NEW! Parrot Disco-Pro AG

Parrot Disco-Pro AG is the all-in-one multi-purpose drone solution for precision agriculture, helping farmers improve the ROI of their crops. Backpack for Disco also available, as well as new one for Bebop 2 FPV.

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Disco-Pro AG from Parrot is an end-to-end solution that allows farmers and small agriculture cooperative to have easily and quickly insights on the health of their crops thanks to visual crop scouting and NDVI maps. The kit includes Disco-Pro drone, Sequoia sensors, Skycontroller 2 and one year subscription to AIRINOV First+ agricultural cloud mapping platform, plus backpack, spare batteries and other accessories. The Disco-Pro drone is easy to pilot, reliable and safe, covering 80ha at 120m flight altitude in a single flight. The 14MP camera with Full HD video is ideal for crop scouting. The Pix4Dcapture app quickly creates optimized automatic flight plans to map crops. Parrot Sequoia (multi-spectral and sunshine sensors) captures crop data. Analyze plant vitality by measuring amount of light absorbed and reflected. AIRINOV First+ is a powerful and easy to use agricultural cloud mapping platform which processes the captured crop data into actionable insights in a report. Analysis includes NDVI maps, simple zoning maps and detailed zoning maps. Backpack for Disco FPV features a compact and protective design with molded inside panels to carry, protect and store Disco, Skycontroller 2 and Cockpitglasses, plus accessories. There is also a new version of the Backpack for Bebop 2 FPV. Secure your Bebop 2, Skycontroller 2 and Cockpitglasses perfectly within the pre-cut foam for optimal protection. The backpack also features a dedicated laptop compartment, plenty of additional storage for accessories, and a discreet all-black exterior. (July 2017)

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Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas

Elinchrom's new Deep Umbrellas come in both 105cm and 125cm diameter in Silver, Translucent and White. Use with optional Black or Translucent Diffuser to turn Deep Umbrella into a softbox or light dome.

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Umbrellas offer ease and speed of use. The wide angle internal reflector within each Elinchrom light source smoothly illuminates the complete surface of all umbrellas. Contributing to this is the exceptional quality of the carefully selected fabrics. Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas are manufactured using sixteen fiberglass rods to maintain a perfect circular shape. By simply adjusting the position, the deep shape offers control of the light spread. The Silver Deep Umbrella delivers a more crispy light providing greater specularity and texture. The Translucent Deep Umbrella offers a choice between shoot-through and reflected use. The difference between the two can easily be seen in the catch-light of any reflective surface. It provides a wider spread of light evenly filling a broad area. The White Deep Umbrella is often chosen for its slightly warmer tones and softer shadow transition. The optional Translucent Diffuser for Deep Umbrella, when used with a Silver or White Deep Umbrella, delivers the lighting effect of an indirect softbox. The white interior of the white umbrella will create slightly warmer and softer shadow transitions. When used with a Translucent Deep Umbrella, the diffuser offers the lighting effect of a large light dome. The optional Black Diffuser for Deep Umbrella, when used with the Translucent Deep Umbrella, offers the lighting effect of a direct softbox with a single diffuser, with the central position of the Elinchrom head offering a more symmetrical result. All Deep Umbrellas and Diffusers come in 105cm and 125cm. (July 2017)

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Introducing Peak Design

Gear for creative, adventurous people. Peak Design professional-grade photo and outdoor products keep your gear organized, protected and accessible, so you are free to adventure, commute and create.

