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Eight new Boya items have been added to the range: BY-BM3011 Compact Shotgun Microphone, BY-PVM3000S Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone, plus three lavalier mics, an audio adapter and two accessories.

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Boya's BY-BM3011 Compact Shotgun Microphone is a sturdy directional condenser mic supplied with both TRS and TRRS output cables so it can be used for smartphones, tablets, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders and more; ideal for videos for YouTube, vlogs and Facebook. Boya's BY-PVM3000S Supercardoid Shotgun Microphone is a professional mic with a small capsule, with wide pick up angle suitable for when the sound source is very close to the mic. The BY-PVM3000 system is a kit with interchangeable capsules which allows it to be widely used for various applications from film-making to broadcasting to sports commentary. Boya's BY-M2 Clip-on Lavalier Mic with Lightning Connection helps capture clear, high-quality sound directly to iOS devices. Boya's BY-M3 Clip-on Lavalier Mic with USB Type-C Connection is specially designed for Android smartphones and tablets, and others devices with Type-C connector, such as iPad Pro and Mac PC. BY-M2 and BY-M3 are great for recording interviews, vlogs and presentations. Boya's BY-LM10 Lavalier Mic is an omni-directional mic specially designed for iPhone, iPad and most Android devices. The 3.5mm connector plugs into the recording device's audio input jack, and the mic is optimized for voices, giving superb sound for audio and video recordings. Boya's BY-BCA70 Audio Adapter allows any XLR microphone to connect to a mobile device, with USB Type-C, Lightning and USB Type-A audio cables included. Boya's BY-UM4 3.5mm Mini Gooseneck Omni-directional Flexible Audio Microphone is designed to provide clearer sound when using Skype, WhatsApp or other IM apps on smartphone or laptop. And lastly, Boya's BY-K1 is a 3.5mm TRS (Male) to Lighting (Male) Audio Adapter to connect a 3.5mm TRS mic to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. (December 2019)

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Manfrotto 500190XV Video Kit

New Manfrotto kit MVK500190XV is comprised of MVH500AH Lightweight Fluid Video Head with flat base and dedicated 190X Video Aluminium Tripod. Befree Advanced Nerissimo is a matte black special edition.

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New Manfrotto video kit MVK500190XV delivers the utmost versatility and carrying convenience. The MVH500AH Lightweight Fluid Video Head features a wider platform to accommodate both HDSLR and interchangeable lens camcorder, as well as a sliding plate that ensures the appropriate balance even when shooting with very long lenses. This head ensures smooth shots and fine control of up to 5kg of equipment, with a side lock that allows fast, secure and easy camera attachment, and a flat base with standard 3/8” thread for attachment to a tripod or other support. In this kit the head is paired with the 190X Video aluminium tripod. This single leg 3-section tripod features a levelling column for quick and easy set-up, easily adjustable Quick Power Lock levers, and an Easy Link connector equipped with anti-rotation for accessories. And in other news a new special edition Befree travel tripod kit is available: Befree Advanced Aluminium Nerissimo Twist Tripod with Ball Head. It comes with a black matte finish, which makes the tripod unusual and distinctive, with a modern sporty look. The finish also avoids light reflections under daylight, an issue which can sometimes be annoying when shooting outdoors. (December 2019)

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NEW! Lowepro ProTrekker AW II

Lowepro's redesigned Pro Trekker AW II series gets you ready for the long haul. Four new bags, carry-on compatible and outdoor ready, deliver all-day comfort and rugged protection for your digital imaging gear.

