NEW! Hoya PRO ND Filter Kit

Introducing the new PRO ND Filter Kit from Hoya. A kit with the three most popular and essential ND filters in one package, designed for amateur or professional photographers and video content creators.

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Slow shutter photography is becoming an extremely popular genre and for this an Neutral Density (ND) filter is a necessary tool. But which ND filter is better to start with? With this question in mind Hoya created an essential ND kit to help photographers quickly start this challenge. The three filters in this kit - PRO ND8, PRON D64 and PRO ND1000 – allows photographers to capture the world in different expressions. The choice of ND filter depends on intentions of the photographer to control the shutter speed or aperture. The PRO ND filter uses Hoya's exclusive clear optical glass with a metallic coating front and back to reduce almost all range of the light spectrum, with a truly neutral colour balance that will not add any noticeable colour cast to images. The filter has a thick aluminium frame to prevent light leakage. Filters included in the kit are PRO ND8 (3-stops) for shooting with fast lenses at wide open aperture during the daytime, perfect for portraiture at shallow depth of field; PRO ND64 (6-stops) for expressing the object in blurred motion during the daytime, for landscapes and city snapshots; and PRO ND1000 (10-stops) for expressing an unreal fantasy world, widely used in seascapes to blur waves. ND filters can be used in video production to achieve cinematic quality. ND filters can be combined, for example ND8 + ND100 gives effect equal to ND8000, that will allow capture of the surface of the sun. Hoya's PRO ND Filter Kit is currently available in 72mm, 77mm and 82mm. Download Sell Sheet for more info. (January 2020)

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PolarPro for GoPro Hero8 & VND

PolarPro filters for GoPro Hero8 Black: Shutter Collection (3-pack ND), DiveMaster (3-pack of underwater filters) and Red Filter (for diving). PolarPro Variable ND Filters now in 2-5 Stop, 77mm & 82mm diameter.

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The PolarPro GoPro Hero8 Black Shutter Collection is a 3-pack of Neutral Density filters engineered specifically for Hero8 Black camera. Easy to install and remove, the HotSwap magnetic filter system allows for quick filter adjustments while in the field. Included in this set are ND8, ND16 and ND32 filters, designed to control shutter speed in all lighting conditions, plus a minimalist protective case. PolarPro DiveMaster is a 3-pack filter kit for GoPro Hero8 Black Protective Housing. The set comprises Red, Magenta and Snorkel filters, in a custom storage case. They colour correct, delivering vibrant colours in photos and videos when diving in blue, green or shallow waters. Thanks to the snap-on design, quickly and securely swap filters as needed. The integrated thumbscrew ensures filter stays safely on camera. PolarPro Red Filter for Hero8 Black is an essential filter that delivers vibrant colours to photos and videos when diving in blue or tropical waters from 4.5m to 22.8m deep. It is easily installed on Protective Housing via a snap-on design and reinforcing screw-tighten operation, and comes with protective case for easy stowing in your gear bag. And in other PolarPro news, the VND Peter McKinnon Edition filter range now includes 2-5 Stop in both 77mm and 82mm. This filter is recommended to control your shutter speed in most lighting conditions, and is ideal for run-and-gun-videography. (January 2020)

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Tamron 20, 24, 35mm Di III Lenses

Tamron's three new close-focusing fixed focal lenses for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras are 20mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (F050), 24mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (F051), 35mm f/F2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (F053).

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Having already produced award-winning zoom lenses in this mirrorless category, Tamron has turned their attention toward fixed focal lenses. When using a fixed focal lens, the photographer must decide the composition based on their distance from the subject. This puts the joy of capturing the image exactly as envisioned and the pure fun of shooting on a different level. The three new models include a 20mm focal length (Model F050) to fully explore the world of ultra wide-angles, a 24mm focal length (Model F051) as the perfect general-purpose wide-angle lens, and the versatile 35mm focal length (Model F053) that is ideal for everyday/every subject use. Each lens strikes a balance between gorgeous image rendering and superior operation. All three are compact in size, take 67mm filters, and are all capable of focusing very close, to an unprecedented in this category magnification ratio of 1:2. Other features include moisture-resistant construction, and a fluorine coating on the front element for easy maintenance and fingerprint removal. They also support various camera features offered by certain Sony cameras, such as Fast Hybrid AF and Eye AF, and offer a multitude of advanced functions to ensure a pleasant shooting experience and fantastic results. This series of highly practical lenses lets photographers enjoy the photographic expression of wide-angle lenses, often regarded as the sweet spot for most photographic pursuits, plus unprecedented light weight and full-blown performance. The 24mm and 35mm are in stock now, with 20mm model released early 2020. Download the Sell Sheet for more info and technical specs. (January 2020)