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Peak Design create true utility through elegant, thoughtful design. The product range comprises camera clips, camera straps, bags, pouches and covers. Their key product is Capture, a clip to rigidly carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag - for outdoor, travel, wedding, sports and studio photography. Capture is ideal for small to medium-sized cameras and DSLRs, while Capture Pro is the all-metal version designed to carry the heaviest of pro rigs. Carry and change lenses faster than ever before with Capture Lens. For epic video mount your GoPro on your belt or strap with Capture P.O.V. Use Capture Bino to carry binoculars with instant access always. Kits, plates, and other accessories for Capture are also available. Peak Design straps, based on the Anchor Link system, are quick-connecting, versatile and good looking. Slide is an internally padded professional sling, neck and shoulder strap, available in black, red and navy. Slide Lite is scaled to fit mirrorless cameras. Leash is a minimalist ultra-versatile strap. Clutch is a quick-cinching comfortable professional hand strap. And Cuff is a minimalist wrist strap that stores as a bracelet. Peak Design Everyday bags are expandable, weatherproof and feature custom hardware. The range includes Everyday Backpack (20L and 30L), Messenger (13” and 15”), Tote and Sling. Field and Range pouches are perfect for accessories. Peak Design Shell is an ultralight cover that protects camera from rain and dust, available in three sizes. Download the full product catalogue from our Supplier Catalogue page. (July 2017)

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Tamron 18-400mm VC HLD Lens

NEW! Tamron 18-400mm VC HLD (Model B028). The world's first 22.2x ultra-telephoto high power zoom lens. Capture thrilling close-up action in a snap. Powerful performance that exceeds your imagination.

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Coming soon! Tamron's 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD is a brand new ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom lens with extended range for APS-C format DSLR cameras. It has a focal length range of 18 to 400mm and 22.2x zoom. Equivalent to 620mm in 35mm format, this brings distant subjects closer, while providing perspective-flattening effects that are only possible with an extreme telephoto lens. Exceptional optical performance across the entire zoom range makes this lens ideal for travel. Use the same lens to shoot everything from landscapes to portraits, from close-ups to sports. The optical design ensures superior images free from chromatic aberration and distortion. Other features include lightweight compact body with all-new barrel design for smooth and easy zoom; power-saving HLD (High/Low torque-modulated Drive) to focus accurately and quietly; VC (Vibration Compensation) for sharp images even at maximum zoom and in poorly lit conditions; Moisture Resistant Construction; and Tamron TAP-in Console compatibility. Download the B028 Brochure (from our Supplier Catalogue page) for more info and all technical specs. The lens will be available for Canon and Nikon. It launches in Japan towards the end of July. Place your pre-orders now. (July 2017)

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Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D and Adventurer

Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling is the all-in-one drone solution to easily create photorealistic 3D models and videos of houses and buildings. Parrot Bebop 2 Adventurer is a ready-to-fly drone combo for explorers.

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Two new drone bundles from Parrot! Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling is a Parrot business solution for architects, building professionals and real estate agencies. It's a unique combination of the Bebop 2 and the Pix4Dmodel software solution, allowing users to easily and quickly assess the works to be done, draft new projects and promote their properties on the web. Bebop-Pro 3D modeling suits everyone - no prior knowledge is required. Programme Bebop 2 for automatic flight with the Pix4Capture smartphone app. Turn pictures taken by the drone into georeferenced map or 3D model with impressive rendering with the powerful and comprehensive Pix4Dmodel software. 3D modeling is an easy-to-use solution for a quick visual inspection, drafting structural works on a property and landscaping. A 3D model of a property is new way to promote real estate online. Visitor takes control of discovering the property on screen, from up close and all angles. The bundle includes Bebop 2 drone, Skycontroller 2, Backpack, Pix4Dmodel 1 Year Software & Cloud License, plus assorted accessories. Parrot Bebop 2 Adventurer a is limited edition drone combo for adventure seekers. It has all the equipment you need to fly in the great outdoors. Experience your adventures from the sky with the Parrot Cockpitglasses and Parrot Skycontroller 2. Take full advantage of the Follow-Me app. Carry it all in the comfortable backpack, specifically designed for the Bebop 2 drone and its accessories. Bebop 2 Adventurer will accompany you on all your excursions and capture your very best moments. (July 2017)

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New Befree Color and More

Introducing Manfrotto's new Befree Color, updated with a brand new distinctive graphic on its aluminium tubes. Dedicated to passionate travellers looking for a reliable foldable tripod with a unique premium style.