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Lowepro has unveiled their most reliable companion to keep photographic equipment packed, protected and ready for anything. Their Pro Trekker AW II series has been redesigned and upgraded to deliver greater performance, more utility and convenient versatility. This full collection meets a photographer's every travel need. From the wayfaring adventure professional to the enthusiast who is serious about his or her hobby, Pro Trekker delivers protection, ease and comfort to photographers and videographers worldwide. The range includes a performance BP 350 AW II backpack for medium-sized pro mirrorless kits, flagship BP 450 AW II for up to two pro DSLRs one with 300mm attached, the largest BP 550 AW II model which is designed to split into two carry-on ready components, and RLX 450 AW II a backpack that easily converts to a roller bag, complete with retractable handle and heavy-duty wheels. The Pro Trekker AW II collection focuses on the ultimate protection, with Lowepro's MaxFi divider system fitting the most gear in the smallest space, and features such as removeable waistbelt and stowable harness making travel easy. The bags feature dedicated storage for laptop and tablet, removeable gear box for cords, cables and accessories, tricot-lined stash pocket for phone or ID, SlipLock attachment straps to expand carrying capacity, and removeable quick release straps for attaching a tripod or external gear. Features that enhance protection from the elements include AW Cover and durable materials and zippers. All bags are airline carry-on compliant, and are available in Grey/Black colour combo. (November 2019)

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Introducing Parrot Anafi FPV

Take off to live in the new immersive flying experience. Anafi FPV puts you in the cockpit of Parrot's revolutionary drone, with the freedom of a bird's eye view. With Anafi FPV flying has never been so easy, so fun.

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Parrot Anafi FPV is designed for explorers but also for dreamers. The camera experience is a new paradigm for aerial photographers and videographers, providing a unique 'cocoon' for immersive photography and in-depth image controls. The full array of Anafi’s manual camera settings are available in FPV mode – full sensations guaranteed. Photographers can enjoy total immersion in the on-screen image, exploring new techniques for shot composition – then seamlessly toggle into deep image controls to fine-tune photos and videos. Manual settings such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation – and advanced features such as an image histogram and 'zebra' exposure assistance overlay – are customizable and easily displayed by opening the settings using the button on the Cockpitglasses. Two new flight presets – Cinematic and Racing - join Anafi's exciting menu of options, designed to help pilots of every level capture stunning videos with ease. Available in FreeFlight 6.6, the new additions allow AnafiI FPV pilots to expand their creativity at the tap of a touchscreen. FreeFlight 6.6 will also introduces Arcade Mode, a new revolutionary flight mode designed for simple and intuitive flight controls. Anafi FPV, the ultimate go-anywhere drone kit, comes complete with Parrot Anafi FPV drone, Skycontroller 3, Cockpitglasses 3 and new Anafi Backpack, which doubles as a stable platform to prepare and launch drone. (November 2019)

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Introducing Zhiyun Smooth-Q2

Zhiyun-Tech's Smooth-Q2 is a truly pocket-size advanced smartphone gimbal, with redesigned motor and structure. Ultra-compact form factor without compromise in functionality, for filmmakers of all levels.

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Zhiyun-Tech has turned their eye of precision and dedication into every detail to deliver a beauty of pure simplicity... introducing Smooth-Q2, the engaging gimbal ready to work without any fuss, the ultimate smartphone gimbal redefining the concept of compactness. Unlike any other gimbal in the market, you don’t need to fold up Smooth-Q2 to make it small. Measuring only 204mm long, Smooth-Q2 is almost equivalent to a sunglasses case that you can throw to your handbag. The aluminium-built miniaturized body is crafted for maximum solidity. Coated with soft silicone, the handle is comfortable in your hand. Smooth-Q2 delivered functionality in simplicity, with simple intuitive controls. Switch among versatile modes with one button. Besides Pan Following Mode, Following Mode and Lock Mode, Smooth-Q2 integrates Vortex Mode which gives videomakers the freedom to create 360˚ barrel shots in all dimension. Newly added Full-Range POV Mode allows 360˚ synchronous movement on three axes, providing an immersive effect to the video. Smooth-Q2 supports direct control to native iOS and Android phone cameras for photo and video taking, providing a fast lane for you to capture the moments. The innovative quick release latch design and handy phone clamp allow you to take on and off the smartphone in a split second. The clip-up design realizes an easy transition between standby mode and startup mode by folding and expanding the horizontal arm of the gimbal. The new generation algorithm allows you to enter a new portrait mode in an effort-saving manner – ideal for live streaming. Smooth-Q2's battery life is up to 17 hours with a rechargeable battery, and it has a micro-USB port that allows it to work as power bank. More advanced functions can be found on the ZY Play app. (November 2019)

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NEW! Syrp Genie Mini II

Syrp's new Genie Mini II delivers compact panning motion control system with built-in trigger option for move-shoot-move time-lapse. Program complex moves. Take 360˚ ultra-wide-angle panoramic images.