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NEW! Saramonic Blink500

Saramonic Blink500 Ultracompact 2.4GHz Dual-Channel Wireless Mic System is incredibly lightweight and easy-to-use, for broadcast-quality sound on DSLR, mirrorless and video cameras, or mobile devices.

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No technical knowledge of audio is required to use Saramonic's new Blink500 system. It operates on the interference-free 2.4GHz spectrum and automatically hops to free channels to avoid static noise and audio dropouts. It delivers crystal clear professional sound, for video production, vlogging, journalism and more. Five sets are available. Blink500 B1 (TX+RX) comprises one Blink500 TX transmitter, one Blink500 RX receiver, one SR-M1 omnidirectional lavalier microphone, plus audio cables, charging cables and accessories. The belt clip on the receiver acts as a camera-shoe mount for easy attachment. Two output cables are included, TRS for cameras and TRRS for smartphones or tablets. The clip-on transmitter has a great sounding built-in mic and it’s small and light enough to clip to shirts and clothing, or you can use the included professional lavalier mic. Blink500 B2 (TX+TX+RX) is a set with two transmitters and lavalier mics, so you can put mics on two separate people. Blink500 B3 (TX+RXDi) is a set for use with iOS devices. The space efficient battery-free RXDi receiver with MFi certified Lightning connector plugs directly into the Lightning port of iPhone or iPad. Blink500 B4 (TX+TX+RXDi) is the two-person version, that includes second transmitter and lavalier mic. Blink500 B5 (TX+RXUC) is a set for devices with USB-C ports, like Android phones or tablets, computers and more. The compact and lightweight battery-free RXUC receiver plugs directly into the USB Type-C port of your device. B3, B4 and B5 sets work perfectly when used with handheld gimbals. (January 2020)

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Additions to Kores Product Range

Introducing Kores measuring tools: Geo30 Set, Translucent and Elastrik rulers. Also new: Koloritio Sharpener, KE-30 and Trino Neon erasers, TriPen Correction Pen, Kromas Colouring Pencils and M2 Pencil + Lead Refill.

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Kores, producer and innovator of office and school stationery products, is best known for solid glue sticks, dry correction tapes and Kolores coloured pencils. Their latest product category is measurement. Kores Geo30 Set (42104) is a four-piece set of geometry tools (30cm ruler, 180° protractor, 60° triangle and 45° triangle) perfect for precise geometric drawings, for school, office and hobby use. Kores Transparent Ruler 30cm (42130) is made from high quality plastic, with an inking edge for clean underlining, and a name field, available in blue and pink. Kores Elastik Flexible Ruler 30cm (42160) folds, twists and bends, making measuring on any surface and drawing straight lines on curved shapes easy. It comes in four brilliant colours with fun prints. Kores Kolorito Plastic Single Sharpener (35811) is a pencil-shaped pencil sharpener with deposit, available in five colours, with quality steel blades made in Germany for easy sharpening and long life. Kores Eraser KE-30 Neon (40303) is a high performance PVC eraser in four vivid colours, non-abrasive for soft and neat erasing. Kores Trino Eraser Neon (40503) has a triangular design and is low crumbling, for clean and tidy results. Kores TriPen Correction Pen (83351) has a triangular grip zone for easy and comfortable correction. It is quick drying, with a metal tip for precision and a mixing ball for better consistency. Kores Kromas 12 Colouring Pencils (93391) have soft, extra resistant lead and intensive bright colours, ideal for creative young artists. Kores M2 Graphitos HB Pencil 0.5mm + Lead Refill (99920) is a classic mechanical pencil with soft grip, complete with a refill with 12 extra leads. Visit the Kores page for more info on these and other Kores products, and download their 2020 Product Catalogue from our Supplier Catalogues page. (January 2020)

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CLOSING between Xmas & New Year

A friendly reminder that Singer Photographic will be closing at midday on TUEDAY 24 DECEMBER 2019 and will reopen again on THURSDAY 2 JANUARY 2020. Please get your last minute orders in as soon as possible.