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Befree is Manfrotto's popular traveller tripod series. The old colour versions have been replaced wit new Befree Color, a set of four tripods with a fresh catchy design and a more brilliant and anodized looking graphic on the tripod leg. The new graphic resembles the one used on the Befree Carbon, creating a renovated Befree range with a shared family feeling, look and style. New Befree Color is available in red, blue, green and grey. Other improvements include larger feet with a better grip, new screwed hook under the column to add extra weight for more stability, and new padded carry bag for better protection. Several other Manfrotto items have been added to our range over the last couple of months. 509PLONG is an extra long sliding plate suitable for video heads, especially the Manfrotto 509HD. It works together with the ABR (Advanced Balancing Recorder) system, thanks to a special built-in index. MVA21L Sympla Light Counterweight is a component of the modular Sympla system. It aids balance and stability. 1005BAC-3 is a new 3-Pack of the popular Air Cushioned Aluminium Ranker Stand. These hard-working and versatile stands feature a locking device for quick stacking. Save space and carry easily - just one push to detach. MVK502AM-1 is a video kit comprised of MVH502A fluid video head, MVT502AM aluminium telescopic twin leg video tripod and padded bag. Gitzo GT3542L is a new Series 3 Carbon 4-Section Long Mountaineer Tripod. It securely supports professional cameras with 300mm lenses, reaches eye-level when fully extended and is light enough to carry for hours. (July 2017)

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Joby GripTight PRO Video GP Stand

The newest item in Joby's flagship GripTight series is GripTight PRO Video GorillaPod Stand, designed for professional-grade smartphone filming. It's pan and tilt capabilities ensure smooth video content.

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Joby's GripTight PRO Video GP Stand is a new solution that increases the creative possibilities for any smartphone. Pan and tilt functions seamlessly and fluidly follow the action and capture new angles – without having to carry bulky equipment or position multiple cameras. Like Joby's other professional-grade GripTight PRO products, it can be used with any smartphone, with or without a case. Constructed of durable materials, the mount's stainless steel locking jaws keep the smartphone secure within rubberized grip-pads. Its locking tilt functionality allows for hands-free use. A new anodized aluminum panning arm allows for precise movements and rotates into compact position for easy transport. The fluid pan and tilt functionality is perfect for smartphone video recording and live streaming. The mount can be attached to any tripod but in this pack it is paired with Joby's iconic GorillaPod to ignite endless inspiration. The GorillaPod's flexible legs can wrap around objects for unlimited angles and precise composition control, and can be bent to create a handle for selfies, vlogging, or hand-held on-the-go video. Rubber foot grips provide stability on any surface for crisp content and optimal perspectives. This GripTight PRO Video GP Stand is the latest additions to Joby's growing suite of video options, perfect for vloggers and video content creators. The pan and tilt features bring cell phone videography and vlogging to the next level, providing professional-level results for a polished look and feel. (June 2017)

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Sekonic: Recent Arrivals

Sekonic L-478DR-EL is a LiteMaster Pro specifically for Elinchrom. RT-3PW and RT-EL/PX Transmitter Modules will trigger PocketWizard, EL-Skyport and Phottix Strato enabled receivers and lights with L-858D SpeedMaster.

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Keeping pace with wireless advancements, the Sekonic L-478DR-EL LiteMaster Pro Digital Exposure Meter for Elinchrom comes complete with exclusive Elinchrom Skyport technology which combines light measurement and flash power control providing amazing control in your hand. It has a radio module and antenna built into the meter. The system transmits at 2.4GHz and uses signal protocols that are unique to Elinchrom’s Skyport wireless triggering/control system. And, like the other LiteMaster Pro L-478 series meters, it's operated by a touch-screen. The large 2.7” LCD displays ambient, flash, cine and a host of other information in a clear and understandable way. Settings are made by simply touching or sliding a finger over the screen. It is compact and comfortable to use, with an array of unique, must-have features for both still and motion story tellers. Two transmitter models for use with Sekonic L-858D SpeedMaster light meter are now available. Sekonic Transmitter Module RT-3PW is used to trigger PocketWizard enabled receivers and lights, with up to 32 Channels, up to 4 Groups, Flash Power Control and On/OFF Modelling Light Control. Sekonic RT-EL/PX Transmitter Module is for both Elinchrom and Phottix users. It will trigger EL-Skyport enabled lights with 20 Channels; 4 Groups, Flash Power Control and Modelling Light Power Control. When used with Phottix selecting the groups and triggering a flash for measurement requires using a Phottix Indra, Mitros+ set for Strato II reception or flash attached to Phottix receiver with Strato II protocol. With Phottix features include 4 Channels; 4 Groups and Flash Power triggering. (June 2017)