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Syrp Genie Mini II is the ultimate pocket-sized motion controller. Keeping the core unique elements of the original Genie Mini including form factor and ease of use, the all-new Genie Mini II adds a whole new world of possibilities for content creators. They will now have the ability to create keyframed movement and multi-row panorama, and the most exciting part is that Genie Mini II will be compatible with upcoming feature releases that are unheard of in a motion controller of this size and cost, including auto exposure ramping, timelapse compiler and camera control. Syrp’s goal is to continue to provide content creators the features and tools needed to create exceptional content and produce amazing films. Genie Mini II aims to attract a broader audience as it a simple-to-use tool with key features that open a realm of creative possibilities. It is packed with Syrp’s latest technology, including WiFi, USB-C and Bluetooth 4.2. Genie Mini II is compatible with the latest Syrp Genie 2 App, and includes a more advanced keyframing setup mode in addition to ‘Simple Setup’. This enables content creators to shoot more complex motion control movements by adjusting the speed and path of movement to be completely custom. Multi-row Panorama allows the creation of high resolution ‘gigapixel’ and 360 VR images when combining two Genie Mini II’s with the Pan Tilt Bracket. The new Bluetooth 4.2 provides a more reliable and faster connection including the ability to set 10 keyframes rather than 5 and the ability to shoot 5 rows of multi-row panorama instead of 2. Genie Mini II has a sharper, sleeker design aesthetic and is compatible with the rest of the Syrp product family. (November 2019)

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Introducing Lume Cube 2.0

New version of Lume Cube, with the latest in LED technology, emitting a daylight balanced 95+ CRI light, with 90min runtime, enhanced controls, low light mode, USB-C charging and accessories included.

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Lume Cube 2.0 is a feature-packed, professional quality LED light for photo and video. This powerful yet portable light for content creators pairs perfectly with camera, drone, smartphone or action cam, for better lighting in any environment. It is a compact 4cm cube, weighing just 100g, with built-in rechargeable battery and durable aluminium body, waterproof to 90cm. Lume Cube 2.0 delivers true daylight balanced 5600K colour temperature, with a CRI of 95+ and 750 Lux @ 1m. The new 80º beam angle lens provides a clean spread with zero hotspots to professionally illuminate any scene. Lume Cube 2.0 now runs for up to 1.5 hours at 100% brightness, and charges via USB-C. The enhanced controls let the user quickly increase or decrease brightness levels – manually with two button control, or wirelessly via the Lume-X iPhone/Android App. In new low light mode adjust in 1% increments for creative long exposure or night photography. Other features include 360º optical sensor for slave flash capability, 7 levels of strobe, and built-in 1/4"- 20 for tripod mounting. Essential accessories to soften and diffuse light, adjust colour temperature, and mount Lume Cube 2.0 on top of a camera are included in the box, and the light is compatible with Lume Cube's entire line of Lume Cube magnetic gels, diffusers and modifiers. Lume Cube 2.0 is available now in a single pack, in colour black. (November 2019)

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NEW! Zhiyun Weebil-S Gimbal

Zhiyun-tech's new tiny giant, the Weebil-S Gimbal Stabilizer, features an upgraded high-precision algorithm and new stronger motor units. It easily handles mainstream mirrorless and DSLR camera and lens combos.