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Please note that, in addition to the public holidays, Singer Photographic Services – both Johannesburg and Cape Town branches – will be closed for business on 27, 30 and 31 December 2019. We will reopen again on Thursday 2 January 2020. With this in mind we ask that you please place your final orders as soon as possible to avoid any problems with deliveries. Kindly order sufficient stock to carry you through to the first week of January. Any orders received after we have closed – through our online system, or by email – will be invoiced on the 2nd of January 2020. Thank you for your continued support this past year, and best wishes to all for a happy and restful festive season, and a prosperous new year. (December 2019)

Introducing Elinchrom Rotagrids

Elinchrom have launched a new version of their Rotagrid, optional accessory for the Rotalux softbox. Now available for every size and shape of Rotalux. Reduces light spread for more control and precision.

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Rotalux is celebrating 25 years of being the visual creator’s first choice of light-shaping accessory. Throughout the years Rotalux has been continuously optimised and refined to become even better. Elinchrom have now made Rotagrid, the missing piece of the system, available for every size and shape of Rotalux: Square, Recta, Strip, Octa and Elinchrom’s signature shape, Deep Octa, as well as Rotagrid Indirect Octa. Rotagrid gives photographers the ability to reduce light spread with more control and precision than ever before. With Rotagrid attached to Rotalux, a new style of lighting becomes accessible. New external diffusers, available as a single item, make attaching a Rotagrid even simpler. Rotagrid delivers 30° beam angle, to further control the spread of light or add new style to images. Constructed from a durable, lightweight fabric Rotagrids are rigid and tough, structured to retain shape over time and maintain accuracy. Rotagrids are quick to set up and take down, attaching swiftly via hook and loop fasteners. They fold down flat for storage and transport. And Rotagrids are hard to misplace as they include a storage pouch with clear labelling to help keep things organized and accessible. The new items are: 26774 Rotagrid Square 70cm, 26782 Rotagrid Square 100cm, 26772 Rotagrid Recta 60 x 80cm, 26773 Rotagrid Recta 90 x 110cm, 26775 Rotagrid Strip 35 x 100cm, 26776 Rotagrid Strip 50 x 130cm, 26777 Rotagrid Octa 100cm (also fits Deep Octa 100cm), 26778 Rotagrid Octa 135cm, 26780 Rotagrid Octa 175cm, 26781 Rotagrid Deep Octa 70cm and 26779 Rotagrid Indirect Octa 150cm. Limited stock of original Rotagrid with diffuser, 26110, 26111 and 26117, for Recta and Square Rotaluxes available. (December 2019)

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NEW! Samyang AF 14mm F2.8 RF

Samyang introduces the world’s first AF 14mm F2.8 specifically designed for RF Mount. It packs 113.9˚ ultra-wide angle and excellent optical performance in a compact lens suitable for Canon mirrorless cameras.