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Energizer Base Charger, X92RP6

New Energizer products include the economical Base Charger and the X92RP6 Advanced AAA 4+2 Free Promo Pack. Two new small specialty batteries available. Headlights and other lighting products upgraded.

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Energizer's Base Charger (CH2PC3) comes with four 1300mAh AA batteries and is great value for money. It easily charges overnight two or four AA or AAA batteries at a time. Energizer Advanced Alkaline AAA Card 4+2 Free (X92RP6) is a new promo pack, available for a limited period only. These premium batteries give long lasting power you can reply on. Our range of 3v Lithium Coin batteries has been expanded with CR1025 and CR2320. Energizer have changed the codes and upgraded many of their flashlight lines. Vision headlights have had a lumens (brightness) upgrade: Vision 80 now Vision 100, Vision HD 150 now Vision HD 180, Vision HD+ 200 now Vision HD+ 225, and Vision HD+ Focus 150 now Vision HD+ Focus 300. Stock code and other specs the same. HardCase Pro 4AA Project Plus (E300640500) is a new improved flashlight, providing up to 400 lumens of brightness, with a long range spot with 125m beam or a close-up flood light, or both for maximum illumination. The new Hardcase Pro 2AA (E300667900) now provides 300 lumens of brightness with 115m beam. The new Compact LED Metal Light (E300652600) is now 28 lumens bright. The latest Booklite (E300477600) features a sleek new design with flexible rubber neck. Products which have remained unchanged but have new Energizer codes include HardCase Pro Rechargeable Hybrid Spotlight (E300668100); Atex 2AA LED Handheld Light (E300694500); Plastic LED Light 2AA (E300668800); Plastic LED Light 2D (E300667700); Compact 3-LED Metal Light 3AAA (E30068600); Ultra Grip Rubber Light 2AA (7034060) and Ultra Grip Rubber Light 2AAA (E300717500). (June 2017)

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NEW! Joby GripTight ONE

Joby upgrades the mobile photography experience with new GripTight ONE for universal smartphone connectivity. This one-size-fits-all mount is available on its own, or with Micro Stand or GorillaPod Stand.

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GripTight ONE is Joby's most flexible GripTight mount solution ever, featuring universal smartphone compatibility, with or without a case. The newly designed mount fits any size smartphone from width 56 to 91mm, allowing users to upgrade with ease. It is spring-loaded allowing quick access to your phone, while rubberized pads are designed to hold it securely in place. The GripTight ONE Mount is a lightweight mounting solution made of durable ABS plastic that fits any smartphone and attaches to any tripod with a ¼"-20 attachment point. Its portable design fits perfectly in your pocket and can attach to any key ring, while its durable construction allows it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The GripTight ONE Micro Stand pairs the new mount with a Micro Stand and offers a compact stand to use for mobile photography or for watching videos on-the-go. This stand folds small enough to attach to a keychain and ideal for travelers and mobile photography enthusiasts. The GripTight ONE GorillaPod Stand for any smartphone pairs the new mount with the iconic GorillaPod with its flexible legs and sturdy rubber foot grips. This allows smartphone users to secure their smartphone to a wide variety of objects and stabilize them on all types of surfaces for the optimal perspective, unlimited angles and precise composition control. Legs can be positioned together to use as a handheld device ideal for vloggers and mobile videographers. GripTight ONE will replace all GripTight Regular and XL items which are being phased out. (June 2017)

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