-inclusive control panel with OLED, buttons and thumbwheels.

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Crane 3 Lab is one of Zhiyun-Tech's new flagship gimbals, with cutting-edge innovation. It boasts a versatile, ergonomic structure that revolutionizes the entire appearance. By holding the handle of the gimbal in a handy underslung position, you’ll find Crane 3 Lab extremely effort-saving and flexible. With longer axis arms and 4.5kg payload, Crane 3 Lab is compatible with almost all best-selling DSLRs and video lenses. Designed for professional filmmakers, it has a super functional design. ViaTouch is the built-in image transmission system that lets you take care of every detail simply on a phone screen: make various gimbal movements and change camera settings while framing the shots. The wireless image transmission technology supports video streaming up to 1080P and is compatible with Andoid and iOS smartphones and tablets. Use your digital device as a monitor: with live preview and real-time parameter settings, you can frame and take shots from any angle at any view. Equipped with both focus and zoom modules, Crane 3 Lab allows synchronous zoom and focus adjustment via the tactile wheel or touch screen of mobile phones. In addition to the hardware modules, zoom and focus control can also be realized through ViaTouch. Crane 3 Lab features aviation grade motors with 50% noise reduction, 100% motor torque increase and 150% respond speed improvement compared to Crane-2. Crane 3 Lab features easy set-up and excellent portability with crafted latch design, and ZY Ecosystem accessory compatibility. Popular filmmaking features such as timelapse, motionlapse, long exposure timelapse, panorama are also available. (March 2019)

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NEW! Lume Cube Air

Introducing new Lume Cube Air: a powerful, portable, professional quality light designed for photo, video and content creation. Also just arrived: Lume Cube Mounts for Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom drones.

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The Lume Cube Air is the smallest, lightest, most compact professional lighting solution on the market. Combining a portable and waterproof design, versatile mounting options (magnetic and tripod), the freedom of wireless control, and a range of diffusers inside the box, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to create better photos and videos. This compact pocket-sized LED light measures 4x4x2.8cm, weighs just 57g, and runs on an internal Lith-Ion polymer battery. Key specs include brightness of 400 lux @ 1m, 5600K daylight LED colour temperature, CRI of +/-90, 60º beam angle, and run time of 2.5+ hours @ 50% brightness, and 30 to 45min @ 100% . The light is waterproof to 10m with a durable rubberized exterior - rugged and ready for on-the-go use. Control the light with single button manual operation; manual settings include four brightness levels and strobe. Alternatively control via Bluetooth and Lume-X app (for iOS and Android), with 0-100% dimming, seven speeds of strobe effect, control of multiple lights independently and a host of other features. White and warming diffusers are included in box. Lume Cube Drone Mounts for DJI Mavic 2 Pro and 2 Zoom are also now available. Attach lighting to your drone for either creative or commercial purposes. The mounts weight less than 30g each for lightweight mounting and maximum flight time. 360º rotation allows you to angle your light in any direction needed. No screws are needed: mounts clip right onto DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom arms – and Lume Cubes to mounts - for secure flying. (March 2019)

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Coming Soon! 3 New Tamron Lenses

Tamron has announced the development of three lenses: 35-150mm F/2.8-4 Di VC OSD and SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD for full-frame DSLRs, and 17-28mm F/2.8 Di III RXD for full-frame mirrorless cameras.