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Samyang launched the first manual focus lenses for RF mount, MF 14mm F2.8 and MF 85mm F1.4 earlier this year to meet consumer demand for more lenses for Canon mirrorless RF cameras, and now the new AF lens follows its steps. Samyang Optics, who first introduced autofocus lenses starting with the Sony FE mount in 2016, has taken the title of the world's first lens release in just three years, becoming one of the world's leading company in the global lens industry. In 2018, Samyang also launched the autofocus lenses for Canon EF mount and Nikon F mount, and the new RF lens is added to the line-up as the Canon RF mirrorless camera market grows. Samyang AF 14mm F2.8 RF has fourteen lenses in ten groups with six special lenses including three aspherical lenses, one high reflection lens and two extra-low dispersion lenses. Special glasses provides the minimum distortion and outstanding image quality from corner to corner in 113.9˚ of wide angle. Seven aperture blades creates soft and circular bokeh and sharp light-rays. The AF 14mm F2.8 RF is designed exclusively to prioritize the user experience of mirrorless cameras. The length of the flange back is reduced and length and weight of the lens lowered to maximize the usability. The weight of the focusing lens is minimized for fast and accurate AF performance. The lens is equipped with a switch that allows easy changing between AF and MF when manual focus is required or for fine adjustments. Dust and moisture resistant weather sealing ensures a more secure experience under the outside environment. There is also a rear filter holder on the mount to create more diverse images. (December 2019)

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More Boya Products Available

Eight new Boya items have been added to the range: BY-BM3011 Compact Shotgun Microphone, BY-PVM3000S Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone, plus three lavalier mics, an audio adapter and two accessories.

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Boya's BY-BM3011 Compact Shotgun Microphone is a sturdy directional condenser mic supplied with both TRS and TRRS output cables so it can be used for smartphones, tablets, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders and more; ideal for videos for YouTube, vlogs and Facebook. Boya's BY-PVM3000S Supercardoid Shotgun Microphone is a professional mic with a small capsule, with wide pick up angle suitable for when the sound source is very close to the mic. The BY-PVM3000 system is a kit with interchangeable capsules which allows it to be widely used for various applications from film-making to broadcasting to sports commentary. Boya's BY-M2 Clip-on Lavalier Mic with Lightning Connection helps capture clear, high-quality sound directly to iOS devices. Boya's BY-M3 Clip-on Lavalier Mic with USB Type-C Connection is specially designed for Android smartphones and tablets, and others devices with Type-C connector, such as iPad Pro and Mac PC. BY-M2 and BY-M3 are great for recording interviews, vlogs and presentations. Boya's BY-LM10 Lavalier Mic is an omni-directional mic specially designed for iPhone, iPad and most Android devices. The 3.5mm connector plugs into the recording device's audio input jack, and the mic is optimized for voices, giving superb sound for audio and video recordings. Boya's BY-BCA70 Audio Adapter allows any XLR microphone to connect to a mobile device, with USB Type-C, Lightning and USB Type-A audio cables included. Boya's BY-UM4 3.5mm Mini Gooseneck Omni-directional Flexible Audio Microphone is designed to provide clearer sound when using Skype, WhatsApp or other IM apps on smartphone or laptop. And lastly, Boya's BY-K1 is a 3.5mm TRS (Male) to Lighting (Male) Audio Adapter to connect a 3.5mm TRS mic to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. (December 2019)

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Manfrotto 500190XV Video Kit

New Manfrotto kit MVK500190XV is comprised of MVH500AH Lightweight Fluid Video Head with flat base and dedicated 190X Video Aluminium Tripod. Befree Advanced Nerissimo is a matte black special edition.

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New Manfrotto video kit MVK500190XV delivers the utmost versatility and carrying convenience. The MVH500AH Lightweight Fluid Video Head features a wider platform to accommodate both HDSLR and interchangeable lens camcorder, as well as a sliding plate that ensures the appropriate balance even when shooting with very long lenses. This head ensures smooth shots and fine control of up to 5kg of equipment, with a side lock that allows fast, secure and easy camera attachment, and a flat base with standard 3/8” thread for attachment to a tripod or other support. In this kit the head is paired with the 190X Video aluminium tripod. This single leg 3-section tripod features a levelling column for quick and easy set-up, easily adjustable Quick Power Lock levers, and an Easy Link connector equipped with anti-rotation for accessories. And in other news a new special edition Befree travel tripod kit is available: Befree Advanced Aluminium Nerissimo Twist Tripod with Ball Head. It comes with a black matte finish, which makes the tripod unusual and distinctive, with a modern sporty look. The finish also avoids light reflections under daylight, an issue which can sometimes be annoying when shooting outdoors. (December 2019)

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