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Thanks to its neat lightweight body and unique sling mode, Weebil-S brings an effortless shooting experience like never before. With its upgraded features, intelligent ViaTouch 2.0 system and ultra-low latency HD image transmission module, Weebil-S pushes the limit of filmmaking even further and unleashes boundless possibilities. Camera and lens combos such as Sony A7III + FE 24-70mm F2.8 and Canon 5D4 + EF 24-70mm F2.8 can be perfectly balanced and stabilized for smooth cinematic shots under different scenarios. Simply mount camera and auto tune its power to best adapt to your devices. The Weebil-S delivers 300% improvement in motor torque and 50% increase in response speed compared to the Weebil Lab. The upgraded algorithm provides high responsiveness and eliminates jittery in fast movement in any environment. Not only that, you can quickly adjust the speed and various parameters of each axis directly through the dial on the handle itself, giving you responsive and flexible control than ever. The unique structure and design of the Weebil-S's neat lightweight body makes it as compact as an A4 piece of paper. Other key features include intuitive OLED display; six creative modes (Full POV, Vortex, Go, PF, F and L); intelligent ViaTouch 2.0 system that turns your phone screen into a monitor and remote control; HD Image Transmission Module (accessory) for 1080P 30fps transmission at 100m; two-in-one quick release system (Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss); and 14 hour runtime per set of batteries. Download Weebil-S brochure from our Supplier Catalogue page for more info, and Sell Sheet on product page for camera compatibility. (November 2019)

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New Steiner Skyhawk 4.0 & Wildlife

Added to our Steiner binocular line-up: Skyhawk 4.0 8x42, an all round favourite; new Wildlife 10x42, for best possible observation of detail at long distances; and Wildlife 8x24, compact and lightweight binoculars.

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Steiner developed the new SkyHawk 4.0 to observe nature clear and sharp at all times. The outstanding High-Contrast-Optics deliver razor-sharp images and depict every facet in detail. Thanks to the Distance-Control-System it is only one small hand movement from a brilliant observation far to a sharp close up near. All the minor and major details have been optimized and are setting a new standard with a new design, plus legendary Steiner ruggedness. No other binocular can compare in terms of look, ergonomics and handling. The 8x42 model is an all-rounder, versatile enough for observation even in difficult weather conditions, and with large field of view and comfortable handling. The new Wildlife binoculars series perfectly represents everything Steiner stands for: innovation, extreme ruggedness, usability, high optics quality and outstanding mechanical reliability. The Wildlife is designed and developed for the ambitious outdoorsmen who cannot accept compromise when it comes to equipment. When the weather becomes a threat, you need your equipment to be reliable. The new design and re-engineered optics make the Wildlife a companion you can always trust, especially in the most adverse conditions. The 10x42 model's 10x magnification offers the best possible observation of little details at long distances while its XL field of view ensures an overview of search and observation activities. The compact lightweight design of the Wildlife 8x24 makes it ideal for mountaineering, climbing or trekking. (November 2019)

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NEW! Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE

Samyang has introduced a new super wide-angle-lens: AF 18mm F2.8 FE. Weighing only 145g, without hood and cap, this is the smallest and lightest 18mm ultra-wide-angle auto focus lens in the current market.

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Various small and lightweight lenses are being released alongside with smaller and lighter mirrorless cameras. Among these products, it was difficult to find a wide-angle lens that had its weight and size drastically reduced. The new AF 18mm F2.8 FE from Samyang is determined to set a new direction for ultra-wide-angle lenses. This lens is exactly what photographers have called for. It has a full-frame angle of view of 100˚, only weighs 145g and fits perfectly in one hand with a handsome design, making it the perfect lens for Sony mirrorless cameras and outdoor photo shoots. Within the 9 elements in 8 groups composition, the 8 specialty lenses (3 ASP, 2 HR and 3 ED) create results with incredible sharpness, low chromatic aberration and minimal distortion. This delivers unmatched resolution and color for any landscape, interior and astrophotography. The AF 18mm F2.8 FE lens utilizes Linear STM for fast and accurate focusing, which helps the user capture golden moments effortlessly. The AF 18mm F2.8 FE is the first super wide-angle lens among Samyang's ‘Tiny Series,’ which includes the AF 35mm F2.8 FE, AF 24mm F2.8 FE and AF 45mm F1.8 FE, under the concept of being surprisingly capable for its size. (November 2019)

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