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Tamron's 35-150mm F/2.8-4 Di VC OSD (Model A043) is a compact zoom that breaks new ground. This lens is designed for fast handling and easy transport. Its zoom range incorporates the 85mm focal length, often regarded as optimum for portrait shooting. It offers a fast F/2.8 aperture at the wide-angle end while maintaining a bright F/4 at the telephoto end. For close-focusing, the Minimum Object Distance is 0.45m across the entire zoom range. This lens also incorporates the Dual MPU system, which assures optimal AF performance and effective vibration compensation. Tamron's SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD (Model F045) is a fixed focal lens that boldly demonstrates Tamron’s lens-making expertise and craftsmanship, on the 40th anniversary of the SP series. The lens's unprecedented high-resolution image quality and beautiful background bokeh lets you capture any scene down to the finest details. It is equipped with durable lens barrel, a fast F/1.4 aperture, and high-speed, high-precision AF functionality offering exceptional reliability. The perfect everyday lens for your creative pursuits in nearly every photographic genre. Both A043 and A046 come in Canon and Nikon mount. Tamron's 17-28mm F/2.8 Di III RXD (Model A046) is a high-speed ultra wide-angle zoom lens for Sony E-mount cameras. Its light weight and compact size provide excellent balance, making it easy to carry and suitable for a wide range of scenes and shooting conditions. The lens offers a fast F/2.8 aperture throughout the entire zoom range, and delivers high-resolution and contrast edge to edge. The AF drive system is powered by the RXD stepping motor unit, for high-speed, high-precision and superbly quiet operation suitable for shooting video as well as still photographs. This lens encourages richly expressive and creative photography in a multitude of scenarios. All three new lenses will be available mid-2019. (March 2019)

NEW! Gitzo Mini Traveler

Gitzo's new Mini Traveler is the most compact and lightweight professional carbon fibre tripod kit on the market. An innovative technical solution that delivers the best performance in a very compact size.

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The Mini Traveler from Gitzo is especially dedicated to professional photographers and keen amateurs who use mirrorless cameras or DSLR cameras with small lenses. This mini tripod provides great stability on a tabletop as well as on the ground and many other surfaces, unleashing photographers’ creativity without the hindrance of cumbersome equipment. The Mini Traveler provides convenience and functionality. Thanks to its state-of-the-art carbon eXact tubes and aluminium head, it weighs only 265g – the perfect companion for photographers who want to travel light. It is built of premium materials from the plate to the feet, ensuring always the best reliability. The machined aluminium spider and head are strong and dependable, supporting up to 3kg in fully splayed configuration. The ball head is detachable if an even lighter solution is required; the legs provide standalone support for up to 25kg. The Pull & Fix leg angle selector system features two leg angles for maximum flexibility, while long-lasting rubber feet are designed to increase grip on most surfaces. The ergonomic rubberised gear easily locks and controls the strong stainless steel sphere of the aluminium ball head. The Mini Traveler is available in two attractively refined colour combinations - full black and classic Gitzo noir décor – and boasts Gitzo’s unique, unmistakable finish and design. The Mini Traveler a durable and reliable support for every occasion. (February 2019)

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Introducing Hoodman Accessories

Hoodman make inspired imaging tools. Their accessory solutions started with sun shade products for viewing monitors outside, and has expanded with eyecups, hoodloupes, cleaners and more for cameras and drones.

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Hoodman HoodEYE Eyecups link your eye to digital camera by sealing out ambient light. Made from hypo-allergenic silicone for comfort, they rotate to accommodate right or left eyed shooters, and are available for Canon, Nikon (round and square) and Sony. HoodEYE Eyecups for Glasses are designed specifically for use with glasses - the oversized eyecup reaches back to cover light leaks behind your glasses. Hoodman HoodLoupe outdoor loupes make checking composition, focus and histogram outdoors easy; to review images glare-free, simply place HoodLoupe over LCD. Available for 3” and 3.2” LCD screens. Hoodman Link is a retractable lanyard to wear HoodLoupe on your belt. Hoodman Live View Kit enables glare-free image viewing and stable hand-held Live View shooting. It fits all DSLR camera bodies. Hoodman Lens Cleanse is an eco-friendly enzyme-activated lens cleaning towelette - good for your lenses, filters and environment too. Hoodman USB3.0 SD/Micro SD Card Reader is a space-saving compact size, ideal for travelling photographers. Hoodman Camcorder Hoods are simple tools for viewing camcorder LCD screens glare-free outdoors. Available for 3.5” and 4.5” HD widescreen LCD, plus model specifically for Canon C300/C500 camcorder. Hoodman Aviator Hoods are designed for drone pilots. They mount to iPad or iPad Mini (or similar tablets) for improved outdoor viewing. The kit versions include an extender for when a longer viewfinder that seals out all the light is required. Lastly, Hoodman Drone Launch Pads ensures clean take offs and landings. They protect rotors from tall grass, and prevent dirt getting in motors. Available in three diameters, for drones of all sizes. (February 2019)

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